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Malësoria flag - Timboh01.svg Malësoria, (OGF ID: UL17g), is a country in the southern part of Uletha. It is characterized with diverse ethnicities and cultures, various types of geographical features, and an unique mapping style.

It is an open community collaborative project, meaning you can join at any time if you meet the following requirements for joining, set by the coordinator:

  • Have at least 50 changesets/edits
  • Have an account at least 3 months old
  • Have no history of rule-breaking activities

The owner of the territory and the project coordinator is User:ante44. If you are interested to join the project, feel free to contact the coordinator here. By joining the project you agree to be active and consistent, whether is it small additions to the map or larger uploads. The coordinator has every right to remove you from the project team, if you enter a period of inactivity, and don't make a changeset within 4 months. After being removed from the team, your edits would be counted as invalid and other members have the right to delete or modify your mapping without your permission.

For territory owners which border Malësoria, they are free to edit 5 km (3 mi) from the border line into Malësoria, if you are not a member of the project.

Current project team:

Click this link to be taken to the map.

Official Forum page for Malësoria.


Malesoria Rules.png
Rules of the project (detailed overview)
  • The language you should use is Albanian. This applies to areas with other ethnicities as well. The only exception are the names in the autonomous region and the two provinces within it.
  • Try not to divert from the style used in the country. - Mostly rural; Undeveloped; Sparsely populated.
  • Mapping set in historical time (e.g. 1500 AD) is not allowed, everything has to be set in modern times.
  • Due to the nature of 'community collaborative projects', all discussions have to be made via the Forums. This does not forbid you to discuss about the project off-site, but everything that is deemed official and affects the larger picture of the project has to be discussed on the forums.
  • Avoid lists off-site. Everything has to be documented here.
  • All OGF rules apply to this project as well.
  • Follow the plans from this page and the forums at all times!

What can you map, and what not

Malesoria what to map.png
What can you map, and what not (detailed overview)
You can map freely:
  • Rural areas; smaller towns - any village or smaller town in any part of the country. This includes both rough details (exclusively roads and landuse at a bare minimum) or detailing of any level.
  • Natural features - both large scale and more detailed ones. This includes but is not limited to: woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, beaches, riverbanks, mountain peaks, caves, rivers, etc.
  • Low-level infrastructure - local roads, rural roads up to primaries, railways, smaller airports, ferries, windmills, electric infrastructure, pipelines, water treatment etc.
  • Buildings in cities and towns with defined layout - If a city or town locality has a defined shape, layout and plan, feel free to edit .

You can not map freely (i.e. you should discuss with the community about everything regarding these OR you should follow the plans when mapping these):

  • Larger cities and towns which do NOT have a defined layout
  • Larger scale infrastructure - highways and trunks, state-wide railways, major airports, etc.
  • Names and toponyms which are deemed important, and whose names should be discussed with the community.
  • Mapping already made by other users. - Instead of changing it yourself, contact the user who made it to rework the area. Due to the project being early-stage currently, adding more mapping should be a priority instead of constantly changing existing mapping.

Sources of inspiration

Malesoria inspo.png
Sources of inspiration (brief overview)

The mapping environment in Malësoria should be rather unique. However, that doesn't mean you should not use real world examples as bases and inspiration. Some which we think may deem useful are (in bold are the main sources of inspiration):

  • The entire country of Albania
  • The Caucasus region - for the northernmost areas of the country, with the border of Suria.
  • Environments of the surrounding territories (Demirhan Empire, Qennes, UL17h, Suria, White Dregovine) - for border areas
  • Moldavia (in Romania) and Moldova - for the southwestern plains
  • Transylvania (in Romania) - for the central highlands
  • Dinaric Alps (in the Balkans) - for the southern mountain chain
  • Danube - for the Kiran river (border with Demirhan Empire)


Features that are named by the community so far, or still are unnamed.
  • Name of the autonomous region:
  • Names of the mountain ranges:
    • Add proposals here...

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