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Nautecove (/ˈnɔtəkoʊv/; NCR: Nautekouv) is the largest and capital city of Canterra. Located on the estuary of the Noh River and the shores of the Berkham Sea, Nautecove has a population of about 2 million people. The city is divided into (NUMBER) districts, including Centraal, the site of The Dome (Canterra Capitol), Emanhalou Palace and the old streets of Halondee and Nautecove, Norden-Eilan, a commercial and food hub, and Aigelle, a city which was the former capital of Canterra in the 19th century. Cities located in the Greater Nautecove Metropolitain Area include Nanwood, Whanne Hill, Bingsley, and Aigelle.

Nautecove used to be known as Nohan, when it was a small fishing village on a island with the same name. It grew into a port city during the periods after Canterran independence, being near other major towns, such as Halondee, Minston (nowadays Haminnebas and Nanwood), and the nearby fort of Stontainasvoort. The city's heritage is a combination of Ingerish and native Canterran cultures, along with six centuries of growth, starting from the year 1501. The city's major cultural sites, such as Emanhalou Palace, or the Manvon Lighthouse attract many visitors each year.


The original name of Nautecove, Nohan, came from a compound of two words: Noh, the name of the river which Nautecove is situated near, and An, meaning peace. Therefore, the name "Nohan" can be translated as "Noh Peace".

The latter name, Nautecove, was a simplification of the words "Noh te Kouv" from the 19th century, meaning "Noh and Cove (referring to the Parliament Cove on Naute Island)".




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