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This page highlights all the languages that have a visible presence on the map.

Symbol important note.svg Important technical notes to users
Languages may only be added to this list if they have a substantive visible presence on the map. Do not add spoken-only languages or languages that appear as only a handful of isolated labels.
  •       Real-world languages must be listed by a home region—no individual territory may be defined as a homeland. References should only be added to clarify distinctions in alphabets or similar changes that would be noticeable to real-world speakers; it is not a place to enumerate all possible dialects.
  •       Constructed languages may be listed by a home region or an individual territory, as they are the creation of territory owners. The notes column should indicate who created the language and inspiration or other real-world references.
Language Region of origin Real-world equivalence Conlang creator and notes
Áardiqqut Template:Silland Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Created by Liadrien mimicking aspects of Kallalisut and Inuktitut
Aeránanue AiranniaFlag.png Airannia Conlang: Antarephian An a priori conlang project by Taka
Agawaskway 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca, Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Cree The name "Agawaskway" is used as the official name for Cree in Deodeca. Names used in the Federal States are not shown. Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Aitun 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Innu Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Akomishim 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Blackfoot Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Akodjonian (Akojo Kãli) Arténie drapeau.png Artenia Conlang Conlang by Sweetykid, inspired by RW Baoulé (Akan language, West Africa) with a lot of constructed and made-up words, also has Franquese and Ingerish additions.
Aloran Alora flag.svg Alora Conlang: Asperic Filipino and pidgin-inspired conlang project by Indyroads
Apurimak Central Eastern Tarephia Aymara
Aryan Iviran Coast and Southern Uletha Persian (Farsi)
Aŭstro Template:Austrasuno Tero Conlang: Possibly Ulethan Conlang based on Esperanto by Alejandro24
Babelic Lyc Conlang Conlang by Chazeltine based on Hebrew with Chinese characters and English transliteration
Baiyu (百语) Northern Archanta Chinese[1]
Banuvian Egalia Conlang: Slevic Created by Sergjack. Based off of the Kajkavian dialect of Croatian, with some modifications to fit the region's linguistic continuum.
Barzonian (Barzuna) Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona Conlang: Romantish Created by Brunanter from Spanish, Catalan, and other Iberian/Romance languages
Belgravian Southeastern Tarephia Conlang Created by BMSOUZA from a mixture of Portuguese and Slavic languages
Brasonian Southeastern Tarephia Brazilian Portuguese
Cambric Northwestern Uletha Welsh
Castellanese Lower Mediterranean Uletha Spanish
Cinasian Northern Archanta Cantonese Chinese[2]
Darrsian FlagKofuku.jpg Kofuku Conlang Mixture of Norwegian with ancient prehistoric languages of Harda Archipielago
Drabantian Egalia Czech
Dregolesian Ulethan Rift Valley and Egalia Ukrainian
Dregovinian Ulethan Rift Valley and Egalia Belarusian[3]
Ediyana Southern Tarephia Tacana Particularly found in Allendea-Flag.png Allendea and Bandiera na Barzona.png Barzona
Eelandese / Suurisana Northeastern Uletha Finnish
Edetanese Template:Castilea Archantea Conlang: Romantish Created by Black Baron and is based on Catalan, Spanish, Latin, Occitan and Aragonese
Eganian Uthyran coastal areas Conlang: Uletarephian Conlang derived from Greek and eastern Mediterranean influences
Eshen Esheinflag.png Eshein Conlang: Gaermanic Created by Ifgus from English and German elements
Florescentian Lower Mediterranean Uletha Portuguese
Franquese Upper Mediterranean Uletha French
Gaha 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Gros Ventre Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Gaskúšillimigiella Northwestern Uletha Pitä Sami
Gishiime 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca, Federal States Ojibwe The name "Gishiime" is used as the official name for Ojibwe in Deodeca. Names used in the Federal States are not shown. Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Gobrasi languages Southern Uletha Conlang: Asperic Inspired by random influences with some southeast Asian elements in Alora flag.svg Alora, GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya, and Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon
Gohangukian (고한국어 go-han-guk-eo) Northern Archanta Korean
Grinzian Flag of GZ.png Grinzez Conlang: Axian-Ardentic Inspired by various Asian elements, mostly the Mon-Khmer family
Grisean Gt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth Conlang: Hardan Language created by KAB, part of the Hardan language family.
Guaiian Flag of Guai.svg Guai Conlang: Taukan Created by Aiki and is part of a broader Taukan language project
Holmic languages Northeastern Antarephia Conlang: Antarephian Collection of closely related conlangs created by regional users
Illiman Central Eastern Tarephia Quechua
Ingerish Northwestern Uletha English
Iscuan Iscu.png Iscu Conlang: Asperic Created by Lithium
Itanese Southwestern Tarephia Guaraní
Izaki Izaland flag.png Izaland Conlang: Isolate or Axian-Ardentic Based on Japanese (phonetics, vocabulary) and Finnish (phonetics, grammar) by Izaland_Terramorphing_Committee
Jiemiesillimigiella Northern Uletha Northern Sámi
Jöhksvardsgiella Northern Uletha Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Based on Northern Sami and Finnish with some Polish and Germanic influences.
Kahtian (Kahtiák´ǩiõll) FlagSápvuodmá.png Sapvuodma Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Based on Skolt Sami with some finnish and Northern Sami elements.
Karolian North-Central Uletha Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Indigenous language based on Estonian with some Finnish and Hungarian tones by Sarepava
Karska (Kårska) Most of Karaflagrevised.png Kara Conlang: Gaermanic Created by Anonymous21. A conlang based on Swedish with some variations in spelling and grammar. Karska is very similar to Swedish, to the point that Google Translate can nearly accurately interpret a sample text in the language.
Kalkaran Kalkara-flag.png Kalkara Maltese
Kalmish Northwestern Uletha German
Kanglapolish Flag red white yellow 5x3.svg Kanglapo Conlang: Axian-Ardentic Inspired by various Asian elements. Documentation in sandbox page
Khaiwoonese Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Conlang: Asperic Vaguely Asian-inspired conlang by Isleño
Kojolese Kojo flag ddtuga.png Kojo Conlang: Kimo-Axian Created by Leowezy
Koredzian (Koredžyla) FlagSápvuodmá.png Sapvuodma Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Komi-Permyak with some Eastern Sámi elements
Kuehongese (Tiếng Quê 㗂家) Northern Archanta Vietnamese[4]
Lanian Flag Lany.png Łany Conlang Language based on Old-Polish, created by Lankusiek
Latinan Latflag.png Latina Conlang: Romantish Language created by histor as a Spanish-inspired sublanguage
Larcetan Ellarca flag.png Larcetany Catalan
Lechian Ulethan Rift Valley Polish
Lentian Northwestern Uletha Dutch
Livnian Egalia Serbian
Lonoese Lonowai area of GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Conlang: Asperic Inspired by Polynesian languages
Lorantian Lorantian Flag.png Lorantis Conlang A Celtic conlang created by Rustem Pasha
Lumquah 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Mohican Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Lymvadian (Lymvyvakla) Northern Uletha Komi
Malesorian Central Uletha Albanian
Mallyorian Egalia Croatian
Maurit MauretiaFlag-new.svg Mauretia Conlang: Romantish Romance-inspired with Semitic and Hellenic substrata by Alessa
Mayanse Template:Balam-Utz Conlang: Liberan Language created by Anakes from Mayan languages and Spanish
Mazanic (المظاني) Ghetoria Arabic
Melayish (Bahasa Mejayi بهاس ملايي/بهاس ماج) Northwestern Archanta Malay
Mergan Mergania flag.png Mergania Conlang: Gaermanic East Ulethan variety of Kalmish, closely related to German with some elements of Old High German and Swedishm created by Mstr
Metutneter Northern and central Uthyran Sea areas Ancient Egyptian Ancient Egyptian with a modified genitive case and vocabulary based on the following source:
Minyo Allendea-Flag.png Allendea Conlang: Zuyete Native conlang, by xioma sg
Myrcian Myrcianflag.png Myrcia Conlang: Gaermanic Closely related to Old English, created by Myrcia
Nakanese Northwestern Archanta Shan
Nantee 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Mi'kmaq Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Neeg Northeastern Archanta Hmong
New Scandic / Svennish Nortwestern Uletha Swedish
Nihonish Template:Belphenia Conlang Mix of Japanese and English by BelpheniaProject
Niulutic Template:Niulutan Riu Conlang: Asperic By Isleño with some influences of Sinhalian and Hindi.
Norlensk Northwest Uletha Icelandic
Ohemian Ohemian Imperial Flag Large.png Ohemia Conlang: Jolantian/Ohemic No real-world analogues
Olonyé Flag with question mark.svg Ullanyé Conlang: Taukan Created by Ruadh and is part of a broader Taukan language project
Onnutuan Template:Onnutu Conlang: Asperic Inspired by Polynesian languages
Ostafariuan-Je Bromley Flag Update August 2021.png Bromley Conlang Historically used by tribes in Bromley, now the main language of Westrange, a western region of Bromley. Inspired by Dutch/Afrikaans
Pahalo Allendea-Flag.png Allendea Conlang: Zuyete Native conlang, by Xioma sg
Pahareek 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca, far western Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States Yurok Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Plevian Mediterranean Uletha Italian
Podolian Egalia Conlang: Slevic Created by thermo_nuclear.
Qennesan FlagQennes.png Qennes Conlang: Romantish Mix of Greek, Romanian and Vlachian. By User:Bixelkoven.
Rakhoda East Lakes, Federal States Dakota
Ree Template:Reeland Conlang: Gaermanic Project by Tule00 with similarities to German and Dutch with Greek and fictional words
Renminyu (人民语) Flag of Huaxia.svg Huaxia Mandarin Chinese[5]
Roantian Template:Roantra Conlang Created by Thilo
Romanish Iviran Coast Romanian[6]
Romantish Mediterranean Uletha Latin
Sanain Template:Saikyel Conlang: Uletarephian Conlang project by Stara Zagora
Santimo Northwestern Archanta Tagalog
Sathrian Template:Sathria Conlang Created by Thilo
Sathro-Romantish (Mitrian) Mediterranean Uletha Conlang: Romantish Romance with Sathrian influences
Semanish / samaņe ģedi Flag-se.png Semanya Conlang Language created by geoboi. Inspired by various Indo-European languages.
Shelaq Romantian and Turquan Uletha Conlang: Uletarephian? Loosely based off Etruscan, using the Phoenician alphabet. By User:Stjur
Sherkmen Central Uletha Turkmen[7]
Suolitsillimigiella Template:Silland Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Conlang project by Liadrien
Surian Central Uletha


Syraenian (Syraénčdâbaz) FlagSápvuodmá.png Sapvuodma Conlang: Karoic-Ugric Samoyedic language composed primarily composed by Nenets and Enets languages, with some Nganasan and Sami features.
Thirranic Gt-flag.png Grisean-Thirranic Commonwealth Conlang: Antarephian isolate Language created by users KAB and diamantschiff
Torolan Flag of Torola.png Torola Conlang: Romantish Created by PaintedBlue, largely based on Spanish with French and other romance influence
Tshayhamhash / ƛ̕ay̕əm̕áɬ IA ProvinceFlag.png Ingerish Asperia, 2560px-FP-Deodeca.svg Deodeca Klallam Part of the Deodeca Native Initiative implemented by several users in Deodeca.
Turquese Iviran Coast and Southern Uletha Turkish
Wystrian Template:Wyster Conlang Language created by Rasmus Rasmusson
Yerevi / Yirewe‘ Western Antarephia (Flag-le.png Leresso) Conlang: Qamaric Language created by geoboi. Loosely inspired by Amharic, as well as various Na-Dené and Pama-Nyungan languages.
Yughut Central Uletha Uzbek[7]
Yumerth (Jumяð) Eastern Karaflagrevised.png Kara Conlang: Yumerdic Not based on real world languages, created by Anonymous21. Some more complicated or more specific words loosely connected to Swedish due to significant contact Karskan language.
Zamednovchan Eastern UL14b flag.png Geklinia-Dregolesia Conlang: Slevic Language strongly based on Silesian, created by Mie


  1. Baiyu refers to all Chinese languages collectively. For the main language of Chinese, see Renminyu below. It is the official Language in Bai flag.png Bai Empire (Baiyu) and Flag of Huaxia.svg Huaxia (Renminyu); conclusive language family name not yet determined.
  2. The Traditional Chinese script is used in Cinasia, Yuethon, and may be used elsewhere.
  3. In Dregovine exclusively Latin script - łacinka, pre-WWII standard
  4. Uses both Quốc Ngữ and simplified Chinese script (a reference to Chữ Nôm))
  5. The Simplified Chinese script and Pinyin romanisation system is used in Huaxia. The Simplified script is also used in the Bai Empire. The Traditional Chinese script, and/or other romanisation systems, may be used elsewhere. Specifically, Renminyu represents the Northern Chinese (Beijing) dialect of Mandarin Chinese.
  6. Romanish consists in a group of conlangs and con-dialects by Stjur, sharing a Romanian core: Antharo-Romanish (4 standards), Ayvrish, Koutsovlakh, Armashlian.
  7. 7.0 7.1 In Demirhan Empire script based on Common Turkic Alphabet