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Flag of Yuethon Cinasian Yuethon & Overseas Provinces
Coat of Arms

華屬越漢及海外省 (Cinasian)
Population: 23,401,206 (2022)
Motto: rule of virtue 弘道正德
Anthem: Irisation Song 《慶雲頌》

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Cinasia (pronounced /sin-na-sia/), officially the Republic of Cinasia (德華民國), is a country in Archanta. The country geographically includes Cinasia Bunto (本土) and overseas provinces of Yuethon (越漢), and Tamón (潭澳). The capital of the country is Yu King (禺興) while the largest city is Tan Kong (壇港).

Cinasia Bunto is located on the southern part of the Muinon Peninsula and borders Kuehong to the north and Kaoscha to the west. Yuethon laid about 5,500km from Cinasia Bunto, at the west coast of northern Archanta. Base on the country’s geographical uniqueness and advance economy development, Cinasia is a significant regional power.