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Republic of Lutang

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and largest city
Bagong Bandila
Official languagesIngerish, Santimo
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Demographics of Lutang
DemonymLutang (adjective) Lutanger (person)
Official languagesIngerish, Santimo
Other (inc. Koinoia)
Literacy98 Steady
Life expectancy87 (male) Steady
93 (female) Increase

Lutang is a country in North Archanta. Its code is AR004, and its application was accepted on August 17, 2023.

Basic Standards

Lutang's mapping style is "Lemurian Filipino". This is the term used by Lemuria for his personal interpretation of the Filipino map style.

OSM's mapping conventions for the IRL Philippines are a good starting point.

  • Distance between rails: 6m
    • Distance between 1435mm track centerline and platform: 1.5m
      • Oops, turns out a 65mm gap doesn't account for loading gauge..
  • Side of road: right


City Description Theme
Bagong Bandila The capital, and the largest city Metro Manila
Riman A mostly suburban city northeast of BB Imus
Araminta A city northwest of Bagong Bandila, home to Lutang's richest people (middle class to upper class). BGC, Makati, Taguig, & Singapore
Solidago A city southeast of Bagong Bandila. Home to Lutang's largest oil port Cebu
Rochelle The largest city on Huntsman Island BGC; Makati; Taguig
Matilda The capital of Huntsman province, which covers all of Huntsman Island
Panapaan A city at the tip of Panapaan Bay Batangas, Calamba, Lipa, Lucena

You may also wish to check the lem:theme tags on any admin_level=6 places, if they exist. Also see Lemuria/Custom tags

Rapid population growth has since resulted in Bagong Bandila and Araminta being connected to each other; both being in the Greater Bandila Area.


Names come from a variety of sources. Either I make up something in my head that fits Tagalog spelling rules, use the already-existing name of a small (and obscure) town in the countryside, or find a Filipino word.


The country name is Lutang, officially the Republic of Lutang or Republika ng Lutang in Tagalog. "lutang" is a Tagalog word meaning "floating in water", or figuratively, being prominent.

Lunazon is an old name, used for BG04; where I worked on developing the Lemurian Filipino style.


Possible candidates for the capital and largest city:

  • Bagong Bandila (lit. "New Banner")


Mostly chains.

  • ZN - A mall chain. Similar to the real-world SM; but the "S" became a "Z" and the "M" got pushed back into the mouth and became an "N".
  • FastPC - A computer store chain, like the real-world PC Express (not to be confused with the Canadian one which has a Wikipedia article while the Filipino computer store doesn't)
  • Peasant - A restaurant, like the real-world The Aristocrat.
  • Pritong Isda ni Irene (Tagalog for "Irene's Fried Fish") - Seafood-oriented fast food. No real-world equivalent
  • Astig na Kape ("Cool Coffee", "Awesome Coffee"; see Wiktionary entry on "astig") - Coffee chain
  • Pambansang Kape ("National Coffee", "Coffee of the Nation") - Another coffee chain
  • Desirabilitea (play on the "ty" in "desirability" sounding like "tea"), inspired by the real-world "Serenitea", which does the same wordplay
  • Bagong Baril ("New Gun") - a gun store.
  • Banko ng Araminta ("Bank of Araminta") - nationwide bank

Bulalo Center

Bowl of bulalo being served at the Araminta Bulalo Center.

Bulalo Center - Might be nationwide; but at the moment only active in Araminta. No real-world equivalent; aside from all those bulalo shops you will find in Tagaytay. Bulalo Center locations are named "[LOCATION] Bulalo Center", and name= tags should be set accordingly. Set operator= as "Bulalo Center" and branch= as the text in front of "Bulalo Center".

  • Bulalo is a Filipino dish.
  • Spelling: Always use "center", even in countries where British English spelling or "Ingerland Ingerish" is the standard. Not that the Bulalo Center wants to go international (yet).
  • Example: 30701078 - Araminta Bulalo Center
name=Araminta Bulalo Center
brand=Bulalo Center

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