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Flag of Alebria Federal Republic of Alebria
République Féderale d’Alébrie (Franquese)
Capital: Poulvanne
Population: 2 800 000 (2023)
Motto: Pour notre peuple et pour le tout ! (For our people and for all!)

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Alebria (Al-EB-ri-yuh; Franquese: Alébrie /alebʁi/; Plevian: Alebria /alebrja/; Kalmish: Alebrien /alebrien/), officially the Federal Republic of Alebria (Franquese: République Féderale d’Alébrie; Plevian: Repubblica Federale Alebriana), is a country located in the Mediterranean region of Southern Uletha. It is bordered by Selonia and Flamain to the north, and Plevia to the east. The capital and largest city is Poulvanne, which serves as an important trading hub for the Mediterranean Sea and the Poulvanne-Temisa larger metropolitan region. Alebria has a rich history, being one of the constituent regions of the historic Romantish Empire, alongside other countries such as Plevia, Franquia, Pretannia, and several others. It also inhabits a diverse population of both Franquese and Plevian speakers, alongside Ulethan and other diaspora. Alebria has very close diplomatic ties to Plevia and Franquia, serving as a representation of the unification between the Franquese and Plevian speakers. Alebria is a member of the Association of South Ulethan Nations (ASUN).

Alebria was originally settled by the Romantish Empire for centries, where the roots of the Romantish countries were established. Its location, known for fertile farmlands and small, but protective mountains made the Alebrian plains a strategic location for the Romantish settlers. After the collapse of the Romantish Empire, several kingdoms would establish themselves in this region of Uletha, including the Old Plevian and Old Franquese nations. For several centuries following, Alebria was annexed by both the Franquese and Plevian kingdoms, until the Kingdom of Alebria would gain independence in the TBD century. Successful liberal and nationalist movements in the early 19th century led to the establishment of the current First Federal Republic of Alebria.






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