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AR021 - Weccandia

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In the north along the coast, the climate is mostly temperate, with warm summers and cool winters. Farther inland, there is a semi-arid climate (BSh) with hot summers and cool winters. Occasionally there are warm winters. The south (which I consider to start at the beginning of the desert) is mostly arid with an oasis or two sprinkled throughout the desert, allowing for fresh water access and fertile land for farming.


The nation will be very flat, rarely exceeding 20 meters above sea level. There will be very few rivers, due to the nation being mostly desert. The rivers that are there will start at one of the oases in the desert. There will be some mountains in the far south of the nation, however these will be few and far between.

Rough physical plan (Desert in the north will be extended, and excuse my poor drawing skills):

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(Population: around 15,000,000)


The north will be mostly Ingerish while the south (the desert area) will be mostly (whatever the OGF equivalent of Hebrew is) similar to nearby AR064. The majority of the population will be situated in the north, with around 500,000 people situated in one city near an oasis in the south. Between the desert and the coast, a few small towns and a couple of large ones will be placed. Since they are technically part of the north, they will speak Ingerish. In the south (the desert), there will not be many other settlements than the city. A couple of small towns will be placed along the border to service customs and border police.


Weccandia makes the majority of its money from oil and natural gas in the desert. The nation produces a large surplus of oil and natural gas so it exports a lot of these resources. The nation has been trying to reduce its dependency on these resources, so it has funded a lot of money into agriculture initiatives. It has also funded large industrial projects in an effort to start diversifying its exports. With these industrial projects come pollution, so the nation has created "industry expressways" where factories are lined up several miles outside of a city to avoid pollution issues.


Weccandia has invested a lot of money into the development of motorways and public transport. Before the discovery of oil in the mid-20th century, the only connection between cities was small, usually unpaved roads and in these cities were crowded dirt roads that led to lots of crime. The nation has been trying to escape this past, so public transport has been developed to lessen the amount of people traveling on roads- now paved- and large motorways have been developed to make transport between cities easier and faster. In addition to these changes, pressure from environmentalists have led to the creation of electric railways throughout the nation. Currently, this only services a few major cities, however there are plans to expand.

In Weccana (the capital), a port city, port infrastructure has been developed to the point where a medium-sized cargo ship could get in and out of the port in only a few hours if delivering cargo, and in around a day if receiving cargo. Due to Weccandia's large amount of exports (specifically oil and natural gas), there are several "truck stops" along motorways for truck drivers to stop and rest during their long trips from the desert to port cities, which can take several days, if not weeks.

Mapping Style

In the north the mapping style will be kind of American but with less grids (at least in urban areas) and no blocky beltways (look at Miami on OSM and you'll know what I mean). In the south (the desert), the mapping style will be similar to Lagos (Nigeria) or Niamey (Niger), but the majority of buildings will be close to the roads and not just in the middle of a block.

Province map (I figured this probably falls into this category):

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The official language of the federal Weccandian government is Ingerish and the government requires all towns, provinces, and major features like large parks to at least have an Ingerish translation. In the south, the most spoken language is (whatever the OGF equivalent of Hebrew is) and that is used for small things like road names, shop names, and neighborhood/district names that are not required to be in Ingerish. Town and province names are in OGFHebrew and Ingerish.

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I mapped this state in Lorotoban. I am most proud of this (unfinished) hamlet and this town in my Lorotoban mapping.

I also mapped this town that I'm pretty proud of (I did get lazy with the buildings though) and this unfinished city.

I did a lot of mapping in BG21 however that's all gone now since I switched to my current beginner territory in Lorotoban.

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I hope this gets accepted. I've been planning this out in my head for weeks now and I finally decided to put it down on an application. If you need me to explain anything I'll be happy to.

Have a nice night,

Waffledogefern (talk) 01:58, 25 April 2022 (UTC)

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  • Hello, I just wanted to bump this since there's been about 3 weeks now with no response. I'm not sure how long these things are supposed to take, so sorry if I'm wasting anyone's time. I added a couple of sketches if that helps. -- Waffledogefern (talk) 18:53, 14 May 2022 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed
Sorry, but your current mapping isn't yet sufficient - please continue to work on improving the realism. Also English language will not generally be allowed as the primary language for that area, so work out what is important for your mapping. Thanks/wangi (talk) 08:12, 20 May 2022 (UTC)
The following resources can be useful in building up mapping experience: Help:Portal, Help:Making realistic countries, Help:Making realistic cities and also OpenGeofiction:Site policies