Infrastructure in Canterra

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Road and Water System


The main international airport for Canterra is Nautecove Munen Adomme International Airport, which also serves as the gateway to the Lantian Peninsula. As Canterra is located near the Western continents, Munen Adomme Int'l handled 40M passengers in 2020, an all-time high record.

Civilian Airports

Major International

Major International Airports in Canterra
Name City WAAT ANACA Notes
Nautecove Munen Adomme International Airport Nautecove, Greater Nautecove NTC _NTC Named after the first treasurer of Canterra, Munen Innigen Adomme.
Roscal - Canal Nord International Airport Roscal, Canal Nord RCN _RCN Hub of Northern Sea Airways.

Minor International

Minor International Airports in Canterra
Name City ANACA WAAT Notes
Mmebe Ibalaka International Airport Mmebe, Rentayou MXB _MMB Serves the 3.5M metropolitan area of 3 cities.
Nautecove Biscallet International Airport Biscallet, Iscemon NCB _BCL Budget airport and smaller airport of Nautecove.
Sonde International Airport Sonde SDE _SDE Fairly new airport, serves the vacation/casino city of Sonde.
Farkernoss International Airport Farkernoss FNS _FSI Serves a region of 5M people, the Ulstbernham Region.
Ropuo Falcon International Airport Ropuo, Ikertoman IKM _RPO Serves Ikertoman Island.

Domestic Airports

County Airports