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Hesperic Republic

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Official languagesAkna-Ssai
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
 • Asi Wot TikosakSpeaker of the Congress of Deputies
 • Total320 km2
 • Estimate (2019)210,000
 • Total$0.01854314 Trillion
 • Per capita$57947.301
HDI (2018)Increase .942
very high
CurrencyHesperic Hhik (HH)

Hesperis (Akna-Ssai: Hespi-Szaja Hesperic Republic), is a small island nation in the middle of the Hesperic Ocean. It lies approximately 1300km west of Uletha and 2400km north of Tarephia. The country consists of two main volcanic islands and a scattering of smaller islands and islets. The capital and largest settlement is Spakni-Mihho.

The islands were the site of a massive volcanic eruption that occurred around 300k years ago. The islands have been inhabited since the Neolithic but were (re-)discovered by Ulethan navigators in 1322. The remoteness of the islands and te lack of resource for trade made contact sporadic until the 18th century. Although the islands remained very isolated they were a centre for the development of navigation, cartography and astronomy, and as a result of this the prime meridian runs through the islands.

The country was occupied by Ingerish forces between 1943 and 1947, regaining it's independence in November 1947. Although historically poor, the present-day economy is technologically advanced, based around the abundant supply of geothermal power, which allows the country to run over 92% of its power production from renewable sources. The country also has a large financial services sector.