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AR014 AR004 - Republic of Lutang (Tagalog/Santimo: Republika ng Lutang)

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  • Lutang's main island, which the Lutang government refers to as Main Island, is dominated by the Lutang Main Forest.
  • Lutang has two other islands:
    • Batis Island, to the northwest, with the city of Batis to its east.
    • Huntsman Island, home to cities such as Rochelle, Rosemary, and Matilda.
  • The Lutang Main Forest is also home to the Central Lutang Mountains with a few river valleys in between.
  • There are two peninsulas: Kaligtasan & Ines, named for the cities located at both their tips. Mostly plain flat land.
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  • In Lutang, human settlement is concentrated along the coast.
    • Bagong Bandila is the capital and the largest city.
    • Batis & Rochelle are the largest cities on Batis Island & Huntsman Island respectively.
    • Araminta, west of Bagong Bandila is the richest city measured by GDP per capita.
  • Most of Lutang's agriculture is in the Kaligtasan Peninsula & Ines Peninsula.
  • Lutang's road network
    • Motorways, locally called expressways, link the major cities and run through the Lutang Main Forest. They are numbered sequentially with the letter E.
    • The National Highway Network serves smaller cities not yet deserving of a motorway. The most important roads (trunks) are N1 to 30. Anything past 30 is a primary road. For N numbers, north-south roads use even numbers while west-east ones use odd numbers. Diagonal roads can use either an odd or even number.
  • Lutang's rail network
    • Passenger services are run as a government monopoly by Lutang Lines.
    • Freight is under the purview of four privately-owned companies, serving the north and south parts of the Main Island, with the other two serving Batis Island, & Huntsman Island respectively.
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  • Lutang is dominated by a single ethnic group with smaller minority groups. The primary group are the Santimo.
    • Most identify as a citizen of Lutang; not a member of their ethnic group. Violence between ethnic groups is almost nonexistent as a result.
  • Ingerish and the Santimo language (Tagalog) are the two primary languages spoken in Lutang.
    • The Castellanese language was never taught to the colonized masses during the Castellanese colonial reign, and very quickly lost prestige in favor of Santimo.
      • However, a significant portion of Santimo's vocabulary is now borrowed from Castellanese.
      • Older place names are still in Castellanese. However, many were renamed to either Ingerish or Santimo names.
    • In urban areas, a form of speech known as "Santerish" ("Taglish") is widely spoken, a mix of Santimo and Ingerish words.
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USA-style mapping, but not overall relevant to Lutang's intended Filipino theme:

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Lemuria (talk) 02:03, 11 August 2023 (UTC)


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Hi, your mapping experience and planning are good, so looking forward granting you a territory. But first we need to find the right one - can you have a think about AR002, AR004 and AR005 please? I think they are all better placed to work with the theme & language. I would like to see high-quality mapping preserved. That doesn't mean it has to be left as-is, and can of course be renamed and adapted - what i'm wanting to avoid is wiping it clear. Thanks/wangi (talk) 21:09, 13 August 2023 (UTC)

Hello, thank you for replying.
Having a think about it like what you said, there are certainly some factors that make AR014 less attractive and your three suggestions more appealing choices. But, there are a few pros and cons. AR005 will be out of the equation - it is not an island.
  • Con: I'm unsure how the right conditions to make such a mapping style plausible would arise. The language used for mapping would be a mix of English & Tagalog with some Spanish names, although somewhat more generous on the English side. But, if I couldn't have AR014 and had to choose between these three, I would go with AR004.
    • The entirety of North Archanta would separate AR00? from the Federal States, making it harder to work in English/Ingerish influence through say, an FSA occupation. Ingerland could instead have invaded to bring in Ingerish influence; but that would necessitate the usage of British spellings which is not something I want to do. Perhaps the spelling differences can be overlooked?
  • Con: Switching to any of those three territories would require a significant or from-scratch rework of the lore and sketch. That is effort I am somewhat OK with putting in.
  • Pro: Natural mapping isn't exactly a field I'm skilled in, so the already-preexisting natural mapping in the three territories you mentioned compared to the near-empty state of AR014 gives me a starting point to improve my natural mapping skills and make it fit in with the landscape better.
  • Pro/Con: The size of AR004 (272.9k km2) compared to AR014 (150.7k km2), IRL Luzon (109.9k km2), and AR002 (105.9k km) is quite attractive. This gives me more space, but it could also be too overwhelming to manage especially for a new person like me applying for their first territory. Having such a large territory would certainly entail large responsibilities.
    • I'm unsure if my interest or willingness to map on OpenGeofiction can continue in the near-hyperactive state it has been since July 23, 2023 long-term. There will always be IRL events out of my control, or other things that could divert my time and interest away from the site.
    • The challenge of managing such a large amount of territory could be mitigated by choosing AR002; but that contains more detailed mapping compared to AR004 and might be slightly more difficult to integrate into Lemurian Filipino style.
    • There is also the possibility of expanding into AR002 in the far future (c. 2 to 5 years) once AR004 is detailed enough This is very unlikely to happen given the above point.
  • Pro: AR014 is in the Latin area of North Archanta; whereas AR004 is in the Asian zone. And I am fully aware of that.
    • If I choose to stand firm on AR014, would that require me to significantly increase the Castellanese influence on the history and culture of Lutang? Would the current level of Castellanese influence on the current Lunazon lore not be enough for AR014 but rather would be better suited to AR004?
  • Pro: AR002 and AR004 are both on the same island. The fact that it is an island will make their geography closer to IRL Luzon. This is why I am disqualifying AR005; it is not an island. But to be fair, AR014 isn't an island country, either.
But AR014 comes with its own pros and cons too in my opinion.
  • Pro/Con: AR014 is empty; reducing the amount of deletion to be done. And it also provides a clean canvas upon which Lutang will be mapped.
  • Pro: AR014 is of a smaller size and thus more manageable.
  • Pro: I already have basic lore & a sketch for Lutang being on AR014.
  • Pro: It is closer to the FSA; making it easier to justify the American influence on the Philippines within lore.
In summary; I would be open to changing my territory to AR004 from AR014. But standing firm on AR014 and going to AR004 both have problems and entail questions I would appreciate answers to. And yes my points are all over the mess here; I'm just unsure what to do, or what to say. Lemuria (talk) 23:37, 13 August 2023 (UTC)

In general, more use of Spanish language, rather than English, in addition to the native Filipino is going to work better for this area of Archanta. Thanks/wangi (talk) 11:12, 14 August 2023 (UTC)

Hey there, As someone who's been mapping around here for a while and knows a bit about how things fit together in Southeast Asia and the western part of Archanta, I'd like to share my thoughts on where Lutong could work best.

So, when it comes to Lutong's spot, I'd lean towards putting it in AR014. See, the Southern Wallea area already has a strong "Filipino" culture vibe going on, dating back to 2017. It could be really cool if this Filipino/Latin influence got even stronger around the White Sea/Mar Blanco region. This area already has a lot of Castellanese and FSA influence, and most people here are "Catholic." The whole mapping is loosely inspired by islands in Eastern Indonesia, Southern Philippines and also Latin America, which is like Wallea and Manawa. We've pulled in languages inspiration and stuff from places like Southern Mindanao and Northern Sulawesi, to add more touch.

Now, if AR004 is still the preferred spot and Lutong is on the table, perhaps a suggestion would be to retain the essence of Luzon or Filipino culture, but also allow it to flow into a more inclusive regional coherency. This way, we're incorporating the best of both worlds – a strong Luzon influence while keeping an eye on the larger context of the area. Considering my first thought of the region would be more towards a blend of a bit of Malay-Northern Bornean-Western Austronesian culture and language, with "Islam" and "Buddhism" as the main themes. Sure, AR902 probably support more the existence of Lutong in the region, but considering how close it is to Majesia, which also where I'm mapping, it might just click even better. Because languages in Barohu – it takes cues from Malay and Acehnese – and the northern part of CCA, which is influenced by Malagasy.

No matter which way we go, both have their own charm. As neighbors in mapping, I'm all in for making sure our area feels connected and makes sense. Let's work together to make Southeast Asian vibes shine in OGF, knowing how less popular it is in OGF world. Oneofbeatlefan (talk) 11:55, 14 August 2023 (UTC)

Wangi says that to stand firm on AR014 would require me to use less English, less Tagalog, and more Spanish. Since my plans for the territory are to use English and Tagalog with a small amount of Spanish in between. When I had another think about it per what they said; I realized that AR004 was way better. It would definitely click better in AR004 rather than AR014. AR004 suits the Lemurian Filipino style best; while AR014 would require me to work in significant Spanish influence, which goes against my vision for Lutang. I'm sketching out AR004 Lutang at the moment and rewriting the lore. Lemuria (talk) 17:49, 14 August 2023 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved - AR004. I have marked BG04 as being withdrawn in one month. Thanks/wangi (talk) 12:16, 16 August 2023 (UTC)
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