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BG18, Wætsæte

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The Map

centred around an estaury, the land's shore is wet (hence the land's name; Wæt = Wet) akin to the Thames or the Maas & Waal's estauries, and like the aforementioned areas this is of a temperate climate.

Surrounding the area are hills which be the source of the most defined & lengthy rivers in the land; they become less & less defined as they wind down from the border going from hills like Snowdonia to those like the Souths Downs.

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The Map 2 : Electric Boogaloo

I've labelled the cities as to detail them in a more clear way;

1 is the capital, being on the most narrow part of the river (thus a major crossing, a substantial military & financial thing) that is also closest to the shore; these factors made it snowball into a major city and the seat of the nation.

2 is what the southerners & south-easterners go through to get to the capital, it being at the confluence of all 3 of the river's courses of course made it grow.

3 is the south's main portcity, being on the lake-side of the southern-most ford of this estaurial island that acts as a harbour for the city.

4 is a lesser portcity, though supplies it's fertile shire fine enough to be relevant.

5 is the de facto main portcity of the land, with the capital being at a narrow point of a terribly marshy river it's naval capacity isn't high so this portcity took the mantle.

6 is the north's main portcity, being in a natural harbour like the south portcity.

7 is inbetween them two rivers and is on the course from the northern border to the capital, so it naturally became a sort of respite for travellers and snowballed from there.

8 was built off a pre-existing castle from the previous peoples that dwelled there, it serves as a defense against whatever may come from the north.

9 was placed there because upstream looked empty, also it is at the confluence from a tributary into the main river.

the Roads are self-explanatory by what the cities histories are.

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This is a beginner region so i'm not going to add a whole national thing, just 'generic west germanic'

The history'll be chronological, starting with medieval and getting up to modern (with the past not having too much detail but enough detail to encapsulate the nuances that would come with the land's growth through the ages)

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This whole bit

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Bealdbeorn (talk) 16:31, 15 August 2022 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, but do keep in mind: "a fictional world, set in modern times and with an emphasis on realism" (from OpenGeofiction:About. Beginner territories are to build up experience, not for long term mapping. Thanks/wangi (talk) 20:32, 15 August 2022 (UTC)
As you develop your territory, be sure to keep it realistic. Here are some resources you may find useful for starting out: Help:Portal, Help:Making realistic countries, Help:Making realistic cities and OpenGeofiction:Site policies