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AR120-47 - partial annexation by Clamash (AR120-76)

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The part of -47 that I am proposing to annex would minimally change from what is existing. The mountain range would continue down the eastern border and gradually becoming shorter. The remainder of the area would be plains and rolling hills of the Henrietta River and other rivers. Southern Clamash is inspired by the Great Plains (eastern Nebraska and Kansas), and this inspiration would apply to the annexation. Inland Clamash is Csb climate. A proposed sketch of expanded Clamash can be found here: ( The area would be included in the Henrietta River watershed.

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The area annexed by Clamash would be rural with most communities having less than 2,000 residents. One community of 41,000 would be mapped to serve as a commercial center of this part of the state. FS 91 would be the only motorway. Agriculture will be key economic sector of the region with some tourism based industry is the mountains. Main crops will be corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and sunflowers. The tourism industry would mainly be in Stakesville and Indigo Rapids. The two North-South railroads in Clamash would continue. One existing county would be expanded (Cortizas County) and five new counties would be created. All existing mapped human geography will be removed.

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Current lore is Clamash was purchased from Deodeca for the purpose of building a railroad connecting the West Lakes region with the West Coast. Lengthening the state supports this history. The primary language will be Ingerish. Castellanese influence will be minimal in the annexed part, mostly tied to location names. The Castellanese will not have colonized large scale this far inland. The history will be tied to FSA expansion. Nearly all towns will be traced back to railroads.

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Glauvaard (AN152e) - vacated and most mapping has been moved

Clamash (AR120-76) - Wahanta (urban mapping) - | Cook Springs (mountain town mapping) - | Grawton (small farming community mapping) -, Gardiwapeka County (section based mapping) - | Hurricane Caverns National Park (natural mountain mapping) - | Western Hills (large scale natural mapping) -

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Per the FSA's "one mapper, one state" rule, I'm approving this request as an annexation rather than as a second state. The boundaries of Clamash (AR120-76) have been expanded accordingly per your sketch; the remainder of AR120-47 will continued to be reserved pending the outcome of internal discussions regarding AR120-46 (Aquilia). -TheMayor (talk) 22:21, 11 March 2022 (UTC)
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