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Territory BG09 - Proposed name: Taharka

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Taharka is a tropical island nation consisting of a primarily flat topography near the coasts, with some rolling hills and a small mountain range (reaching 1000 or so meters (3500-ish feet) in height) inland. The national landscape is generally grassy with heavily forested regions inland as well as some arid portions in the hills. Toward the coasts the soil is sandy, but in the forested regions it is rich and some land has been cleared for agriculture.

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The Taharkan population is concentrated predominantly toward the coast, however, a number of primarily agricultural municipalities do exist in the hill region, and a handful of towns and resorts exist in the mountainous area as well. Linguistically speaking, Taharkans mostly speak Ingerish, however, pockets exist in which Castellanese is the local dialect. The economy in the coastal regions is primarily tourism-based, however, there is fishing that takes place in these regions as well as some manufacturing in the inland portions of the coastal region. The hill country is primarily agricultural, again with some manufacturing sprinkled in, and the mountainous area is the most economically diverse.

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Intended language is described above. Culture will resemble that of the US with regional differences according to topography. For instance, the mountainous region will be a conglomeration of the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain regions, and the coasts will hold aspects of the Gulf Coast as well as various coastal cities around the US.

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New member. Some mapping accomplished in the Market Uxborough area of the demo region.

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AtlanticIsles (talk) 15:21, 30 November 2022 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, keep in mind that beginner territories are for building up experience, to evidence a full territory application later, and not for long term-mapping, thanks/wangi (talk) 16:08, 30 November 2022 (UTC)
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