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Flag of Kinglavia Principality of Kinglavia
ᥐᥤᥒᥞᥣᥐᥗᥤᥐᥣᥢ (Kanglapolish)
Capital: Kingkatcheong
Population: 215,476 (2021)

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The Principality of Kinglavia (Kanglapolish: ᥐᥤᥒᥞᥣᥐᥗᥤᥐᥣᥢ) is a landlocked sovereign microstate in Northern Archanta. Bordered by the Bai Empire to the north and west and Kanglapo to the south and east, it is one of the smallest nations in the world at only 458.85 km². Most of the country is forested and mountainous, with the main population centre and capital being Kingkatcheong. Kinglavia is an absolute monarchy led by the House of Jin.

The Katayan Tribe of King settled in the frontier mountains between Bai and Kanglapo in 500 BC. During the Lin-Surian Wars, the Katayan rebels led by Jin Sut fled to the mountains. Proclaiming himself Prince Jin of King, he established the present principality in 1624. Due to the hostile terrain and self-imposed isolation, Kinglavia remained outside of Surian and Bai control for the next 300 years. It gained official independence from Communist Kanglapo through the Satyong Treaty in 1921. Despite recent economic reforms, Kinglavia remains one of the world's least developed countries but is often praised for its efforts to preserve its culture, heritage and natural habitats.

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