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ID: UL33n

Full name: République Fédérale de Tolulu

Short name: Tolulu

Ingerish name: Federal Republic of Tolulu

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Tolulu overview map

Natural geography:

Tolulu base map

All the islands are atolls. On the Raphaël islands, (see Tolulu base map) some rocky insular remnants reach about 100m above the sea. Elsewhere, the highest point is just a few meters above the sea. Widest landmass is about a kilometer at most, where the average is merely a few 100 meters. The climate is tropical (Af), dominated by coral reefs and palm trees. Coconut and other palmtree plantations dominate the few arable areas. Transport is dominated by ships and boats with ferries connecting the various islands. Small aircraft and thus smaller airfields connect the more distant islands, as well as international destinations.

The country is situated in the Plurinesian sea in the Ardentic ocean. entirely south of the Equator, with the island of Equatoreaux being very close to it. (the northern edge of the maritime border is just south of the equator, partially to avoid certain rendering issues)

The country is situated within the continental relation of Eastern Uletha, (see Tolulu overview map)

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Economic geography

Tolulu states map

The country is very poor and is in a large part sustained by foreign invenstment capital from Franqueterre, some tourism, plantations and fishing industry exists. But not nearly enough, leaving much of the population in poverty.

Population is low, somewhere between 8 000 - 20 000 people (see table below).

Due to the very small land area, the population is relatively dense, mapping style will be reminiscent of French Polynesia with many locations dominated by highway=track and highway=path, as well as mostly unpaved main roads. Buildings will be mostly sporadic and small-scale. (see past mapping below)

The major atolls, due to their isolation, operate somewhat independently as states despite their low population.


Main inspiration is the Tuamotu islands of French Polynesia but notable inspiration is also taken from atoll countries like Kiribati and the Marshall islands etc.

Table of estimated population per island and state:

state pop. Island 1 pop. Island 2 pop. Island 3 pop. Island 4 pop.
Kopakopai 3740 Kopakopai 3598 Equatoreaux 142*
Sainte-Anette 762 Tivati 678 Atoll d'Oulétha 84 Cap Vincent 0
Loga et Tolepau 801 Loga 670 Tolepau 131 Lipa ai 0
Atolls au sud de Kopa 1005 Île des Bancs 431 Île d'hiver 79 Tameetee 390 Fuma 105
Tafuti 1080 Tafuti Grande 659 Tafuti ele 202 Tuleelee 219
Takapau 1167 Takapau 1071 Île de Printemps 96 l'île du roi 35*
Patufi et les Îles-Raphaëls 589 Karakora 272 Tapali 160 Kaupai 51 Patufi 106
total population (settlements) 9144
(+5% for isolated dwellings) 9601
(+15% for isolated dwellings) 10516

*These islands have no official population, number shows average personell on site.

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The country was first settled by native Asperic peoples around 800 BCE. Ingerish explorers discovered Equatoreax in 1516, Other islands of the Archipelago were discovered by a mixture of Ingerish, Franquese and Lentian expeditions in the following centuries. L'île du roi was the last island of the archipelago to be discovered in 1803.

Ulethan Colonialisation came to dominate the history of the islands from 1590 with the first being a Lentian trade post on the hitherto uninhabited Atoll d'Oulétha. Ingerish and Franquese settlers subsequently established various settlements on the islands. Colonial efforts were focused on the island of Kopakopai, which was the most arable and central atoll of the archipelago. Forcing the native population to mostly relocate to other islands. The island was primarily used as a trading post for transports between Archanta and Uletha. It became an official territory of Franqueterre in 1671 and remained that way until its independence in 1974 and today remains as part of a Franquese language union (something like an OGF version of La Francophonie), as well the country relying heavily of Franquese investment capital.

I hope to work on this together with Lithium-Ion who has expressed interest in collaborating on background and history.Culture and Language

The main language is a dialect of Franquese, primarily in the capital region. A Polynesian inspired conlang is used elsewhere. Namely Toluluan, part of the wider and established Asperic language family.

The islands around Kopakopai today have a mostly Franquese culture and language where the Raphaël islands, Tafuti and Takapau are more predominantly native Toluluan.

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My previous mapping primarily consists of Ruoguovvás (UL12b) where some of my recent mapping could be seen as relevant for tropical, island mapping.

Old-town of Jiemie, with its narrow, winding alleys and low wooden houses

Iqlujoq, with its isolated small-scale infrastructure while back, I was allowed to guest-map in Iscu, where I mapped a sizable portion of Pentecost, this is the only time I have mapped this style, and I greatly enjoyed it.

Most notable however, is that I have mapped the sketch of Tolulu and the large scale mapping of the islands themselves. (see links below)

Picture of the full layer (untagged lines will be removed before uploading)

Zoomed in picture on one of the atolls

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Liadrien (talk) 05 February 2023

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
As discussed previously, nice concept and application. Approved. Please upload the sketches you made so far, I will add the relation to the territory admin pages afterwards. Leowezy (talk) 10:35, 7 February 2023 (UTC)
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