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Nishowigan, officially the Federal State of Nishowigan is a state in the Federal States. Located in the West Lakes region, is the southernmost state in the union. Its capital is Wytusky, and its largest city is Wychelle. It is bordered by Ardencia to the south, Deodeca to the west, and Minnonigan and Seneppi to the north.

Nishowigan contains eight counties, three districts, and two unorganized areas, with many independent municipalities within. It is sometimes conceptually divided into Northern Nishowigan and Southern Nishowigan, with the north containing the vast majority of the state's population and usable land, and the south being centered almost entirely around Ste. Margaux.


The state's name is derived from the native archantan term for the region around Annagawi, describing an area of land surrounded by three grand lakes.


Pre-Ulethan settlement

Franquese colonisation and transfer to FSA

Wychelle Territory and statehood

Modern history


Nishowigan is divided into two significant geographical regions, divided by a line of latitude drawn on the city of Varnel.

  • Northern Nishowigan, a generally flat uplands area, used primarily for agriculture and human settlement. It contains the vast majority of Nishowigan's population and urban areas.
  • Southern Nishowigan, a minor highlands area inhospitable to agriculture, but rich in mineral resources. It is densely forested with spruces and other evergreen tree-types.

The southern minor highlands

Due to the state's position between three lakes, Northern Nishowigan experiences a heavy impact of lake-effect snow from Lake Betaouais and Lake Sauganash. While the south still experiences a significant amount of precipitation and temperature variation, this impact is not derived so much from the region's proximity to lakes.


The entirety of Nishowigan is listed under climate type Dfb (Warm-summer humid continental). It experiences


Nishowigan is divided into eight counties, three districts, two unorganized areas, and one independent city. Within the two unorganized areas, there are four independent municipalities and two Native Archantan Treaty Reserves.

First-level Subdivisions of Nishowigan
Name Code County/District Seat Population Area in sq mi (sq km) Postal Code Seats
Annagawi County A Annagawi (City)
Betaouais County B Arsenault
Wychelle (City) C Wychelle (City) 359,000
Dexton County D Alkete
Sauganash County H Marketville
Dulac District L Alkete 62,000
Greater Ste. Margaux District M Ste. Margaux (City) 377,000
Payette County P Colesex
Red County R Decousse
Unorganised Nishowigan (North Part) UN
Unorganised Nishowigan (North Part) UN
Unorganised Nishowigan (South Part) US
Wisgana County W Varnel
Wytusky District Y Wytusky (City) 255,000
NISHOWIGAN NI Wytusky 1,881,000 21,437 (55,522) 61AA00-61YY99 41

Government and Politics

Nishowigan National Guard





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