Bromley City

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OGFmapicon.png 36.096°S, 45.7563°E
Bromley City
Capital City
 • RegionErbale
 • CountyCity
Tropical Green in central Bromley City
 • Mayor of Bromley CityMichael Hayling (Labour)
 • Leader of the Borough AssemblyWorsel Bragg (Labour)
 • Totaltbd km2
 • Urbantbd km2
Elevationtbd m (tbd ft)
 • Census (2014)2,248,129
 • Densitytbd/km2

Bromley City is the capital, and largest city of Bromley, with a population of around 2.2 million. It stands on the River Princer, which runs east to west through the country. Bromley City was once very rural, and was home to many native Bromlavian tribes. The capital was established in 1732 by Ingerish settlers who had expanded their control of the land area, and was named New Folkstyne. Some buildings from this colonial period still remain in the city. During the 20th Century, the city boundary was expanded to include towns such as Dumfry and Bosthorpe.

Bromley City is Bromley's seat of government. While farms remain in the outer parts of Bromley City, the city has developed to become a hub for the tertiary sector, with a significant number of offices. Bromley City exerts a strong influence on the banking and corporation industry, thanks to its gold exports from the Bromlavian mountains. City Port, located on the coastal parts of Bromley City, is also a strong trading hub which provides a substantial amount of Bromley's income.

Bromley City is home to many tourist attractions, such as Harting Cathedral, the National Assembly, the Museum of Bromley and the Ciconi Gallery. Bromley City's leadership is working to attract tourists to Bromley by investing in further attractions.

Bromley City has faced many struggles over the past few decades. Terror attacks by Barkenfrier separatists have been carried out several times, and protests have also caused chaos.









Bromley City is home to three terminus stations - City Harting, City Riverside and City Jarrow.

City Harting is located in the Harting area of the city, and acquired its name as a homage to the late Prime Minister, Lord Roland Harting. It was first opened in 1909 as a small railway station, but saw a grand expansion in 1920. City Harting accommodates trains from the south and less dense west of Bromley. It is a hub for commuters in the denser parts of southern Bromley City.

City Riverside is noted as Bromley's busiest station thanks to its links to the city's main airport, its connections to underground links and its direct connection to Barkenfry and international links to Layr. Riverside is the newest of Bromley City's terminus stations, opening in 1960.

City Jarrow is the oldest of Bromley City's terminus stations, opening in 1804 as a connection to City Port, where Bromley imported most of its goods under colonial rule. Ingerish migrants also travelled to Jarrow in order to settle in the city. The station was expanded in 1933.


Bromley City's underground services are administered by the Mayor of Bromley City and the privately owned City Metro organisation. The city is served by 5 underground lines, which reach out to outer parts of the city via the centre. The city's underground system was first established in 1959 as part of an expansion project, and in order to cater for the influx of Bromlavians relocating from the inner lands. In 1983, the service was privatised and outsourced to the foreign InterLink TNC. InterLink went into administration in 2005, and the underground system was nationalised, until it was sold to Metro Corp, and their City Metro branch in 2008.

City Metro remains a popular way to travel across the city, but has been criticised for its inconsistent services.

Map of Bromley City Metro Network services as of 2024
City Metro services
Line Name Service Opened
City Metro Line 1 Northern Line  Beebury  Retford  1959
 Beebury  Bosthorpe 
City Metro Line 2 Hanover Line  Cannock Hill  Hoxton Town  1959
City Metro Line 3 Tamlyn Line  Dumfry Hills  Tenterden  1980
 Dumfry Hills  Oakheart Central 
City Metro Line 4 River Line  Fosterchick  Bromley City Airport  1992
City Metro Line 5 Circle Line  Lowell Docks  Lowell Docks  1999
City Metro Line 6 Peninsula Line  Peninsula Water  Shepperton  Opening 2025
 Peninsula Water  Docker Bridge