Selonia and Flamain

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Republic of Selonia and Flamain

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"La paix est l'œuvre de la justice"
The work of justice shall be peace
"Chanson patriotique"
The Patriotic Song
Capitalnone (de iure)
Saint Boniface (de facto)
Largest citySolainbourg
Official languagesFranquese
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic, de facto quasi-elective monarchy
 • Grand Master of the College of the RepublicGuillaume Aumoitte
 • Prime MinisterElisa Miltenberger

Selonia and Flamain, officially the Republic of Selonia and Flamain (Franquese: République de Sélonie-et-Flamain), is a country in the central part of West Uletha. It is a federation of four countries, three of which come from the historic Selonia, while one is the heir to the former Duchy of Flamain. Selonia and Flamain is bordered by Franquia to the northwest and south, Arquitenie to the south and Plevia to the east. From the southwest, its border is based on a lake <actually without a name>. Selonia and Flamain law does not designate a capital as such, but the federal parliament and government are in Saint Boniface, which is Selonia-Flamain third largest city after Solainbourg and Veuxhaulles.

Selonia and Flamain are a quasi-elective monarchy. The head of state is the Grand Master, elected by the College of the Republic for life. Head of state has far-reaching ceremonial obligations, his possibilities of political action are small. Selonia and Flamain has a parliamentary system of government in which the prime minister is the head of government.

The area of ​​Selonia and Flamain is mostly lowland. An exception is the mountainous part of the northern part of Flamain. The highest peak exceeds 1,400 meters above sea level.

Selonia-Flamain is a member state of the Association of South Ulethan Nations.

Administrative divisions

Flag State Capital Subdivisions
Flag of Bueiles Free State of Bueiles
État libre de Bueiles
  • 1 urban commune
  • ... communes
Flag of Flamain Flamain
  • 1 city with district rights
  • 3 districts
    • 12 urban communes
    • ... communes
Flag of Lower Selonia Lower Selonia
  • 8 cities
  • ... rural communities
    • ... villages
Flag of Selonia Saint Boniface Selonia Saint Boniface
Saint Boniface
  • 8 cities
  • ... rural communities
    • ... villages

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