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Hi! I'm chazeltine, owner of Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria, Flag of Kotel.png Kotel, Flag of Inxigne.png Inxigne, and Flag of Mandatory Meilan.png Mandatory Meilan in Tarephia. I also map in GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya, particularly Aldeness and the areas around the Gobras WorldPort.

I contribute to the Assembly of Nations and Tarephia Cooperation Council from time to time, and I created the Red Shield for OGF (give blood today!).

My areas of expertise are economics, accounting, and French, with a passion for government institutions and international organizations. I'm happy to answer any questions about these topics! I've been an OGF member since 2017--the OGF world sure has changed a lot since then.

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