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AR060-11 Peralia (to be done alongside AR060-12 and 13 as one project)

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We intend AR060-11 to be a mostly flat part of the state of Peralia. The climate will be temperate with both temperate forest and grassland biomes being common. There will be some hilly and mountainous areas however these will be few and far between. We have an overall state map here which includes roads, rails and some geography (but not just of AR060-11).

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The economy of this part of Peralia will be based around industrial areas close to cities processing farming products and the like. These will be farmed in rural areas of the state. These products will include animal products, wheat, and rice primarily with some other things. There may be some sort of mining / mineral sands industry as there is in Australia. Land occupation will include one major city (2-3m) in the west along the coastline along with various smaller cities of 50-100k people. There will be towns of 500-1000 people every 10-20km on most road and rail lines. The rail system will not be a "common carrier" as such but it will still be extensive linking most rural towns above a few thousand people, even if just for freight. Towns above about 7,500 will generally have a passenger rail link. The road system will be even more extensive with a mostly duplicated road along the coastline though not always of freeway standard in addition to bypasses of many smaller towns on most trunk routes. There will be various other highways as shown in the map above. The mapping style will be based off Australia and to some extent New Zealand.

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The demographic of the state will be primarily based around the English language however as with Australia in real life there will be some areas with different cultures e.g. Chinese, Italian, Greek. Nonetheless most official documents, road names etc will be in English.

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City of Bauer - Wildewater (bauer/southbourne part) -

Town of Ken's Crossing (typical 500-1000 people town) -

Town of Forest Junction (500-1000 people) -

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MetroManMelbourne (talk) 00:20, 26 March 2022 (UTC)

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Dash.svg Territory application closed
This application is closed, but may be eligible for reopening in six months. See AR060-12 for more information. --TheMayor (talk) 13:30, 26 March 2022 (UTC)
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