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Bahma Guai
/'bahma gwaj/
Official inFlag of Guai.svg Guai
Estimated number of speakers6 millions
Regulating bodyNone
Signed formSigned Guaiian
Recognized dialectsNone
Language familyTaukan
Tonal languageno
(name of system)
Norms of linguistic structure
Morphosyntactic alignmentneutral
Common constituent word orderSVO
Modifier placementnoun-adjective
Noun declensions
Verb conjugations
Adjective declensions

Guaiian is a Taukan language spoken primarily in Guai where it is the de facto official language. Guaiian is also called Bahma Guai (Language of Guai) or Bahmaia (Our language).




Labial Labial Dental Alveolar Palato-alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m n ɲ ŋ
Stop p b t d k g
Affricate ts dz
Sibiliant fricative s z ʃ ʒ
Non-sibilant fricative f v θ ð ç χ
Approximant ɹ j w h
Flap or tap ɾ
Latteral approximant l / ɫ


Guaiian vowels

Guaiian has 11 different vowels. These can be short or long, long vowels being marked with a macron.

Retracted vowels: à/ʌ/, è /ə/ and ì /y/ cannot be lengthened. Moreover, in multisyllabic words, syllables composed by these vowels are unstressed. Some dialects consider these three vowels as ultra-short vowels, setting them apart from regular short and long vowels

On the contrary, syllables with long vowels are always stressed.

Writing system


Guaiian Alphabet
Letter Name Pronunciation
A a /a/
B be /be/
C ce /ʃe/
D de /de/
E e /e/
F yf /ɛf/
G ge /ge/
H he /he/
I i /i/
J je /ʒe/
K ke /ke/
L yl /ɛl/
M ym /ɛm/
N yn /ɛn/
O o /o/
P pe /pe/
Q qe /χe/
R re /ɾe/
S es /ɛs/
T te /te/
U u /u/
V ve /ve/
W we /we/
X xe /çe/
Y y /ɛ/
Z zyd /zɛd/

Guaiian has been written using an extended Romantian alphabet since the mid/late 17th Century.


Guaiian uses four kinds of diacritics: acute accent (´), grave accent (`), macron(¯), diaeresis (¨).

  • Acute accent marks stress if it does not follow the most common pattern.
  • Grave accent retracts the pronunciation of the vowel. In multisyllabic words, syllables composed by these vowels are unstressed.
  • Macron indicates a long vowel.
  • Diaeresis TBC



Guaiian is a mostly analytic language with little inflection and a fixed SVO word order.


Guaiian is a genderless language, words - uegia (/'wegja/)- are neutral and do not inflect for plural. Numbers are expressed by articles or cardinal numbers expressing plural. If one needs to specify the gender of a person, one may use "co-" /ʃɔ/ or "ci-" /ʃi/ prefixes such as in copadia (/ʃɔ'padja/ male teacher) or cipadia (/ʃi'padja/ female teacher).


The article - mio-uengia (/mjo 'wegja/ word-shower) - conveys the following notions: definiteness, indefiniteness and number:

Feature Singular Plural Dual
Indefiniteness è ā ii
Definiteness tè or t' tii

Originally, is the apocope of an archaic demonstrative article tèdh (/təð/). Singular definite article becomes t' before a vowel. Dual, once more used, is now restricted to periods of time, body parts and objects coming in pair.


Personal pronouns

Guaiian makes use of personal pronouns when the pronoun is subject to a verb (to some extent), otherwise, inflected prepositions are usually used instead.

Person Number Pronom
1st Sing Y
Plur ia
2nd Sing U
Plur ua
3rd animate Sing si
Plur sia
3rd inanimate Sing bu
Plur bua


As the object of a preposition, a pronoun is fused with the preposition; one speaks here of "inflected" prepositions, or, as they are more commonly termed, prepositional pronouns.

Preposition Traduction Translation 1st Sing 1st Plur 2nd Sing 2nd Plur 3rd An. Sing 3rd An. Plur 3rd In. Sing 3rd In. Plur
Y ia U ua si sia bu bua
am sous under amti amia ams amua amse amsen ambe amben
às et and àsti àsia àsàs àsua àse àsen àsbe àsben
au hors out auti auia aus aua ause ausen aube auben
cau entre between cauti cauia caus caua cause causen caube cauben
ì dans in ìti ìia ìs ìua ìse ìsen ìbe ìben
il vers to ilti ilia ils ilua ilse ilsen ilbe ilben
io pour for ioti ioia ios ioua iose iosen iobe ioben
o sur on oti oia os oua ose osen obe oben
so sur (arch.) upon (arch.) soti soia sos soua sose sosen sobe soben


Most of Guaiian words are of Taukan origin and quite few may be related to Pre-Taukan roots, except toponyms. Guaiian vocabulary has been enriched over the centuries with Tenibri, Ingerish and Castellanese loanwords. Since the 1950s, Paxlinga has played a more prominent supplier of loanwords due to Paxtaren cultural influence in Guai.


Guaiian numbers are based on a decimal system. They are not capitalised and different units are hyphened. When written with digits, the coma is used as decimal mark and Guaiians favour digit grouping.

Cardinal numbers

number Guaiian number Guaiian number Guaiian
0 ser 10 at 20 ioa
1 a 11 at-a 21 ioa-a
2 io 12 at-io 30 sema
3 sem 13 at-sem 40 kala
4 kal 14 at-kal 50 cida
5 cid 15 at-cid 60 eksa
6 eks 16 at-eks 70 kidja
7 kidj 17 at-kidj 80 aca
8 ac 18 at-ac 90 tcora
9 tcor 19 at-tcor 100 kan

number Guaiian number Guaiian number Guaiian
200 iokan 1000 iad 100,000 kaniad
210 iokan-at 1120 iad-kan-ioa 1,000,000 milión
222 iokan-ioa-io 10,000 at-iad 1,000,000,000 miliárd

Ordinal numbers

Except dja (Guaiian for first), all ordinal numbers follow this basic rule:

1- Cardinal numbers ending with a consonant form their ordinal correspondent by adding a -e at their end.

2- Cardinal numbers ending with a vowel form their ordinal correspondent by adding a -le at their end.


Colour names could be used as adjectives or nouns when preceded by an article.

Guaiian Pronunciation Français English Note
balw̄ /ba'lo:/ argent silver
drun /dɾun/ rouge foncé dark red
duyj /dwɛj/ or gold
edrala /ed'rala/ aigue-marine aquamarine
famí /fami/ turquoise turquoise
/hu:/ jaune yellow
hypt /hɛpt/ vert clair light green
ínzarni /'inzaɾni/ gris grey ínzar means ash
kānmi /'kɑ:nmi/ couleur colour
kwnnw /'konno/ rose pâle pale pink means Ragged-Robin
lúo /'luo/ orange orange refers to a poppy species
noe /'nɔe/ blanc white
ōr /ɔ:ɹ/ rouge red
rada /'ɾada/ brun brown
sarm /saɾm/ noir black
sinmi /'sinmi/ violet purple means Campanula
taina /'tajna/ bleu ciel sky-blue
tamtw /'tamto/ rose vif bright pink means amaranth
uān /wɑ:n/ bleu blue
uūn /wu:n/ vert green


Below is a list of word used in compound to name mountain peaks:

Guaiian Pronunciation Français English
Aln /aln/ doigt finger
Dekama /de'kama/ promontoire promontary
Hoi /hɔj/ tête head
Kailu /'kajlu/ mont mount
Tat /tat/ aiguille needle
Tonk /toŋk/ barre bar
Zab /zab/ pouce thumb

Words used on map & in articles

Guaiian Pronunciation Origin Français English Olonyé cognate Tenibri cognate Category
a /a/ Taukan un one numeral
-a /a/ Taukan marque du pluriel (arch.) essentiellement dans le nord. plural mark (arch.) essentially in the North. affix
abar /'abaɾ/ pre-Taukan arroser water verb
ac /aʃ/ Taukan huit eight numeral
aca /'aʃa/ Taukan quatre-vingts eighty numeral
acau /'aʃaw/ pre-Taukan mal evil concept
ag /ag/ pre-Taukan loin far adjective
agid /a'gid/ pre-Taukan distance distance concept
aiem /'ajem/ Taukan service service ayemah
aiki /'ajki/ Taukan clair clear adjective
aiki-esan /'ajki 'esan/ Taukan grammaire grammar
airi /'ajɾi/ Taukan faucon hawk/falcon animal
aiton /'ajtɔn/ Taukan prêtre priest profession
aj /aʒ/ pre-Taukan comme as/like adverb
-aj /aʒ/ Taukan suffixe pour créer des noms collectifs suffix to create collective nouns affix
ajid /'aʒid/ pre-Taukan égalité equality concept
ak /ak/ pre-Taukan frère brother kinship
-ak /ak/ pre-Taukan suffixe hydronymique, centre & sud de Guai Hydronymic suffix, central & south Guai affix
ake /'ake/ Taukan temps time concept
akwn /'akon/ Taukan dôme dome akony manmade feature
al /al/ pre-Taukan contre against preposition
ald /ald/ pre-Taukan parti party concept
alid /'alid/ pre-Taukan opposition opposition concept
àlik /ʌ'lik/ Taukan village village ulik ūlūç manmade feature
alka /'aɫka/ Taukan tour tower aluchí building
alka iasat /'aɫka 'jasat/ Taukan tour de contrôle control tower building
álkalia /'aɫkalja/ Taukan phare lighthouse building
alkym /'aɫkɛm/ Taukan château d'eau water tower manmade feature
almón al'mɔn/ Taukan château castle
aln /aln/ pre-Taukan doigt finger body part
am /am/ Taukan sous under adverb
ama /'ama/ Taukan mère mother kinship
Ambrozia /am'bɾɔzja/ Country Ambroisie Ambrosia country
ami /'ami/ Taukan inférieur inferior adjective
amiank /'amjaŋk/ Taukan demain tomorrow time
an- /an/ pre-Taukan préfixe utilisé pour signifier la répétition prefix used for repetition affix
ān /ɑ:n/ pre-Taukan maintenant now adverb
anakid /a'nakid/ Taukan individualité individuality concept
anakio /a'nakjɔ/ Taukan individu individual
anang /'anaŋ/ Taukan bâtiment building building
andi /'andi/ Taukan grand big adjective
ànei /ʌ'nej/ Taukan pic peak uneyá natural feature
ània /ʌ'nja/ Taukan corne horn uneyá body part
anko /'aŋkɔ/ pre-Taukan encore again adverb
anog /'anɔg/ Taukan taureau bull anyogas animal
Antharia /an'θarja/ Country Antharie Antharia country
aón /a'ɔn/ Taukan culture culture concept
aoni /a'ɔni/ Taukan culturel cultural adjective
Aorangea /aɔɾaŋ'gea/ Country Orangie Aorangëa country
apa /'apa/ Taukan père father father kinship
-ar /aɾ/ pre-Taukan rare suffixe pour former gentilés rare suffix to form demonyms affix
Ardisferia /aɾdi'sferja/ Country Ardisphère Ardisphere country
arla /'aɾla/ Taukan fer iron metal
aroa /a'ɾɔa/ Taukan tunnel tunnel manmade feature
Arteni (Akwjwmà) /aɾ’teni ako’ʒomʌ/ Country Arténie (Akojomã) Artenia (Akojomã)
às /ʌs/ Taukan et and conjunction
asin /'asin/ pre-Taukan lieu place/location noun
askan /'askan/ Taukan tombe tomb askany manmade feature
asociació /asoʃja'ʃjɔ/ Romantian association association concept
at /at/ Taukan dix ten numeral
at-a /'at.a/ Taukan onze eleven numeral
at-ac /'at.aʃ/ Taukan dix-huit eighteen numeral
atalia /a'talja/ Taukan prononcer pronounce verb
at-cid /'at.ʃid/ Taukan quinze fifteen numeral
at-eks /'at.eks/ Taukan seize sixteen numeral
athr /aθɾ/ Taukan changer change verb
athrid /'aθɾid/ Taukan change change concept
at-iad /'at.jad/ Taukan dix-mille ten thousand numeral
at-io /'at.jɔ/ Taukan douze twelve numeral
at-kal /'at.kal/ Taukan quatorze fourteen numeral
at-kidj /'at.kidʒ/ Taukan dix-sept seventeen numeral
at-sem /'at.sem/ Taukan treize thirteen numeral
at-tcor /'at.tʃɔɾ/ Taukan dix-neuf neighteen numeral
atūl /a'tu:l/ Taukan légume vegetable atúl plant
au /aw/ Taukan extérieur/hors exterior/out adverb
aua /'awa/ Taukan transport transport
áui /'awi/ Taukan exterieur (adj) outer adjective
auiz /'awiz/ pre-Taukan oiseau bird animal
aulera /aw'leɾa/ Taukan progrès/avancée progress/advance concept
ause /'awse/ Taukan environ surrounding
áuseai /'awseaj/ Taukan environnement environnement concept
Áustrasun /'awstɾasun/ Country Austrasuno Tero Austrasuno Tero country
av /av/ Taukan mûr/mature mature adjective
av /av/ pre-Taukan mûr mature adjective
avál /a'val/ Taukan gué ford abálú natural feature
avauc /'avawʃ/ Taukan richesse wealth abos
bab /bab/ pre-Taukan père (arch.) father (arch.) kinship
bahīr /ba'hi:ɹ/ Taukan crique cove ebahirí
bahma /'bahma/ Taukan bouche mouth body part
bahma /'bahma/ Taukan langue (parlée) language concept
baiji /'bajʒi/ pre-Taukan finir finish verb
baijid /'bajʒid/ pre-Taukan fin end concept
balw̄ /ba'lo:/ Taukan argent silver rabalól colour
balw̄ /ba'lo:/ Taukan argent silver rabalól metal
banda /'banda/ Taukan frontière border bandyá pāŋje manmade feature
bandiar /'bandjar/ Taukan enclos pen
bandór /ban'doɾ/ pre-Taukan société society concept
bandori /ban'doɾi/ pre-Taukan social/socialiste social/socialist adjective
bank /baŋk/ Romantian banque bank
barj /baɾʒ/ Taukan étroit narrow beraig natural feature
barna /'baɾna/ Taukan chanter sing verb
bateria /ba'terja/ Franquese batterie battery manmade feature
begaua /be'gawa/ pre-Taukan aujourd'hui today time
beic /bejʃ/ Taukan paix peace concept
beij /bejʒ/ Taukan bras arm
Belgravia /bel'gɾavja/ Country Belgravie Belgravia country
belvedere /belveˈdere/ Plevian belvédère belvedere manmade feature
beuan /'bewan/ pre-Taukan début start concept
bi /bi/ Taukan nouveau new adjective
bicor /'biʃɔɾ/ pre-Taukan besoin need concept
bidiè /'bidjə/ Taukan chimique chemical adjective
bidji /'bidʒi/ Taukan usine factory bídyín manmade feature
bídjini /'bidʒini/ Taukan industriel industrial adjective
bind /bind/ Taukan accord agreement concept
bingo /'biŋgɔ/ Taukan heureux happy adjective
bingod /'biŋgɔd/ Taukan félicité happiness concept
bìrw /'byɾo/ Franquese bureau bureau/office
bits /'bits/ pre-Taukan jus juice concept
bitsi /'bitsi/ pre-Taukan juteux juicy adjective
blar /blaɾ/ Taukan usage use concept
bo /bɔ/ Taukan avoir have verb
boh /bɔh/ pre-Taukan naissance birth concept
Brazonia /bɾa'zɔnja/ Country Brasonie Brasonia country
Broselia /bɾɔ'selja/ Country Brocéliande Broceliande country
bulvar /'bulvaɾ/ Franquese boulevard boulevard manmade feature
byniè /'bɛnjə/ pre-Taukan vent wind natural feature
bynii /'bɛnji/ pre-Taukan venteux windy adjective
cam /ʃam/ pre-Taukan étoile star natural feature
cān /ʃɑ:n/ pre-Taukan dent tooth body part
car /ʃaɾ/ pre-Taukan garde guard concept
cau /ʃaw/ Taukan entre between adverb
caupalaóuni /ʃawpala’ɔwni/ Taukan international international adjective
cèdūk /ʃə'du:k/ Taukan trésor treasure sadúek
ceik /ʃejk/ Taukan habitat dwelling cheké concept
ci- /ʃi/ Taukan préfixe fem. fem. Prefix affix
cid /ʃid/ Taukan cinq five numeral
cida /'ʃida/ Taukan cinquante fifty numeral
cieng /ʃjeŋg/ Taukan table table manmade feature
cieng /ʃjeŋg/ Taukan plateau plateau natural feature
cif /ʃif/ Taukan feu fire sufú
cilia /'ʃilja/ Taukan cygne femelle female swan animal
cireij /'ʃiɾejʒ/ Taukan général general chiraig adjective
co- /ʃɔ/ Taukan préfixe masc. masc. Prefix affix
comu /ʃɔmu/ Taukan climat climate somu concept
comyl /'ʃomɛl/ Taukan havre haven natural feature
cong /ʃɔŋ/ Taukan occupé busy adjective
cor /ʃɔɾ/ Taukan prendre take verb
cot /ʃɔt/ Taukan chaud hot adjective
cufè /'ʃufə/ Taukan foyer hearth sufú manmade feature
cumi /'ʃumi/ Taukan glorieux glorious concept
cuod /ʃwɔd/ Taukan canal canal chúhád manmade feature
cyb /ʃɛb/ Taukan poussière dirt seb
dah /dah/ Taukan système/ensemble system/whole dahi concept
damúd /da'mud/ Taukan naïf naive damudé adjective
danga /'daŋga/ pre-Taukan kudu domestiqué domesticated kudu animal
dasój /da'sɔʒ/ Taukan baleine whale tasóndy animal
daual /'dawal/ Taukan armée/force army/force
dekama /de'kama/ Taukan promontoire promontary dekama natural feature
den /den/ pre-Taukan lune moon natural feature
dente /'dente/ pre-Taukan mois month time
diaj /djaʒ/ Taukan estuaire estuary dyasú natural feature
dim /dim/ Taukan hôtel hotel building
diog /djɔg/ Taukan méandre meander dyóka natural feature
diomón /djɔ'mɔn/ Taukan équilibre balance dyomón concept
dis /dis/ Taukan auberge hostel building
dja /dʒa/ Taukan premier first adjective
djagi /'dʒagi/ Taukan épargne saving
djai /dʒaj/ Taukan principal main adjective
dje /dʒe/ Taukan poisson fish hadye animal
djom /dʒɔm/ Taukan santé health dyáhom
djud /dʒud/ Taukan vis screw manmade feature
djukul /'dʒukul/ Taukan cluse water gap dyukur natural feature
djyr /dʒɛɾ/ Taukan pâle pale dyer
do- /dɔ/ Taukan préfixe pour noms de bâtiment prefix for building names affix
doepískopo /dɔe'piskɔpɔ/ Eganian diocèse/évêché diocese building
dogie /'dogje/ Taukan poste de police police station building
dohír /hiɾ/ Taukan laboratoire laboratory amenity
doi /dɔj/ Taukan art art concept
doinda /dɔ'inda/ Taukan mairie town hall building
dokiri /dɔ'kiɾi/ Taukan bibliothèque library building
dolin /'dɔlin/ Taukan origine origin
dolwsin /dɔ'losin/ Taukan pharmacie pharmacy amenity
domuagi /dɔ'mwagi/ Taukan palais de justice/tribunal law court building
donúm /do'num/ pre-Taukan/Taukan dortoire dormitory building
donw̄a /dɔ'no:a/ Taukan faculté faculty building
dopāsi /dɔ'pɑ:si/ Taukan maison des douanes custom house
dōpera /'dɔ:peɾa/ Plevian opéra opera house building
dosoiasat /dɔsɔ'jasat/ Taukan observatoire observatory manmade feature
dotaici /dɔ'tajʃi/ Taukan résidence d'ambassadeur ambassador's residence building
dova /'dɔva/ Taukan colline hill dobâs cobā natural feature
drii /drij/ pre-Taukan col mountain pass
drun /dɾun/ Taukan rouge foncé dark red colour
duali /'dwali/ Taukan direction direction concept
dul /dul/ pre-Taukan proche close (near) adjective
duri /'duɾi/ Taukan nerf nerve body part
duyj /dwɛj/ Taukan or gold sadúek colour
duyj /dwɛj/ Taukan or gold sadúek metal
dzw /dzo/ pre-Taukan gauche left adverb
-e /e/ Taukan suffixe pour former nombres cardinaux (ordinaux terminés par une consonne) Suffix to form cardinal numbers (ordinals ending in consonant) affix
edifís /edi'fis/ Romantian edifice edifice
edil /'edil/ Taukan hurlement howl edil noun
edrala /ed'rala/ Taukan aigue-marine aquamarine edrala colour
edrala /ed'rala/ Taukan aigue-marine aquamarine edrala natural feature
egani /e'gani/ Eganian éganien Eganian adjective
Egánïai /e'ganiaj Country Éganie Egani
eiáns /e'jans/ Taukan entrepôt warehouse eianyes building
eigyb /'ejgɛb/ Taukan quai quay meraigebí manmade feature
eináv /ej'nav/ Taukan loisir leisure enyabó
ekélani /e'kelani/ Eganian ékélan Ekelan adjective
eks /eks/ Taukan six six numeral
eksa /'eksa/ Taukan soixante sixty numeral
elat /'elat/ Taukan diriger lead verb
élatlan /'elatlan/ pre-Taukan/Taukan manœuvre manoeuvre concept
élattaki /'elat.ˌtaki/ Taukan viaduc viaduct manmade feature
eléktriki /e'lektriki/ Eganian électrique electric concept
eléktrikymi /e'lektrikɛmi/ Eganian hydroélectrique hydroelectric
elva /'elva/ Taukan lavande lavender plant
emē /e'me:/ Taukan ciel sky mek natural feature
empa /'empa/ Taukan île island natural feature
ēnia /'e:nja/ Taukan hutte hut eiane
epískopo /e'piskɔpɔ/ Eganian évêque bishop occupation
Eréniki /e'ɾeniki/ Eganian érénique (relatif aux jeux Pax Nova) erenic (relative to Pax Nova Games) adjective
erez /'eɾez/ Taukan anneau ring
erói /e'ɾɔj/ Taukan corbeau raven animal
esan /'esan/ Taukan parler talk verb
ésianerid /'esjaneɾid/ Taukan représentation representation
esplanada /espla'nada/ Castellanese esplanade esplanade manmade feature
/fɑ:/ Taukan cou neck body part
fab /fab/ pre-Taukan lait milk
fabi /'fabi/ pre-Taukan laitier dairy adjective
famí /fa'mi/ Taukan turquoise turquoise fomí colour
famí /fa'mi/ Taukan turquoise turquoise fomí natural feature
fero /'feɾɔ/ Taukan automne Autumn season
ferry /'feri/ Taukan ferry ferry
fid /fid/ Taukan chemin way fídyó manmade feature
fidan /'fidan/ Taukan moulin mill Kafidany manmade feature
fidio /'fidjo/ Taukan passage/passe pass fídyó noun
fīr /fi:ɹ/ Taukan champ field manmade feature
fīrkoto /'fi:ɾkɔtɔ/ Taukan cimetière cemetery manmade feature
fīrtango /'fi:ɾtaŋgɔ/ Taukan aérodrome airfield manmade feature
fīruor /'fi:ɾwɔɾ/ Taukan patinoire ice rink manmade feature
físika /'fisika/ Eganian physique physics science
físika /'fisika/ Eganian physique physical adjective
fīt /fi:t/ Taukan est east
fobin /'fɔbin/ Taukan magasin shop fábinú manmade feature
fond /fɔnd/ Taukan square square manmade feature
four /fɔwɾ/ Taukan base/camp base/camp fór
Fridemia /fri'demja/ Country Frédémie Freedemia
fugū /fu'gu:/ Taukan souris mouse fugú animal
fundació /funda'ʃjɔ/ Romantian fondation fondation
fur /fuɾ/ Sabishii épée sword noun
ga /ga/ pre-Taukan venir come verb
-ga /ga/ Taukan suffixe pour nom de lieu délimité ou clos suffix for enclosed places affix
gam /gam/ Taukan sans without agam adverb
gami /'gami/ Taukan navire ship
gamni /'gamni/ Taukan naval naval
gār /gɑ:ɾ/ pre-Taukan tonnerre thunder natural feature
geografia /geɔ'gɾafja/ Eganian géographie geography
gie /gje/ Taukan police police
gimnásion /gim'nasjɔn Eganian gymnase gymnasium building
girid /'giɾid/ Taukan réception reception
girīm /gi'ɾi:m/ Taukan prier prayer verb
girīm /gi'ɾi:m/ Taukan prière prayer concept
Góbrasai /'gɔbɾasaj/ Country Gobrassanie Gobrassanya country
goc /gɔʃ/ Taukan repas meal concept
gog /gɔg/ Taukan coin/angle corner/angle
gol /gɔl/ Taukan sable sand natural feature
golga /'gɔlga/ Taukan sablière sand put manmade feature
guo /gwo/ Taukan pousser grow verb
gurao /gu'ɾaɔ/ Taukan réservoir reservoir manmade feature
gwrón /go'ɾɔn/ Taukan course du soleil Sun path concept
haér /ha'eɾ/ Taukan enseignement teaching concept
hāni /'hɑ:ni/ Taukan mimosa wattle flower plant
hārw /'hɑ:ɾo/ Taukan aviation aviation
haz /haz/ Taukan doigt finger body part
hir /hiɾ/ Taukan étude study concept
hīr /hi:ɹ/ Taukan fort fort manmade feature
hiri /'hiɾi/ Taukan montée rise natural feature
hiua /'hiwa/ Taukan sud south
hoi /hɔj/ Taukan tête head body part
hoiinda /hɔ'jinda/ Taukan maire mayor
hono /'hɔnɔ/ Taukan fédération federation
honoi /'hɔnɔj/ Taukan fédéral federal adjective
hori /'hɔɾi/ pre-Taukan lèvre lip body part
/hu:/ Taukan jaune yellow colour
huan /hwan/ Taukan avenue avenue manmade feature
hwló /ho'lɔ/ Taukan machine machine aholo manmade feature
hypt /hɛpt/ Taukan vert clair light green colour
ì /y/ Taukan interieur/dans interior/in adverb
iad /jad/ Taukan mille one thousand numeral
iad-kan-ioa /jad.kan.'jɔa/ Taukan mile-cent-vingt one thousand, one hundred and twenty numeral
iadte /'jadte/ Taukan millénaire millenium time
iana /'jana/ pre-Taukan bois wood natural feature
iaoga /ja'ɔga/ Taukan apprendre learn verb
iār /jɑ:ɹ/ pre-Taukan baie bay natural feature
iarga /'jaɾga/ Taukan école school building
iasat /'jasat/ Taukan surveillance/observation watch/observation concept
iat /jat/ Taukan mille mile measurement
-id /id/ Taukan suffixe pour créer des concepts (-té) suffix to create concepts (-ty) affix
idan /'idan/ Taukan indépendant independent idan adjective
ídanid /'idanid/ Taukan indépendance independence idan concept
īde /'i:de/ Taukan ouest west
iem /jem/ Taukan par by
iho /'ihɔ/ Taukan centre centre
ihoi /'ihɔj/ Taukan central central adjective
ìi /yj/ Taukan intérieur (adj) inner adjective
ik /ik/ pre-Taukan préfixe pour la notions d'intensité prefix for intensity notion affix
ikí /ik'ki/ Taukan regarder look verb
im /im/ Taukan front forehead body part
imaj /'imaʒ/ Taukan cap/promontoire headland imás imot natural feature
inat /'inat/ Taukan caisse box
inda /'inda/ Taukan ville city manmade feature
indai /'indaj/ Taukan municipal municipal adjective
Íngerai /'iŋgeɾaj/ Country Ingrée Ingrea country
Íngerai Bi /'iŋgeɾaj bi/ Country Nouvelle-Ingrée New Ingrea country
inis /'inis/ pre-Taukan soir evening
ìnyl /y'nɛl/ Taukan public public unela concept
ínzar /'inzaɾ/ Taukan cendre ash natural feature
ínzarni /'inzaɾni/ Taukan gris grey colour
io /jɔ/ Taukan deux two numeral
ioa /'jɔa/ Taukan vingt twenty numeral
ioa-a /'jɔa.a/ Taukan vingt-et-un twenty-one numeral
ioca /'jɔʃa/ pre-Taukan crème cream food
ióci /'jɔʃi/ Sabishii consul consul rŏji occupation
ióciki /'jɔʃiki/ Sabishii consulat consulate rŏjican building
iokan /'jɔkan/ Taukan deux-cents two hundred numeral
iokan-at /'jɔ Taukan deux-cent-dix two hundred and ten numeral
iokan-ioa-io /'jɔkan.'jɔa.jɔ/ Taukan deux-cent-vingt-deux two hundred and twenty-two numeral
iokbūdo /jɔk'bu:dɔ/ Taukan théâtre theatre
ioki /'jɔki/ Taukan œil eye
iopun /'jopun/ Taukan moitié half
ious /jɔws/ Taukan épreuve ordeal concept
ísao /'isaɔ/ Taukan mer sea natural feature
ísaoi /'isaɔj/ Taukan maritime maritime adjective
isō /i'sɔ:/ Taukan archipel archipelago isá natural feature
it /it/ Taukan préfixe pour la notion de réflexivité prefix for reflexivity notion affix
itikí /iti'ki/ Taukan se regarder look at oneself verb
iuci /'juʃi/ pre-Taukan fuschia fuschia plant
iuci /'juʃi/ pre-Taukan fuschia fuschia colour
iūh /ju:h/ Taukan épais thick yuho adjective
Iuréai /ju'ɾe.aj/ Country Leresso Leresso country
iviri /i'viɾi/ Iviran ivirien Ivirian
iwnerw /jo'neɾo/ Taukan plaine plain yoneró natural feature
-iz /iz/ Taukan suffixe pour créer un qualité ou un comportement suffix to create quality or behaviour affix
Izai /'izaj/ Country Izalande Izaland country
jagao /ʒa'gaɔ/ Taukan trottoir sidewalk manmade feature
jom /ʒɔm/ Taukan puit well manmade feature
kaat /'kaat/ Taukan défense defence
kadia /'kadja/ Taukan institut/agence institute/agency kadyas
Kadmar Ῑde /'kadmaɾ 'i:de/ Country Kadmar-Occidental West Kadmar country
kadẃ /ka'do/ Taukan lagune lagoon kadú natural feature
kàe /kʌ'e/ Taukan donnée data kue
kaeia /ka'eja/ Taukan direction agency
kaila /'kajla/ Taukan montagnes mountains natural feature
kailu /'kajlu/ Taukan mont mount natural feature
káilüaj /'kajluaʒ/ Taukan massif massif natural feature
Kaiūn /ka'ju:n/ Country Kaïwoon Khaiwoon country
kal /kal/ Taukan quatre four numeral
kala /'kala/ Taukan quarante fourty numeral
Kalàm /'kalʌm/ Gaermanic Calm Kalm country
kalid /'kalid/ Taukan quartier neighbourhood concept
Kalingsé /kaliŋgsé/ Country Nalkor-Kochi Nalkor-Kochi country
kalmi /'kalmi/ Gaermanic calmois Kalmish adjective
kalpun /'kalpun/ Taukan quart fourth
kamar /'kamaɾ/ Taukan marin sailor kamaré occupation
kamri /'kamɾi/ Taukan marine navy concept
kan /kan/ pre-Taukan jambe/patte leg/paw body part
kan /kan/ Taukan cent one hundred numeral
kaniad /'kanjad/ Taukan cent-mille one hundred thousand numeral
kānmi /'kɑ:nmi/ Taukan couleur colour colour
kapíia /ka'pija Romantian chapelle chapel
kāra /'kɑ:ɾa Taukan contrôle control kára concept
karam /'kaɾam/ Taukan arbre tree plant
Kariokas /ka'ɾjɔkas/ Country Cariocas Cariocas country
Karmelóm /kaɾme'lɔm/ Paxtar Cālmelom Cālmelom city
karta /'kaɾta/ Romantian carte map
kas /kas/ Taukan bouclier shield gasa manmade feature
Kasteián /kaste'jan/ Country Castellane Castellan country
katedrál /kate'dɾal/ Eganian cathédrale cathedral building
kauni /'kawni/ Taukan ministère department
Kaza /'kaza/ Country Al-Kaza Al-Kaza country
kēbem /'ke:bem/ Taukan harmonie harmony tukebem
keran /'keɾan/ pre-Taukan chercher search verb
ki /ki/ Taukan voir see verb
kiago /'kjagɔ/ Taukan chambre/salle room manmade feature
kidj /kidʒ/ Taukan sept seven numeral
kidja /'kidʒa/ Taukan soixante-dix seventy numeral
kidjo /'kidʒɔ/ Taukan cygne mâle male swan kidynó animal
kidjte /'kidʒte/ Taukan semaine week time
kin /kin/ pre-Taukan avec with preposition
kindáh /kin'dah/ Taukan collectionner collect verb
kindahid /kin'dahid/ Taukan collection collection concept
kínema /'kinema/ Eganian cinéma cinema building
kinib /'kinib/ Taukan zone/aire zone/area
kinpón /kin'pɔn/ pre-Taukan/Taukan communiquer communicate verb
kinponid /kin'pɔnid/ pre-Taukan/Taukan communication communication concept
kinvar /'kinvaɾ/ Taukan glacier glacier kiníbar natural feature
kiodj /kjɔdʒ/ Taukan rapide rapid/quick kioadas adjective
kiri /'kiɾi/ Taukan livre book
klesia /'klesja/ Romantian église church building
klinik /'klinik/ Eganian clinique clinic
ko- /ko/ Taukan préfixe pour noms de profession prefix for occupation names affix
kobarna /kɔ'baɾna/ Taukan chanteur/euse singer occupation
kobidiè /kɔ'bidjə/ Taukan chimiste chemist occupation
kocai /'kɔʃaj/ Taukan palais palace
kocár /ʃaɾ/ pre-Taukan garde guard occupation
kodi /'kɔdi/ Taukan allée lane kodik pācod manmade feature
kodje /'kodʒe/ Taukan pêcheur fisherman occupation
koelat /'ko͡elat/ Taukan leader leader profession
koia /'kɔja/ Taukan raison reason concept
koj /kɔʒ/ Taukan jouer play verb
kojam /'kɔʒam/ Taukan jeu game concept
kol /kɔl/ Taukan commerce business/trade manmade feature
kolán /kɔ'lan/ Taukan bras de mer sound natural feature
koli /'kɔli/ Taukan commercial commercial adjective
kolong /'kɔlɔŋ/ Taukan saint/sacré saint/sacred adjective
kolwsin /kɔ'losin/ Taukan pharmacien chemist occupation
kom /kɔm/ Taukan shooting tir
kon /kɔn/ Taukan vrai true adjective
konalu /kɔ'nalu/ Taukan médecin doctor occupation
kond /kɔnd/ Taukan pierre stone natural feature
kondga /'kɔndga/ Taukan carrière quarry manmade feature
kondrun /'kɔndɾun/ Taukan basalte basalt natural feature
koni /'kɔni/ Taukan nord north
koqi /'kɔχi/ Taukan pavillon pavillion
korc /kɔɾʃ/ Taukan guerre war concept
korporació /kɔɾpɔɾa'ʃjɔ/ Romantian corporation corporation
kōryr /'kɔɾɛɾ/ Taukan histoire history
kosufuth /ko'sufuθ/ Taukan pompier firefighter occupation
koto /'kɔtɔ/ Taukan reposer rest verb
kredit /'kɾedit/ Romantian crédit credit
ksarina /ksa'ɾina/ Taukan flûte flute
kuan /'kwan/ Taukan croix/croissement cross/interchange manmade feature
kukw /'kuko/ Taukan marché market akukos manmade feature
kúkwiz /'kuko.iz/ Taukan marchandise marchandise manmade feature
kund /kund/ Taukan programme programme
kūr /ku:ɾ/ Taukan étang pond kuré
kwn /kwn/ Pre-Taukan vallée valley natural feature
kwnnw /'konno/ Taukan rose pâle pale pink colour
kwnnw /'konno/ Taukan fleur de coucou Ragged-Robin plant
Kwpyrcia às Alyijàvyrdi /ko'pɛɾʃja ʌs alˌɛjʌ'vɛɾde/ Country Copersie et Aleverde Kopersia and Aleverde
Lallemand /lal'lemand/ Country Lallemand Lallemand country
lan /lan/ pre-Taukan main hand body part
lapor /'lapɔɾ/ Sabishii pillage looting noun
las /las/ Taukan verre (material) glass (material) manmade feature
lasai /'lasaj/ Taukan calme calm adjective
lásitiki /'lasitiˌki/ Taukan miroir mirror manmade feature
Latina /la'tina/ Country Latinie Latina country
-le /le/ Taukan suffixe pour former nombres cardinaux (ordinaux terminés par une voyelle) Suffix to form cardinal numbers (ordinals ending in vowel) affix
lej /leʒ/ Taukan vieux old adjective
lia /lja/ Taukan lumière light
lic /liʃ/ pre-Taukan propre clean adjective
liia /'lija/ Taukan victoire victory concept
līz /li:z/ Taukan humain human noun
līzi /'li:zi/ Taukan humain human adjective
līzi /'li:zi/ Taukan humain humane adjective
lokác /lo'kaʃ/ Taukan boue mud natural feature
lou /lɔw/ Taukan sérieux/consciencieux serious/conscientious adjective
lúo /'luo/ Taukan orange orange colour
lúo /'luo/ Taukan espèce de coquelicot poppy species plant
lūr /lu:ɹ/ Taukan monde world (n)
lūri /'lu:ɾi/ Taukan mondial world (adj) adjective
Luslandia /lus'landja/ Country Luslandie Luslandia country
lwn /lon/ Taukan lever rise verb
lwsin /'losin/ Taukan médicament medicine concept
lyg /lɛg/ Taukan travailler work reku verb
lyglan /'lɛglan/ pre-Taukan/Taukan artisan craftman occupation
-m/am /am/ Taukan suffixe pour nominaliser des verbes suffix to nominalise verbs affix
maa /'ma.a/ pre-Taukan source spring natural feature
madja /'madja/ pre-Taukan rooibos rooibos plant
mahír /ma'hiɾ/ Taukan fonds fund
mai /maj/ Taukan droite right adverb
makle /'makle/ Taukan nucléaire nuclear mekalén concept
makle /'makle/ Taukan noyau kernel mekalén plant
man /man/ Taukan donner give verb
mana /'mana/ Iviran pain bread
mang /'maŋ/ Taukan paresseux lazy adjective
masi /'masi/ pre-Taukan beau (arch.) beautiful (arch.) adjective
mati /'mati/ Taukan état state
mau /maw/ pre-Taukan chat cat animal
Maurai /'mawɾaj/ Country Maurécie Mauretia country
mavio /'mavjɔ/ Taukan accueillir welcome verb
mavio /'mavjɔ/ Taukan accueil welcome concept
meter /'meteɾ/ Eganian metre metre
métriki /'metɾiki/ Eganian métrique metric
miliárd /mi'ljaɾd/ Taukan milliard one billion numeral
milión /mi'ljɔn/ Taukan million one million numeral
Mirsia /'miɾsja/ Country Myrcie Myrcia country
miw /mjo/ Taukan montrer show verb
miwake /mjo'ake/ Taukan horloge clock manmade feature
miw-uegia /mjo 'wegja/ Taukan article article
moderni /mo'deɾni/ Romantian moderne modern adjective
mof /mɔf/ pre-Taukan s'assoupir doze verb
moho /'mɔhɔ/ Taukan larme tear body part
moho /'mɔhɔ/ Taukan pleurer cry verb
moixi /'mɔjçi/ pre-Taukan libre free concept
mok /mɔk/ Taukan mourir die verb
moké /mɔ'ke/ Taukan mort dead adjective
muagi /'muagi/ Taukan droit law concept
muséion /mu'sejɔn/ Eganian musée museum building
Myrga /'mɛɾga/ Country Merganie Mergany country
naie /'naje/ Taukan volonté will concept
nak /nak/ Taukan faire do/make verb
nakoia /na'kɔja/ Taukan rationalisation rationalisation concept
naktae /nakt'ae/ Taukan extension expansion concept
naktui /'naktwi/ Taukan alignement alignment concept
nalu /'nalu/ Taukan soigner/s'occuper treat/care verb
náluaj /'naluaʒ/ Taukan médecine medecine science
náluduri /'naluduɾi/ Taukan neurologie neurology science
nálurwu /'naluɾow/ Taukan pédiatrie paediatrics science
Nap- /nap/ pre-Taukan Préfixe pour lieu habité près d'un gué (nord de Guai) Prefix for settlement by a ford (northern Guai) affix
Neo Delta /'neɔ'delta/ Country Neo Delta Neo Delta country
nerid /'neɾid/ Taukan cuivre copper colour
nerid /'neɾid/ Taukan cuivre copper metal
nese /'nese/ pre-Taukan écume spume natural feature
neson /'nesɔn/ Taukan thermes thermal bath manmade feature
nicé /ni'ʃe/ Taukan lapin rabbit tiniché animal
nima /'nima/ pre-Taukan nuit night
nioj /njɔʒ/ Taukan terrain plot nyos manmade feature
niun /njun/ Taukan gant glove anyunyeny
nobèn /'nɔbə/ pre-Taukan sol soil natural feature
noe /'nɔe/ Taukan blanc white colour
non /nɔn/ Taukan huile oil natural feature
nonkond /'nɔnkɔnd/ Taukan pétrole petroleum natural feature
noo /'nɔ.ɔ/ Taukan établissement settlement
nor /nɔɾ/ pre-Taukan aimer love verb
Nordai /'nɔɾdaj/ Country Nordmark Nordmark country
num /num/ pre-Taukan dormir sleep verb
nuosi /'nwosi/ Taukan drapeau flag manmade feature
nūs /nu:s/ Taukan drap bed sheet manmade feature
nuus /' Taukan tissu fabric manmade feature
nw̄a /'no:a/ Taukan science science
nw̄ai /'no:aj/ Taukan scientifique scientific adjective
nẃauizaj /'noawizaʒ/ pre-Taukan/Taukan ornithologie ornithology science
nẃbidiè /'nobidjə/ Taukan chimie chemistry science
nẃlwsin /'nolosin/ Taukan pharmacie pharmacy science
nẃrwnil /'noronil/ Taukan sociologie sociology science
nẃvi /'novi/ Taukan biologie biology science
obi /'ɔbi/ pre-Taukan à (arch.) in (arch.) adverb
obiga /ɔ'biga/ pre-Taukan arriver arrive verb
obiga /ɔ'biga/ pre-Taukan arrivée arrival concept
ogug /'ɔgug/ Taukan visite visit
oha /'ɔha/ Taukan économie/économique economy/economic
Ohemia /ɔ'hemja/ Country Ohème Ohemia country
oiār /ɔ'jɑ:ɹ/ Taukan croissant crescent oyár shape
oka /'ɔka/ Taukan ruisseau stream okâ oclát natural feature
ókïo /'ɔkijɔ/ Taukan vacances holidays/vacations concept
ōkyn /'ɔ:kɛn/ Taukan organisation organisation
om /ɔm/ Taukan tout all adverb
om- /ɔm/ Taukan pan- pan- affix
Onnuto /ɔn'nutu/ Country Onnutu Onnutu country
ono /'ɔnɔ/ Taukan place plaza anyó oco manmade feature
ópera /'ɔpeɾa/ Plevian opéra opera
ōr /ɔ:ɹ/ Taukan rouge red orid ordiç colour
orag /'ɔɾag/ Taukan arrêt stop oraka
orez /'ɔɾez/ Taukan alliance alliance concept
orid /'ɔɾid/ Taukan sang blood orid ordiç body part
oris /'ɔɾis/ pre-Taukan matin morning
oros /'ɔɾɔs/ Taukan mémorial memorial oros
Ótreai /'ɔtɾeaj/ Country Austermark Ostermark country
padia /'padja/ Taukan instituteur teacher occupation
palaóu /pala’ɔw/ Taukan peuple people palán concept
palaóuni /pala’ɔwni/ Taukan national national palánénya adjective
pamer /'pameɾ/ Taukan perdre lose verb
pantiar /'pantjaɾ/ Taukan prison prison building
park /paɾk/ Gaermanic parc park manmade feature
Paroi /pa'ɾɔj/ Country Paroy Paroy
paru /'paɾu/ Taukan limon silt natural feature
Pasalia /pa'salja/ Country Pasalie Pasalia country
Pasdār /pas'dɑ:ɹ/ Country Paxtar Paxtar country
pāsi /'pɑ:si/ Taukan douane custom
píngao /'piŋgaɔ/ Taukan fleur d'abricotier apricot blossom plant
pint /pint/ Taukan pont bridge manmade feature
pon /pɔn/ Taukan part part concept
pon /pɔn/ Taukan partager to share verb
pona /'pɔna/ Taukan boucle loop
ponaj /'pɔna/ Taukan réseau network
ponos /'pɔnɔs/ pre-Taukan gens people concept
poro /'pɔɾɔ/ Taukan cercle circle shape
poro /'pɔɾɔ/ Taukan district district
poroi /'pɔɾɔj/ Taukan district (adj) district (adj) adjective
post /pɔst/ Romantian poste post building
prensa /'pɾensa/ Castellanese presse press
Pretania /pɾe'tanja/ Country Prétanie Pretany country
puhmua /'puhmwa/ Taukan pourri rotten adjective
-pun /pun/ Taukan suffixe pour créer des fraction suffix to create fraction affix
puni /'puni/ Taukan gare station building
punta /'punta/ Taukan piscine swimming-pool manmade feature
pūskel /'pu:skel/ Taukan volcan volcano pūscel natural feature
pyr /pɛɾ/ Taukan danger danger concept
pyr- /pɛɾ/ pre-Taukan agglomération à proximité d'un méandre settlement close to a meander affix
qac /χaʃ/ pre-Taukan requin shark animal
qinám /χi'nam/ Taukan célibataire (pej) single (pej)
qir /χiɾ/ pre-Taukan froid cold adjective
qunga /'χuŋga/ pre-Taukan détour detour
qyl /χɛl/ Taukan ombre shade natural feature
qyli /'χɛli/ Taukan ombragé shaded adjective
qyr /χɛɾ/ pre-Taukan bras (arch.) arm (arch.) body part
qyrbyn /'χɛɾbɛn/ pre-Taukan coude elbow body part
-ra /ɾa/ Taukan non- non/un- affix
rada /'ɾada/ Taukan brun brown rada colour
ramú /ɾa'mu/ Taukan éducation education ramú
ramua /'ɾamwa/ Taukan laurier laurel plant
rasur /'ɾasuɾ/ Taukan trouver found verb
recēgon /ɾe'ʃe:gɔn/ Taukan hôpital hospital reséregunyé building
rekigí /ɾeki'gi/ Taukan production production rekigi concept
riki /'ɾiki/ Taukan petit small adjective
rimā /ɾi'mɑ:/ Taukan plage beach orimá natural feature
rimāaj /ɾi'mɑ:.aʒ/ Taukan dune dune natural feature
rod /ɾɔd/ Taukan lac lake irody rod natural feature
ronós /ɾɔ'nɔs/ Taukan colonne vertébrale spine ronás body part
ronós /ɾɔ'nɔs/ Taukan crête ridge ronás natural feature
rōup /ɾɔ:wp/ Taukan administration administration
rov /ɾɔv/ Taukan canton canton
rovi /'ɾɔvi/ Taukan cantonal cantonal adjective
rui /ɾuj/ Taukan long long adjective
rūn /ɾu:n/ Taukan conseil council
rwnil /'ɾonil/ Taukan société society ronylé concept
rwnos /'ɾonɔs/ Taukan archive archive
rwu /ɾow/ Taukan enfance childhood concept
Sabec /'sa'beʃ/ Paxtar Sabesh Sabesh province
saca /'saʃa/ Taukan sœur sister echasa kinship
Safrisko /sa'fɾiskɔ/ Paxtar Sāfrisco Sāfrisco city
samal /'samal/ Taukan voler fly verb
sambir /'sambiɾ/ pre-Taukan position (prof.) position (prof.) concept
sang /saŋg/ Taukan bruyant loud adjective
sao /'saɔ/ Taukan soleil sun sáju natural feature
sáolwn /'saɔlon/ Taukan lever de soleil sunrise natural feature
sáothàrj /'saɔθʌɾʒ/ Taukan zénith zenith
sappi /'sap.pi/ Taukan caché hidden adjective
sār /sɑ:ɹ/ pre-Taukan ancien ancient/former adjective
sarm /saɾm/ Taukan noir black colour
sarm /saɾm/ Taukan ténèbres darkness concept
sem /sem/ Taukan trois three numeral
sema /'sema/ Taukan trente thirty numeral
semgog /'semgɔg/ Taukan triangle triangle shape
sempun /'sempun/ Taukan tiers third
ser /seɾ/ Taukan zéro zero numeral
sfaong /'sfaɔŋ/ pre-Taukan cheveu hair body part
sīj /si:ʒ/ Taukan forêt forest isig siç natural feature
sik /sik/ pre-Taukan fils son kinship
sind /sind/ Taukan exigu cramped sindyé adjective
sindie /'sindie/ Taukan détroit strait sindyé natural feature
sinmi /'sinmi/ Taukan violet purple colour
sinmi /'sinmi/ Taukan campanule campanula plant
sluh /sluh/ pre-Taukan jument mare animal
snal /snal/ Taukan aller go verb
sneir /snejr/ Taukan coudre sew verb
snet /snet/ Taukan lien link
snetarlai /snet'aɾlaj/ Taukan ferroviaire railway adjective
so /sɔ/ Taukan sur (arch.) upon (arch.) adverb
so- /sɔ/ Taukan sur- over- affix
sof /sɔf/ Taukan four oven sufú manmade feature
soi /sɔj/ Taukan supérieur superior adjective
soiasat /sɔ'jasat/ Taukan observation observation concept
solg /sɔlg/ Taukan dette debt concept
sonie /'sɔnje/ Taukan agneau lamb sunyed animal
sor /sɔɾ/ Taukan gros fat adjective
-soz /sɔz/ pre-Taukan membre du clan clan's member concept
spih /spih/ pre-Taukan genou knee body part
stádion /'stadjɔn/ Eganian stade stadium building
starri /'stari/ Taukan gorge throat body part
starri /'stari/ Taukan gorge gorge natural feature
sufuth /'sufuθ/ Taukan incendie blaze sufú
supiran /su'piɾan/ Sabishii concubine concubine noun
swlo /'solɔ/ Taukan fruit fruit
Tā Empa Nerid /tɑ: 'empa 'neɾid/ Country Îles de Cuivre Niulutan-Riu country
Tā Mati Honoi Artcanta /tɑ: 'mati 'hɔnɔj aɾ'tʃanta/ Country Etats Fédéraux d'Archante Federal States of Archanta country
tacu /'taʃu/ pre-Taukan pré meadow
tae /'tae/ Taukan large large adjective
taiá /ta'ja/ Taukan promenade promenade manmade feature
taici /'tajʃi/ Sabishii ambassadeur ambassador tíşi occupation
táiciki /'tajʃiki/ Sabishii Ambassade Embassy tíşican building
taina /'tajna/ Taukan bleu ciel sky-blue colour
taki /'taki/ Taukan route road manmade feature
tákira /'takiɾa/ Taukan déroute rout concept
tamtw /'tamto/ Taukan rose vif bright pink colour
tamtw /'tamto/ Taukan amaranthe amaranth plant
tango /'taŋgɔ/ Taukan air air
tangoi /'taŋgɔj/ Taukan aérien aerial/air (adj) adjective
tar /taɾ/ Taukan trajet trip concept
taraj /'taɾaʒ/ Taukan voyage travel concept
Tárrases /'taɾ.ɾases/ Country Tárrases Tárrases country
tassi /' pre-Taukan collège/lycée high school building
tasu /tasu/ Taukan garage/dépôt garage/depot manmade feature
tasu /'tasu/ Taukan oublié forgotten adjective
tat /tat/ Taukan aiguille needle
tata- /'tata/ pre-Taukan village fortifié fortified village toponym
taua /'tawa/ Taukan beau beautiful adjective
tauk /tawk/ Taukan lien bond concept
taük /' Taukan serment oath concept
tauki /'tawki/ Taukan lié par un serment bound by an oath adjective
tauki /'tawki/ Taukan membre d'une assemblée assembly member occupation
tauki /'tawki/ Taukan hiver Winter season
tce /tʃe/ Taukan trou hole deché natural feature
tcega /'tʃega/ Taukan mine mine manmade feature
tcia /'tʃija/ pre-Taukan couper cut verb
tcor /tʃɔɾ/ Taukan neuf nine numeral
tcora /'tʃɔɾa/ Taukan quatre-vingt-dix ninty numeral
tcukung /'tʃukuŋ/ pre-Taukan loutre marine marine otter animal
tcydj /tʃɛdʒ/ Taukan cheval horse chedyedy animal
-te /te/ pre-Taukan préfixe pour les notions de temps prefix for duration affix
tèdh /təð/ Taukan ce (arch.) this (arch.)
tengoci /teŋ'gɔʃi/ Taukan alimentaire food (adj)
tenk /teŋk/ Taukan barrage dam manmade feature
thàrj /θʌɾʒ/ Taukan haut high turaig adjective
theatrón /θea'tɾɔn/ Eganian théâtre theatre building
thos /θɔs/ Taukan ouverture opening tos tosrine
tic /tiʃ/ Taukan maison house building
tim /tim/ Taukan groupement/regroupement grouping concept
timhir /'timhiɾ/ Taukan université university building
tímhiri /'timhiɾi/ Taukan universitaire university adjective
tiní /ti'ni/ Taukan rive bank tiné natural feature
tirl /'tiɾl/ Taukan esprit/fantôme spirit/ghost tirul concept
tis /tis/ Taukan sous- sub- etis- affix
tisfid /'tisfid/ Taukan métro metro (rapid transit) manmade feature
toi /tɔj/ Taukan tirer pull verb
toia /tɔ'ja/ Taukan train train manmade feature
toma /'tɔma/ Taukan guérison healing tómay concept
tomi /'tɔmi/ pre-Taukan pin pine tree plant
tondia /'tɔndja/ Taukan nature nature tondya natural feature
tonk /toŋk/ Taukan barre bar manmade feature
topu /'topu/ Taukan index index finger body part
tot /'tɔt/ Taukan sel salt natural feature
triiáj /'tɾi'jaʒ/ Franquese triage classification/triage manmade feature
tseko /'tsekɔ/ pre-Taukan moustique mosquito animal
tūf /tu:f/ Taukan renard fox túfar animal
tui /twi/ Taukan ligne line
tūri /'tu:ɾi/ Taukan autonome autonomous adjective
typ /tɛp/ pre-Taukan facile easy adjective
ua /wa/ Taukan trans- trans- affix
/wɑ:/ Taukan durée duration
uabe /'wabe/ Taukan sterne tern urabé animal
uaida /'wajda/ Taukan planète planet natural feature
uaidai /'wajdaj/ Taukan planétaire planetary adjective
uairüa /'wajɾua/ Taukan éternité eternity concept
ual /wal/ pre-Taukan fort strong adjective
ualī /ua'li:/ Taukan vertu virtue concept
ualó /wa'lɔ/ Taukan bouleau birch uraló plant
uān /wɑ:n/ Taukan bleu blue colour
uar /waɾ/ Taukan rivière/fleuve river natural feature
uegia /'wegja/ Taukan mot word
uela /'wela/ Taukan hirondelle lark 'logically urela animal
uenga /'weŋga/ Taukan jardin garden manmade feature
ugero /u'geɾɔ/ Taukan plante plant ukeró plant
ugeroi /u'geɾɔj/ Taukan botanique botanical ukeró adjective
uinia /'winja/ pre-Taukan kodkod kodkod animal
Uiuaksia /wi'waksja/ Country Uiuaxie Wiwaxia country
Ulané /ula'ne/ Country Ullanne Ullanyé country
uonga /'wɔŋga/ Taukan mur wall manmade feature
uonjū /wɔn'ju:/ Taukan jouet toy wānjū manmade feature
uor /wɔɾ/ Taukan gel frost natural feature
uor /wɔɾ/ Taukan glace ice natural feature
uratu /u'ɾatu/ pre-Taukan couleuvre grass snake animal
usan /'usan/ Taukan court yard usana manmade feature
uūn /wu:n/ Taukan vert green colour
va /va/ Taukan rester stay verb
vai /vaj/ Taukan port harbour manmade feature
vaitango /vai'taŋgɔ/ Taukan aéroport airport manmade feature
vak /vak/ Taukan faux false adjective
Valaga /va'laga/ Country Valaga Valaga country
vana /'vana/ pre-Taukan rosée dew natural feature
vara /'vaɾa/ Taukan partir leave verb
varna /'vaɾna/ Taukan scintillement sparkle concept
velódromos /ve'lɔdɾɔmɔs/ Eganian vélodrome velodrome building
vi /vi/ Taukan vie life concept
Vilianni /vil'janni/ Country Velline Viljanni country
Vodeo /vɔ'deɔ/ Country Vodéo Vodeo country
wból /o'bɔl/ Taukan fille daughter ubál
w̄k /o:k/ Taukan sec dry adjective
wna /'ona/ Taukan parfum parfume onyá
wniá /o'nja/ Taukan essence fuel onyá
wson /'osɔn/ pre-Taukan marais salé salt marsh
xaif /çajf/ pre-Taukan marais d'eau douce freshwater marsh natural feature
Xak /çak/ pre-Taukan roc/rocher rock natural feature
xan /çan/ Taukan communauté community concept
xao çaɔ Taukan cérémonie religieuse religious ceremony concept
xao çaɔ Taukan voie, chemin (arch.) way (arch.) concept
xaón /ça'ɔn/ Taukan temple (générique) temple (generic) building
ycok /'ɛʃɔk/ Taukan ferme farm esuk resdūç building
yl /ɛl/ Taukan bassin/dock dock el elc manmade feature
ym /ɛm/ pre-Taukan eau water natural feature
ymi /'ɛmi/ pre-Taukan aquatique aquatic adjective
ypt /ɛpt/ Taukan gazon/herbe lawn/grass plant
zab /zab/ pre-Taukan pouce thumb body part
zai /zaj/ Taukan sel salt natural feature
zakúr /za'kuɾ/ pre-Taukan loup wolf animal
zān /zɑ:n/ pre-Taukan chute waterfall natural feature
zats /zats/ pre-Taukan queue tail body part
zeia /'zeja/ Taukan sapin fir plant

Guaiian names

Guaiian first names

First Name Pronunciation Meaning Gender
Adrián /adɾi'jan/ m.
Áili /'ajli/ m.
Anna /'anna/ from Iviran through Romantian Anna f.
Arko /'aɾkɔ/ m.
Arno /'aɾnɔ/ m.
Cam /ʃam/ star m.
Cilen /'ʃilen/ from Sabishian Şilen f.
Cilia /'ʃilja/ female swan f.
Cumi /'ʃumi/ glorious m.
Daloria /da'lɔɾja/ f.
Djan /'dʒan/ from Ingerish John m.
Djiwnw /'dʒjono/ from Castellanese Jaime m.
Djorj /dʒɔɾʒ/ from Ingerish George m.
Djos /dʒɔs/ m.
Djwuw /'dʒowo/ m.
Ebir /'ebiɾ/ from Sabishian Ebir m.
Edrala /ed'ɾala/ aquamarine f.
Elva /'elva/ lavender f.
Elyg /'elɛg/ m.
Emen /'emen/ m.
Emil /'emil/ m.
Emón /e'mɔn/ m.
Erói /e'ɾɔj/ raven m.
Famí /fa'mi/ turquoise f.
Fiordja /'fjɔɾdʒa/ f.
Fran /fɾan/ m.
Fransis /'fɾansis/ François m.
Hag /hag/ m.
Hāni /'hɑ:ni/ wattle flower f.
Hol /hɔl/ m.
Ilki /'iɫki/ m.
Ilsi /'ilsi/ f.
Ingo /'iŋgo/ m.
Iohán /jo'han/ from Iviran through Romantian Iohannes m.
Irán /i'ɾan/ m.
Iusi /'jusi/ Joseph m.
Iustas /'justas/ from Ingerish Eustace m.
Iwgw /'jogo/ m.
Izák /i'zak/ m.
Kāl /kɑ:l/ Charles
Kasanda /ka'sanda/ f.
Kidjo /'kidʒɔ/ male swan m.
Kleia /'kleja/ f.
Laran /'laɾan/ m.
Larna /'laɾna/ f.
Launa /'lawna/ f.
Lou /lɔw/ serious, conscientious m.
Lwfinda /lo'finda/ f.
Manw /'mano/ m.
María /ma'ɾija/ from Iviran through Romantian Maria f.
Meeri /me'eri/ m.
Mía /'mija/ f.
Mikino /mi'kinɔ/ m.
Mw̄na /'mo:na/ Kind-hearted mother raven f.
Namin /'namin/ m.
Nese /'nese/ spume f.
Oaro /ɔ'aɾɔ/ m.
Onía /ɔ'nija/ f.
Onori /ɔ'noɾi/ luminuous m.
Ormila /ɔɾ'mila/ f.
Orón /ɔ'ɾɔn/ the one that care m.
Orona /ɔ'ɾɔna/ the one that care f.
Patin /'patin/ m.
Pavil /'pavil/ Paul m.
Pelenea /pele'nea/ f.
Pinga /'piŋga/ f.
Piter /'piteɾ/ from Ingerish Peter m.
Saje /'saʒe/ m.
Samira /sa'miɾa/ f.
Sondar /'sɔndaɾ/ m.
Soroi /'sɔɾɔj/ m.
Svalta /'svalta/ f.
Swn /sɔn/ from Sabishian Son m.
Temi /'temi/ f.
Tomi /'tɔmi/ pine tree m.
Vana /'vana/ dew f.
Varna /'vaɾna/ sparkle f.
Wlinta /o'linta/ f.
Xansi /'çansi/ m.
Yrme /'ɛɾme/ m.

Guaiian last names

Family Name Pronunciation Meaning
Abún /a'bun/
Apār /a'pɑ:ɹ/
Ār /ɑ:ɹ/
Ármel /'aɾmel/
Balan /'balan/
Bin /bin/
Bing /biŋ/
Bolisoz /bɔ'lisɔz/
Djon /dʒɔn/
Eleban /e'leban/
Erym /'eɾɛm/
Fenok /'fenɔk/
Git /git/
Iafri /'jafri/
Ions /jɔns/
Káparw /'kapaɾo/
Kerosi /ke'ɾɔsi/
Kilin /'kilin/
Klaj /klaʒ/
Kohen /'kohen/
Kūpàr /'ku:pʌɾ/ Ingerish Cooper
Lasen /'lasen/ Ancient patrician family of Pirindi
Mikin /'mikin/ Regional variation of Mikino
Nasdel /'nasdel/ From Sabishian name Nāxel
Nìaj /ny'aʒ/
Orlut /'ɔɾlut/
Ótolangar /'ɔtolaŋgar/ Inhabitant of Ótolang
Palvid /'palvid/ Ancient patrician family of Vai
Paranala /paɾa'nala/
Pei /pej/
Pemel /'pemel/
Pils /pils/
Polisoz /pɔ'lisɔz/
Safoi /sa'fɔj/
Samān /sa'mɑ:n/ Ancient patrician family of Pirindi
Sondari /sɔn'daɾi/ of Sondar
Swran /'soɾan/
Taiarón /taja'ɾɔn/
Taka /'taka/
Takalon /ta'kalɔn/
Targon /'taɾgɔn/
Tataklé /tata'kle/
Tora /'tɔɾa/
Twsenw /to'seno/
Uarai /'waɾaj/ Of the river/fluvial in Old Iapan
Ȳrlis /'ɛ:ɾlis/ Ancient patrician family of Pirindi
Zabāni /za'bɑ:ni/ Inhabitant of Zabān
Wlof /'olɔf/