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I'm Aiki, owner of Guai, new country under construction.

Desired projects for Guai


Parts of Guai was designed when it was located where Leresso now stands (in 2016?). Some features were moved with little to no change, some were designed carefully while others were created a bit haphazardly.


  • Kaila Noe

Lower the altitude of most peaks. Reduce & redesign/relocate the amount of glaciers and the snow line. Break the natural=wood areas in most places so that it defines the slopes.

  • Rivers

Most main rivers were drawn in the first months after moving into the current location. They feature very little detail (e.g. a dozen of nodes for 50km).

  • Coast

Some segments of Guai Coasts, for example on the Daks Islands need some refinement or a complete make over.

  • Natural/Landuse

Except in some area, little time has been devoted to the countryside. Guai is Mediterranean country with a high population density. It should be reflected in acres of orchards and wheat fields dotted with small villages and very little forest once you've left the reliefs.


  • Pirindi

Pirindi was first designed in its previous location with a main north-south axis for flows. Now being pretty much located in cul-de-sac, some changes are needed. Kicuán River, brought from previous Guai, has already been narrowed in most places but needs to be redesigned more thoroughly. Thoroughfare network should be rethought.

  • Towns and villages

Location should be checked and main in/out road should be added

  • Railways

Redesign railway system, especially between Pirindi and Vai.

  • Roads

Redesign road system.

Vai Airport was brought form former Guai. Many attempts have been made to adapt to its current location but I haven't found any satisfactory. Design should be rethought before moving ahead.


Geography of Guai

Rivers of Guai

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Lakes of Guai

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Mountains of Guai

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Settlements in Guai

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Transportation in Guai

History of Guai

People from Guai

Those are mentioned in articles or named on the map. For pronunciation, please refer to the article on Guaiian.

Family Name First Name Gender Birth Death Profession Known for
Abún Hal m. 1890 1962 Counsellor of State Responsible for founding KoPaSA, the national railway company
Apār Fiordja f. 1959 0 Pharmacist Married to Izabela Enler-Riter, President of Ullanne
Ármel Kleia f. 1972 0 CEO CEO of TÁNGOKÏO
Balan Ingo m. 1876 1954 Counsellor of State Initiator of various public services (eg: postal services)
Bin Djos m. 1964 0 CEO CEO of FlyMe
Bing Lwfinda f. 1886 1970 Biologist Animal specialist
Djon Wlinta f. 1857 1930 Doctor Microbiologist specialised in vaccines
Eleban Soroi m. 1887 1959 Architect Built the Geolympic Stadium
Elva Erym f. 1882 1973 Stage actress
Fenok Adrián m. 1840 1902 Writer Novelist
Git Iohán m. 1798 1840 Writer Poet of the Romantic period
Hāni Elyg m. 1789 1863 Painter Romantic painter
Iafri Yrme m. 1831 1904 Judge President of the High Court of Justice
Ions Hag m. 1898 1964 Aviator
Káparw Cumi m. 1920 2012 sportsman Boxer, geolympic medalist
Kerosi Áili m. 1825 1912 Philantropist Builder of hospitals and orphanages
Kilin Launa f. 1866 1932 Painter Her many symbolist paintings
Klaj Emen m. Mid-18th century Early 19th century Trip hammer maker Founder of Aspra Industries
Klaj Soroi m. Mid-18th century Early 19th century Trip hammer maker Founder of Aspra Industries
Kohen Izák m. 1845 1934 Counsellor of State
Kohen Iusi m. 1792 1868 Philantropist
Mikin Soroi m. 1958 0 CEO CEO of Guai Airways
Nasdel Famí f. 1902 1984 sportsman Tennis player, geolympic medalist
Nìaj Mikino m. 1910 1988 Sportsman Swimmer, geolympic medalist
Orlut Pinga f. 1842 1920 Doctor First female paediatrician in Guai
Ótolangi Meeri m. 1802 1878 Counsellor of State Father of the Constitution
Palvid Hag m. 1886 1974 Philantropist Son of Djorj Palvid. Art collector
Palvid Djorj m. 1852 1921 Counsellor of State Father of Hag Palvid
Paranala Emón m. 1854 1932 Counsellor of State Responsible for building the National Healthcare system
Pei Laran m. 1885 1958 scuptor
Pemel Fiordja f. 1968 0 Counsellor of State Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs
Pils Onori m. 1887 1965 Military Officer General
Polisoz Fran m. 1777 1846 Professor First dean of the University of Vai
Sondari Elva f. 1887 1963 Astronomer Headed the National Astronomical Society
Taiarón Emil m. 1802 1885 Counsellor of State Lauched the codification process of Guaiian Law
Taka Patin m. 1829 1903 Military Officer Admiral of the Fleet
Tora Oaro m. 1827 1886 Military Officer General
Twsenw Irán m. 1831 1916 Municipal Counsellor Responsible for launching a planned urban expansion for Vai
Uarai Orón m. 1798 1852 Composer Opera & operetta composer
Ȳrlis Arko m. 1715 1792 Diplomat Headed the first embassy to Mauretia
Zabāni Erói m. 1816 1906 Composer Considered the national composer of Guai