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Hello and Dzień dobry!

I'm Mie (formerly MiePrzKom), you can also call me Jakub (that's my name). I joined OGF on 24.08.2020 thanks to OSM Discord server. I speak Polish and English fluently.

My biggest hobbies are public transport and maps, however I also like photography and cooking.

My projects

Color Title
Active (orange) territory.
Collaborative (purple) territory.
Former territory.
Name Info Status
UL14b flag.png Geklinia-Dregolesia My first and main own country that I map. Owner
File:TA320 flag.png Saint Margaret My second independent country, it's an island! Owner
Unknown Flag.png AR045-10d My first territory. It was a province in Ardencia. Now it doesn't exist. Former territory
Flag Lany.png Lany Territory I co-owned with lankusiek. Formerly co-owner
Mazan Flag.png Mazan Rich Middle East collaborative. Contributor
Malësoria flag - Timboh01.svg Malësoria Collaborative, big (but still poor) Albanian country. Contributor
Unknown Flag.png Ohesia Communist ex-Kalmish colony. No longer exists. Former coordinator
Unknown Flag.png Commonwealth of Central Archanta Technically orange territory, but I was allowed to map in it as well. Co-mapper
Unknown Flag.png Gharbiya Manager of the railway infrastructure. Co-mapper
other I've been invited by various mappers to map transit infrastructure in their countries. Guest mapping


Instagram <- cool pictures I take
YouTube <- cool videos I record
friedrice428 on Discord