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Gregoria (Gregland) (BG08)

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Gregoria has a mild climate which is similar to that of the UK. The weather conditions mean that the soil is ideal for growing crops. The flat terrain makes it easy to harvest and grow the food required to support the population. In the south of the country the flat shallow land becomes more mountainous and steep. Due to this the hilly landscape is sparsely populated apart from a number of large towns situated below the escarpment.

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Gregoria has six counties all of which have a culture and identity of their own. Four of the counties have a principle city each whilst the other two just have smaller cities or large towns as their county settlements. The country has not really been effected with mass imigration over the years, meaning some families within the more isolated parts of the country have lived in their homes for hundreds of years. But much migration began to occur within the early C19 with lots of peoples coming from far off lands to live in Gregoria. Mainly due to the good sanitary conditions, benefits, well paid work and excellent education. The Government of 1700 wanted to make the country a place where everyone could flourish and not be in poverty. A highly impossible aim to reach back then. But with the new government came the funding and the votes. Modern society began 8th August 1751 with the foundation of education in most cities and larger towns. A poor law was included in the planning and gave the poor somewhere to live and work. The early days were harsh, but life back then was. With the foundation of modern society the migration started and with this came a change in population. Due to this a number of new settlements began to develop from the smaller towns and villages scattered around the country. The Country Health Act 1785 was set-up to provide a basic healthcare for the whole of country, years before other countries did. Transport picked up too with the modern horses and carriages being used on newly created tolroads.

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Gregoria started its life over 3000 years ago when a number of Celtic tribes invaded the dense oak forests which covered most of the land at that time. The earliest areas of migration occurred the northern coastal areas due to the land being less populated by the forests. However given time the land was cleared for the use of farmland by the various celtic peoples who lived there. The main three tribes split the country into three distinct sections and based a fort (their capitol) each one usually within the centre of the regions. A number of backup forts were built around the much argued about borders around c34AD. However these regions were not remain under celtic control as the Romans invaded the regions in 52 to 60AD. Finally conquering the last Celtic kingdom in 75AD. Before the introduction of the Latin by the Romans, the natives spoke a type of celtic language which was similar to the modern celtic languages of Welsh, Cornish and Breton. This continued even though the Romans brought their Latin influence in. Each place name within the kingdom in those days would have been spelt a number of different ways depending on how the Celtic people or Romans would have spelt it. However as the Romans were the conquers the forts and settlements they laid down were Latin influence. One oddity to Gregoria is that it has four principle cities which all classed as its capitols. Three originally and then a fourth when the Saxons built their stronghold during the invasion of 350AD. When Rome was weakened the Romans began to retreat back this occurred between 415 and 420AD. This is when the Saxons took over and the country of Gregoria was formed. Unlike in England the Saxons formed one nation and split the country into five counties. Three of which were based on the earlier Celtic kingdoms which still remained. The celtic peoples were still native and the Saxons either intermarried or ignored them. As they knew that any fighting would be impossible to win. The country was formed on 13th September 440AD with a saxon army led by Guthelred. His name is now remembered in modern day place names. His daughter Aethella founded a city within the centre of the country and this became the kings seat in 453AD. The main languages of the country became a complicated and were argued about to much annoyance. In fact what was loosely decided on was a number of regional dialects. These are still present today. The old celtic language was adopted as the main base, then the Latin and lastly Anglo-Saxon. Making for an unusual mix of the three. The language is now as Anglish. However English is now the preferred language used everywhere.

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Beginner application approved - note that beginner territories are for building up experience before requesting a full territory. They are not for long term mapping, and are not "canon". wangi (talk) 08:04, 20 May 2022 (UTC)
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