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Northeastern Antarephia - January 2023

Draft for NE Antarephia partly implemented in Jan 2023
  • The green-dashed line is a possible relocation of some of the small island territories of NE Antarephia (Shown on the map after implementation)
  • Existing Lycian coast is pushed south (The sea has been left slightly transparent so that the original location is still visible)
  • The partly new mountain range (mountain ranges are in brown) that crosses purple, yellow, orange, green and re-purple territories is meant to be a "lesser" branch of the main transcontinental mountain range. This idea is to have high plateaus south of it, a bit like in the US Southwest or Mendoza Province in Argentina, as they have similar latitude and exposition, and provide mappers with similar OGF locations.
  • The large lakes in the apricot territory are meant to be deleted as they don't serve any purpose anymore.
  • Additionally, the new layout blocks most of E-W or N-S climate influence, making it easier to imagine how the weather, the landcover are like in this larger region. --Aiki (talk) 20:58, 24 January 2023 (UTC)