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AN152f - Gozia

Noun Project Map icon 1463108.svgPhysical geography
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Being a country with a cold climate, most major cities (including the capital) are all located inland and towards the north of the territory.

The rest of the landscape primarily consists of mountainous and alpine regions, national parks and nature reserves, and small rural towns along the many highways that run throughout the country.

The islands in the south will be filled with huge mountains and glaciers.

Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
A brief description of the territory demographics, economic development, land occupation, infrastructure and mapping style

Mapping style:

The mapping style of this territory will be mostly a Scandinavian mapping style throughout, but primarily in the rural and alpine areas, and a blend of Japanese style as well, while also maintaining some of that Norweigan style.

Major cities will have many buildings and dense populations. And rural communities are small and quaint. Similar to what is found in the United States.

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Primarily English speaking nation.

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These mapping areas are incomplete and use a slightly different mapping style to what I am planning on using in this territory:

A city with dense population:

A rural area with villages:

Forest/national park area:

Very quick draft showing what some areas might look like: (.osm file which is not uploaded, incomplete) -> File flagged as safe by VirusTotal

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AmusingSage2454 (talk) 03:53, 5 January 2024 (UTC)

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Hey just following up as have not received correspondence in over 10 days. @PortCal, Aiki

Hi, thank you for the application and apologies for the delayed reply. Looking at your proposal, it looks quite good. It seems like you have a broad idea of what you want to do, and you have some experience with mapping in the beginner territories. You have some sources of inspiration and have an idea for a territory that has potential to fit in the region.

That said, firstly I would challenge you to think a bit more about the geographic details of the country, since there is quite a lot of space to develop. Also it would be good to add a little more background about your country, like more about the intented culture, the economy and the political system you have in mind. A bit more detail in the topography and nature, like where the major rivers and mountain rangers will be and how these rural areas would cover the country is also welcome.

Also, while some parts of your mapping look good, like the motorway junction in North East Albany and the hilly terrain in the city, it would be good to focus a bit more on natural detail. Since you mention the territory would be a lot of rural areas, it would be interesting to see a bit more detailed work in the examples you provided. Furthermore, I would encourage you to look at Help:Making_realistic_cities, on how you could improve your city. Try experimenting with buildings and the texture of the city, and try detailing a small part of the city in higher detail. Since this is quite a large territory and with the examples you provided, although a good start, it would be good to get just a little bit more practice.

Lastly, the southern part of Antarephia is meant to have little Ulethan (OGF-Europe) influence, and surrounding countries have their own native culture, language and demography. Consider maybe creating an interesting culture that fits more into this Scandinavian style with its own character. Otherwise, a territory more north or in the direction of Uletha might be something to also keep in mind.

PortCal (talk) 01:02, 30 January 2024 (UTC)