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AR120-20, Whitestone (unchanged), as an exchange from AR120-46, Aquilia

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For both the physical geography and human geography sections, I have compiled a number of maps and stats on this spreadsheet:

Generally, the Koppen climate should be human subtropical throughout the whole state, even in the higher hills and mountains in the western third. The weather would be similar to the Philadelphia area, Delaware and Maryland and fairly mild overall. The high point would be in the 750-850 m range, around the height of Mount Frissell in Connecticut, and probably about the same distance from the sea- so the hills in general would be comparable to Connecticut or the Taconic mountains in Massachusetts.

Most of the state would fall into the Whitestone river basin, which as presented in the river map has a wide mouth and numerous tributaries throughout the state and reaching west into Gilead. Because of the terrain, many of the rivers have very tight meanders, probably with many sand bars and cutbanks.

For the coast, there would be some nice sandy beaches in the north, on barriers and in the bay near Aperia, while much of the south would be rocky, though with numerous pocket beaches between the rocks that would be significant local tourist definitions. Many of the beaches would be public, with some private beach clubs and many other towns with beach badges. The state would also have a number of lakes and reservoirs, that would often have shingle beaches and lakeside thickets. The reservoirs that exist are to be preserved, but I've put together a new plan for the rivers to make them feel more natural.

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Whitestone would have 1,138,278 residents, as mentioned in the statistics page, which averages out to about 410 people per square mile- between Delaware and New York. Most of these people would be contained within the Eveleigh-Harmony metropolitan area. Again as indicated in the statistics page, the state's median household income would be 72,288 dollars, comparable to Delaware and Rhode Island. A good estimate for HDI would be 0.938, comparable to Maryland, Vermont, Virginia and Delaware.

Most people would live in urban environments, with a historical brick industry in Eveleigh, and a large pharmaceutical industry in major suburbs such as Harmony in Middleboro. Taylor University in Simmons and Wotton College in Stonewood would also be major employers, being prestigious schools nationally and likely founded around FSA independence. The ski resort in Elkhart would be important locally, and most rural areas would be dependent on dairy farming and forestry. There would be marble veins in the hills, possibly lending the state its name through the use of local marble in the state courthouse and several of the oldest buildings at Taylor University. Most of the best-grade marble would be depleted today.

The mapping style would take large inspiration from the Mid-Atlantic, though as some towns are very old and in hilly terrain some inspiration would have to come from New England- the Connecticut coast especially would be used to influence the southeastern coastline as it is rather rocky.

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The primarily language would be English, with a Powhatan minority- rather than being forced westward as in the US, the natives would be a marginalized group, historically forced to work in sharecropping-like conditions and segregated into certain neighborhoods of cities such as Eveleigh. Immigrants from poorer regions of Archanta, including the CCA, would be generally marginalized as well, while richer immigrants from countries such as Deodeca, Unesia and Ardencia would largely be integrated into middle and upper class white Effesian communities. More recently, certain roads, shops, schools and libraries would be renamed to respect the Powhatan heritage of the region. But for the more in-depth historical events, I would expect to develop them more as I map the historical sites in which they occurred or are commemorated.

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My current state, Aquilia, is best known for the city of Nenova, and although it's Midwestern and not Mid-Atlantic there are still some similarities:

My work in a Northeastern US style include:

Blearsey (

Pinekill (

East Astera (

Iron Harbor (

Cerulean Isle (

Though I like to think my mapping has evolved since some of the earliest work I presented.

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Infrarrojo (talk) 22:55, 18 February 2022 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Clarifying that this request is for AR120-06, since AR120-20 is no longer an active OGF:ID, but this very comprehensive request is approved in exchange for AR120-46. --TheMayor (talk) 23:17, 18 February 2022 (UTC)
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