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AR120-08: Dolania

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The climate will be fairly temperate, containing all four seasons, moderate temperatures, and moderate rainfall throughout the year. The eastern areas will be largely swampy, but will quickly turn to the rolling hills and forests as you move west, and in the southwest area, there will be lots of moderately-sized mountains.

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The east will be a lot more populated than the west, being situated closer to the coast and the city of Huntington. The immediate vicinity of large city centers will be generally lower-income than the suburbs, resembling the DC-Baltimore metropolitan area of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, USA. In the west, the towns (and a few cities) will mostly be middle class, with a lot of people commuting to and from Huntington for work. The economy of Dolania will be heavily focused on government in the east and north, and a lot of logging and mining in the south and west, with the railroads delivering goods from the mills and mines to the larger cities

There will be an extensive highway system, with lots of governmental money allocated to improving the infrastructure of the region, as well as well-developed public transportation within the large cities, but not extending far outside of that

The mapping style to be followed will be similar to that of the Eastern Coast of the United States

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The state of Dolania was created out of territory formerly owned by Culpepper, Solelen, and Whitestone. After the capital district was created, the national government created the contract for a new state to the southwest of the capital, thus, Dolania was created. The language spoken is primarily English, however large minors of people speaking other languages are present, particularly in the larger cities' downtown areas. The culture is similar to that of the rest of the Federal States, due to their heavy ties to the capital.

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This area here has been where I've done the majority of my mapping. It's still incomplete, I have to adjust the size of the city blocks to be smaller, and I've been steadily adding suburbs around the city. I'm from a rural area, so mapping in an urban area was a bit of a stretch, but I'm proud of it.

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WRITE HERE Unsigned comment by Darwin Derrick (talk).

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Some notes as your application is reviewed:

  • Culpepper does not share a border with AR120-08 and likely would not have a major part in the state's history.
  • Keep in mind the FSA motorway network is largely already planned out and, while there are always opportunities to expand the network, your plans should accommodate what's already planned.
  • As you've mentioned, there are some scaling issues with your current mapping. For instance, your airport's runways are 18,000 feet long and your Main Terminal takes up well over 200 acres. As you map, you may find the OGF scale helper tool useful for reference.
  • Speaking of your previous mapping, buildings should not be snapped to roads. A road's way on the map represents its centerline, so be sure to leave some "breathing room" between buildings and roads.
  • When you get a chance, please provide a sketch map detailing your plans for the state. (Note: new wiki users do not have access to upload images to the wiki, so please use an off-site host like Imgur and link to it.) You may wish to review the comments in the recent application for this state in regards to more regional context.

--TheMayor (talk) 13:37, 21 October 2022 (UTC)

Dash.svg Territory application closed
Closing, no response. /wangi (talk) 11:20, 5 December 2022 (UTC)
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