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AR060-13 Peralia (to be done alongside AR060-11 and 12 as one project)

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Majority of this area of Peralia will have dry flat land with some of the more northern areas to have a subtropical climate. Rivers would be present all throughout this area of Peralia but would be more common in the north western areas. Some of the smaller islands in the surrounding area would have multiple extinct/dormant volcanoes. Very few people or if any will be living on these islands, they will mainly be tourist destinations. Some of these islands would have small lava fields (most covered up by moss and another plants). All of the islands that have dormant/extinct volcanoes on them would've been created by these volcanoes. Some of the larger islands will be inhabited but wont have large cities on them. Majority of the middle and south eastern parts of this area of Peralia will have flat dry land with wetlands located in the surrounding area of some rivers. There will be some gentle hills and small valleys located through out this area of Peralia. Although there are quite a few types of different types of landscapes more than 65% of it will be flat dry land. (Link of state map:

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The economy of this area in Peralia will be agricultural based with some parts of the western coast having a smaller fishing industry. As mentioned on the main state map there would be a freeway going straight through the middle of the island and ending at the largest city (Possible population of 600k-1M). There will be other major cities located in the south east of the country with population sizes varying from 50-500k. Majority of the cities will be port cities with railways connecting them together. There will be a railway which goes from the main city in the west coast to the other cities in the east coast (Some of these trains would stop at some minor towns situated on the railway line. The mapping style will be based of Australia and some parts of New Zealand. This area of Peralia will not be as populated as the other parts of the country, there will also have a lower GDP compared to the other areas of Peralia.

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As in real life in Australia and New Zealand, the population of the state is primarily English speaking. However there may be some areas with different cultures, e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian etc. This is due to the large number of immigrants of Peralia. But most official documents, road names, names of settlements, etc will be in English.

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City of Bauer - Wildewater (bauer/southbourne part) -

Town of Ken's Crossing (typical 500-1000 people town) -

Town of Forest Junction (500-1000 people) -

Town of Maida (2500-4000 people) -

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U5n7 (talk) 09:30, 26 March 2022 (UTC)

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This application is closed, but may be eligible for reopening in six months. See AR060-12 for more information. --TheMayor (talk) 13:30, 26 March 2022 (UTC)
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