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Files needing information


Two of the images you uploaded (File:Bosecova Flag.png, File:Alaria State Flag.png) contain elements which may require providing additional license as they can not be perceived as simple geometric shapes. If you don't provide any license, they may be deleted in the future by wiki admin. If the shapes are made by you personally, that should be admitted in file description as well. For any further questions about that ask Alessa.

Additionally please be more careful while describing the files. Every file should have a license and a category. Rustem Pasha (talk) 12:46, 7 March 2022 (UTC)

Flag template

The flag template for Alora has been made. Have a great day. — Alessa (talk) 22:25, 8 March 2022 (UTC)

State articles

Hello. Hope you're having a pleasant day. Per wiki policy, information related to various administrative decisions can be placed in the article Administrative divisions of Alora. This article will also give you an opportunity to explain how the administrative divisions work and are organized or evolved (since Takora seems to have quite a distinct history). The other states may be best placed in to a tier two or tier three header (==Title== or ===Title===) with various subsections as needed. There are a lot of creative ways to bundle the information altogether, so I'd be looking forward to see how you work on it. If you have any further questions about the wiki policy, pleased don't hesitate to ask. — Alessa (talk) 03:55, 12 March 2022 (UTC)

Hello. Thank you for reaching out. As of right now, articles related to individual territories is limited to the seven articles outlined on the wiki policy page. This is a uniform standard for all territories and is clearly stated. Part of this is to prevent sprawl, yes, but also because of the maintenance that it requires for updating, cleanup, and server matters. Having these articles was a compromise for the initial push of either eliminating user content on the wiki altogether or a one-article-per-territory policy. How you construct or arrange those articles within the individual pages is up to you. There are different approaches people have taken so far (Demirhan Empire and Kojo, as examples).
Restricting the number of articles is not a restriction of content if it is relatable to the map. The core content of the state articles can find their home within any of the seven articles for Alora you choose to make. For example, I have a few province pages on the old wiki for Mauretia that haven't been brought over. That information will eventually find its way into the 'Administrative Divisions of Mauretia' page. Some have chosen to incorporate it directly into the main article. Just because it doesn't have a separate article on the new wiki doesn't mean the content from the old wiki is unusable. It just has to be adapted and find a new home. How you do it within the seven articles is up to you. I have intentionally not pushed for a specific design or layout on the subarticles simply to give people wide latitude and to see what creative solutions arise.
Regarding other content, I have been working to save a ton of things offline and been attempting to repurpose them (business listings, languages, international organizations, continents, etc.). However, in doing so, the admin team has realized how woefully outdated the overwhelming majority of the information is. If you see something that you think should be saved and want to help, please reach out. I could use some help and have asked for it, but few have been willing take the time to help me parse through the information and retain what is salvageable. As a note, since it's in your neighborhood: I will be migrating Khaiwoon before the other wiki closes, as the territory is being retained as part of the OGF canon and will have a future; I have made that particular article my responsibility on behalf of Isleño. Other articles are the responsibility of the territory owner. We are not migrating everything over and recreating the untenable albatross that existed before. — Alessa (talk) 14:18, 12 March 2022 (UTC)
Some additional questions that I have is is it acceptible to have a page related to economy or currency (such as for the Gobrassian Dara, Unified Standard Dollar, Aloran Talent, etc or does this fall outside the 7 page restriction?
Also will there be at some point the ability to add state pages in the future, as I see they are being allowed in the Federal States area?
Languages and Culture pages are they permitted? There was a list of languages of the OFG world and noone has yet parsed through or migrated that. Will there be pages allowed for this?--Indyroads (talk) 17:06, 12 March 2022 (UTC)
These are good questions. One of the seven articles is "Economy of _____," so you could easily have an 'Economy of Alora' page and include the Talent on it. (Feel free to add it to the list of currencies, also!) An 'Economy of Gobrassanya' page is also welcomed with information about the Dara, but I'd suggest speaking with Wangi about any articles related to that country—he's the admin coordinator for Gobrassanya. The Unified Standard Dollar is another relic that needs updating and adjustment, so I'll bring over its content and adapt it into the currency listing. Similarly to the economy things, you're welcome to create a 'Culture of Alora' page and include linguistic things like Aloran into it. As for separate pages, we are exploring ways to allow conlangs that appear on the map to have a useful page that can help other users interpret the map. For now, if there is a developed conlang that appears substantially on the map, we've encouraged users to port that over to a user sandbox page just for now.
As for if subnational divisions will have articles in the future… I don't know right now. The Federal States is very different for a lot of reasons. You'll notice that the wiki policy defines articles by territory and not per user or country. The individual states of the Federal States are, while part of a larger project and bound by certain conventions, separate territories. That's why they have separate articles. Even so, I wouldn't be able to make an article for Alexandrine County or Parker County.
I hope this answers your questions! — Alessa (talk) 17:32, 12 March 2022 (UTC)