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AR021 - Botolia

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The country is mild in the north with coastal bushland and grassy plains, and as you go inland it becomes more dry and mallee trees appear. Then, in the southernmost parts of the country it is extremely dry and sparsely populated. There are large mountain ranges to the east near the border which is where the capital city, Gurra, is located.

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- One large town of 20,000 called Kalkarra is the population centre of the southern desert region, which is an iron and copper mining hub with a mine and a steelworks processing factory. The town has been steadily decreasing in population since 1990, and the town sends its ore to a port by rail.

- Gurra is based on Canberra and will have a population of 250,000. There is a dual carriageway highway between Gurra and the largest city (name TBD) the rest of the highways are duplicated sparingly, only for about 80 kilometers before becoming one lane each way with overtaking lanes at intervals.

- The largest city will be based on Melbourne / Sydney and be a car infested metropolis with lots of smog and tall buildings, industrial areas. It has a population of 3.3 million.

- Another city will have 1.2 million in the west, although that will be developed later, if I fill up this territory I have plans to acquire the next door territory to the west, although only if i fill up this territory with detailed mapping

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Botolia was a colony of Ingerland, just like the FSA and Deodeca. Because the area is rich in resources, and the Castellan and the Franquese had already colonised the area, Ingerland wanted a piece of the puzzle. So they took the remainder of the land and established a colony. However, convicts were enslaved on mines in harsh conditions and lost patriotism for Ingerland. Convict suicide was common as they worked long days on the mine just hoping for their sentence to end, often being starved due to the expense and lack of natural resources in the area. When Ingerland gave Botolia independence in 1905, it was a parliament democracy system and the small amount of upper class wanted to join Deodeca. However, the majority of lower class former-slaves were angry at the crown and a politician convinced them to elect him prime minister. After this, a vote to change the constitution went down and the system was changed to a 'peaceful' dictatorship. Because of this, the colony never joined Deodeca. Tension has been building over time between Botolia and other former colonies, but the dictator has kept peace at all times. The regime is right-wing conservative and they have strict views on a lot of modern ideas, however, some reforms have been made by the new dictator. Despite this, travel between countries is safe and quality of life is high for their citizens.

This country's main concept is to explore the idea of an 'Australia' style country that is a dictatorship with a regime, which of course has an advisory and a large military like North Korea. What would occur?

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AustinBoath (talk) 06:28, 20 March 2023 (UTC)

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Can I have the territories AR021,AR058,AR058A and I'll donate to OpenGeoFiction on the Luciano Patreon under the Opengeofiction User tier, monthly, for the duration I use the territories (indefinitely). Is this a deal you are willing to shake hands on? It will help cover server costs. AustinBoath (talk) 11:16, 28 March 2023 (UTC)

OGF is run thanks to the volunteered time & financial contribution of the administrators and others via the Patreon. We are of course thankful for all donations, but they are not payment for services. Continental territory administration is independent from site donations. When users make repeated territory applications, without taking onboard prior feedback, nor providing the recommended sketch, you'll often find the volunteer admins slower to respond to them. /wangi (talk) 12:53, 28 March 2023 (UTC)
Understood :) AustinBoath (talk) 08:55, 29 March 2023 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed
Closing - be sure to reflect past application feedback on any future application, plus supply supporting sketch maps. Also, the Deodeca references here were pretty confusing. /wangi (talk) 11:40, 7 April 2023 (UTC)
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