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Greetings! My name is David, on OGF nicknamed as Indyroads and I am located in the United States in west-central Indiana. I have been mapping for more than 40 years starting with simple hand drawn maps when I was younger to much more elaborate maps as found here on OGF.

Feel free to contact me via the OGF messaging system or go to the discussion page clicking the link just above this page; My primary language is English but I have also learned a little German (about 1 year of classes). Feel free to message me.

Click for my OGF user page!

My projects

Countries Mapped Areas of Contribution Summary of Mapping Activities Current Status Map
Alora flag.svg Alora Alora Alora is my original mapping territory. I have been working on this territory since 2014. Some of my larger developments include Mopaso City, Grand Lakes, Santa Carlina, the state of Avalon, Staughley, Aterramento, Athalan and the states of Alaria and Pehalasippi. Active
Takora I aquired the terrtory of Takora after it was abandoned by former OGF user AdenG. Some of the territory and place names have changed over the years. Especially with the Mediterranean Sea that now separates Takora from Castellan. I am most active in this territory today. Most recently I have been mapping in Takorado, Vela Canta, and my most recent edits have been in Arratas. Active
GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya Marapura Initially I started mapping in the Marapura region as a new mapper prior to having my own territory. My initial contributions include the city of Marapura, Ferry terminal to Khaiwoon, and road and motorway networks Inactive
Gobras City/Capitol District I was able to make significant contributions to the initial layout of the city grid and radiating street network as well as the layout of Kilometer Square and motorway networks within the city

Predominant areas of development activity include:

  • International WorldPort (Airport)
  • Enalee
  • Soran
  • Baratipur

But I have also made many contributions in other areas throughout the city.

Major roadway contributions. include:

  • Anah Beltway (A-202)
  • East Capitol Tollway
  • A-2 Motorway
  • Carpool and express lanes
  • A-101 beltway
  • A-201
Arcois I started the Arcois district and the city of Gautig as a German settlement town. Also developed the ship channel to allow freight ships passage to to the Grand Lakes. Inactive.
Lonowai Most of my work has been on the Bohini Islands which are very small islands located on the far eastern end of the Island chain. Semi-Active
Nationally Mostly helped contribute to the national system of motorways throughout the country, helped lay out district and county boundaries. I have also mapped in several districts throughout the country including:
  • Ormeo
  • Grand Lakes
  • Harley (Mostly in Ominoso, the Derby Region (Lonsley Downs), Wine Country (Trinattati), and Cool Mountain
  • Lhatghaver (Mainly in Havreg and Aurora Beach)
  • Brunswick (Mainly in Kenrich and Carratta
  • Arrowick (Predominantly in Puerto Geo, and Valkaria, but I also worked some on the Omap Valley and the A-57 tollway)
  • Naupau (Mostly in the Ontaro and Kazuya Beach metro area)
  • Gallitania

Since the territory has transitioned from an open territory to a collaborative territory I am no longer making contributions to the country as a whole but i do still occasionally work in Gobras City near Enalee/Soran, and Bohini Islands in the Lonowai District.