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TA202 - Portomaiz

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Inspirations - Portomaiz will be inspired by Portugal, The Gambia, and other English Colonies.

Climate - Portomaiz will be a tropical nation, sitting just south of the equator and will be very humid, reflecting that of West Africa.

Landscape - Portomaiz will be mainly flat, especially in the center of the nation, but along the coast there are some large hills and mountains. The borders of Portomaiz are also quite elevated with the northern border (TA226 & TA228) and this is where the highest point of Portomaiz is located. Portomaiz is a nation based around the Solto and the Boné rivers. These two rivers come together in the central plains of Portomaiz to form the Great Boné River. The Great Boné River has a huge mouth that a large majority of Portomaiz's population is located on the banks. Portomaiz also has very fertile land that is suitable for farming, especially on the lest forested coastal plains. Portomaiz's largest region, would have to be the jungle that makes up a majority of Portomaiz's interior.

Topography - Portomaiz is a considerably flat nation, with only few pockets of rolling hills and mountains are located within the country. Portomaiz's coast is one comparable to Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and its surrounding mountains. Portomaiz is also a 'river nation', meaning that it is basically comprised of a singular river, In this case the great Boné.

Sketchs - (If Not here I am working on it)

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Demographics - Portomaiz will be a mix of many different races and ethnicities. You will find a large Black population in Portomaiz, but you will also find a large White population as well. Also, in the past 40 years, Florescentian populations from other Florescentian colonies have been moving to Portomaiz in large numbers.

economic development - Portomaiz, is a mix of both a poor nation, and a rich nation. In the large cities, like Feza, Vilaverde, Portsmouth, Bela Selva, Richmond, and Portão, the economic development is greater. But in the rural regions, there is next to no economic development and the only source of income for these poorer areas is mainly farming. Portomaiz is largely a tourism/manufacturing based economy with many tourist spots throughout the country and many automotive factories, aircraft factories, arms factories, and metal production plants throughout the nation. Agriculture is also a huge aspect of the economy, especially in the more rural areas.

land occupation - A majority of Portomaiz is forests. Along the Great Boné, there is a large amount of sprawling agricultural land that inhabits the valleys because of the fertile river. There is also national parks that take up large chunks of Portomaiz's land area.

infrastructure - Portomaiz has a large and expansive Highway and train network that was built by the Ingerish while Portomaiz was their colony. Portomaiz still uses these networks and has expanded them to connect to their neighbors (TA220, TA226, TA228, Narghenna, & TA203). Portomaiz also has a large amount of Airports, with one being in every county of Portomaiz.

mapping style - Portomaiz is inspired by The Gambia, The historic cities will look like colonial Portuguese cities (like Funchal) or even actual Portuguese cities on the mainland (like Porto, Coimbra, Lagos, Lisbon, Cascais). The interior of Portomaiz will be like that of Equatorial Guinea, or even French Guiana or Belize with thick, dense jungles covering the non-coastal regions. But, as stated earlier, the Coast will be inspired by brazil's Rio de Janeiro with towering mountains overlooking scenic tourist-specialized cities like Figueira, which will be on the southern (near Narghenna) coast of Portomaiz.

Government - Portomaiz is a republic with a parliament, and a prime minister that is elected by the people. Also, Portomaiz is a nation within a commonwealth of other former colonies of Ingerland.

Political divisions - Portomaiz is divided into states, these states are divided into counties, and cities, and the counties are divided even more into Communes.

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Culture - Portomaiz will have a predominantly Portuguese; or Florescentian culture. There will also be a large Ingerish culture in the region because Portomaiz was handed over to Ingerland as a colony by Florescenta in 1615, As a show of peace between the kingdoms.

History - Portomaiz has always been inhabited by many different peoples. But, in the 1580s, Portomaiz was taken over by the Florescentians who set up a colony there. Portomaiz's name was first adopted here after João Maiz, the Florescentian explorer who found the coast and the mouth of the Great Boné river. In 1594, the largest city of Veza, was officially made the capital of the colony and its strategic location on the mouth of the Great Boné made it the perfect candidate for being the capital. In 1615, Portomaiz was transfered to Ingerland to become a colony for them as a show of peace and diplomacy between Ingerland and Florescenta. Portomaiz under Ingerland became a flourishing colony with large plantations that grew crops like Sugar cane and fruits and spices that grew in Portomaiz made loads of money for Ingerland. on the 26th of November, 1895, Riots broke out in the streets of Veza (at the time known as Kingsport under the Ingerish)as a response to unequal treatment of the natives and the Florescentians living there, and many Portomaizan people had died. As a response to the event known as the November Massacre, Ingerland gave more autonomy to Portomaiz. on the 12th of October, 1922, Portomaiz would be given independence from Ingerland, but they would keep many things like Ingerlands' royal family, and currency for a while. In 1947, a pro-communist uprising had occured in the city of Vila Real and as a response, Portomaiz would go to war with these rebels between 1947-1951. In 2013, A rebel group known as the FLP (Frente de Libertação de Portomaiz) would commit a series of bombings in the cities of Veza, Figueira, and Vilaverde. In response to this, the FLP was considered a terrorist organization and many other Western Tarephian nations and even others like Ingerland, would come together to help Portomaiz defeat and rid the world of the FLP. This conflict, known as the Second Portomaiz Civil War, would last from 2013-2018, and would result in a total restructuring of the Portomaizian Parliament, and even resulted in border changes with the states of Portomaiz, and even the state of Rio Boné was no longer a thing after this reformation.

Language - Portomaiz has two official languages, Florescentian, and Ingerish. There are also many other languages spoken in Portomaiz, but knowing one or both of these two languages is required in Portomaiz to gain citizenship.

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Also bg24, but that was cleared.

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