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I'm Taka - but feel free to call me Liz.

Although I'd been looking for a place such as OGF for many years, I only found OGF in 2018, I started by mapping two villages in former Commonia - but quickly thereafter, moved to mapping in a territory of my own: Lons in AN142g, a country to house my most developed conlang; Lonish. However, at some point thereafter, I split the territory into two parts - Lons and Winn, where Winn would be an English language country, which then shifted to being a nation with two languages, English and Aeránanue, a new conlang I'd been working on for an extensive period. However, soon after this, I realized my current location in Central Antarephia was... quite an inactive one, and as a result, moved my mapping into a new territory, TA113a, where I'm mapping Aerágny - a country which is primarily inhabited by people speaking Aeránanue, although there are a small amount of minority languages, and, a notable French population.

For contact, feel free to reach me in any way you can think of- most likely by sending me an OGF message, or perhaps by messaging me on Discord: Birble#8931.

To learn more about my languages, visit my ConWorkShop profile: link

As for my mapping... I don't tend to work on one singular project, but rather several projects simultaneously. Some of the projects that are the closest to completion:

Other areas which I'm working on include:

There's lots to do~