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Hello! I am Awesomeboy123. I am a native Canterran, living in Nanwood, a very modern city/suburb of Nautecove.

If you visit Canterra, here are 10 places you should visit:

  • Reyes Avenue
  • Sky High Tower (Ronquin, Nautecove)
  • Mount Verdera (Aigelle, Nautecove)
  • Unnehamet National Park (Nautecove/Walross)
  • Tresdon Island (Walross)
  • Changwood Rice Terraces (South Ebereinet)
  • Aliardus Island (The Keys)
  • Teimau Island (NB)
  • Lake Angoubin (Parlenage)
  • Farkernoss Old Fort (Oomient)
  • Mount Kisahari (Florovia)