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It's me, Ștefan.

23, Romanian with Jewish roots from Bucharest, grown in Germany. Architect in Basel, Switzerland.

Speaking German, Romanian, French, English. Try me in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, (Russian, Hebrew) as well - you will be disappointed!

Managing West Uletha, a continent by the people, for the people. Been investing hours daily between 2019-2020 in turning the continent to what it is today. Not specifically active on OGF nowadays, however checking map and wiki edits on a daily basis.

If you have big ideas for West Uletha and you think you have advanced mapping skills, don't be afraid to take initiative. A few ideas:

  • Starting the collaborative territory of Franqueterre (Franquia in English)
  • If there is enough interested mappers, starting a collaborative Polish territory in the UL14 sector
  • Starting the (more tsarist/traditionally) Russian collaborative territory of Sur Republic
  • Managing the hub of socialist Suria, Chara Republic
  • A Latin-speaking UL08e?