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The New User Practice and Demo Zone BG01 is a dedicated area in the map for new users to build up experience. The mapping here is "non-canon" - it doesn't really exist for the purposes of the rest of the OGF world.

The other Blue Territories have defined themes and languages, and mappers are expected to map to those there. However, within this zone there are no theme constraints.


  • Mapping here should be to build up experience, to build up a portfolio for use in a territory application
  • It is not for long-term mapping, and it is regularly spot cleaned up
  • Mapping must be focussed and independent - you are not collaborating with other mappers to map a plausible territory. There are pink shaded boundaries set out within BG01 to enforce this, you must not map over them
  • You can request your own BGxx territory, for more isolation from other beginner mappers. Such a request doesn't need to go into any detail - just a polite ask for the territory

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