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BG18 Esmor

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Link to sketch:

Temperate climate, which consists of a fine balance of rain, sunshine, wind, etc. The landscape is varied; the east is mostly flat, with some hills to give variation. There is a great mountainous range in the centre of Esmor, which divides the 3 states (Ostana to the SW, Otrana to the east & SE, and Pruecca to the north & NW. Further description as follows:

- Otrana > the largest state, taking up 50% of the nation. Otrana is bordered by the Avery Sea to the east and SE and the mountainous range along the western border. Climate is cold temperate & temperate; average temperatures range from 18-28 degrees celsius in summer, 12-22 degrees in autumn, -2-13 in winter, and 9-18 in spring.

- Ostana > the smallest state. Ostana is located within the southwestern region of Esmor, and bordered by the mountainous range dividing Ostana and Otrana, and a small portion of Pruecca, where the mountains decline into dry plains in the west. Climate is warm temperate; average temperatures range from 20-35 in summer, 16-26 in autumn, 2-16 in winter, and 15-28 in spring.

- Pruecca > located within the northwestern region of Esmor, same borderings to Ostana. Climate is similar to Otrana, ranging from 16-26 in summer, 12-20 in autumn, -8-10 in winter, and 5-16 in spring. Pruecca is mainly of mountains, however the western portion consists of low-lying plains that are prone to flooding. Pruecca is home to the tallest mountain; Mount Pettigrew, which is 2547 metres above sea level.

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The population overall is 19,767,985. Out of the population:

- 13% are aged 0-17, 18% are aged 18-24, 26% are aged 25-39, 32% are aged 40-54, 10% are aged 55-99, and 1% are aged 100+

--> The average lifespan in Esmor is 88.4; higher than any nation due to its climate, rich food, low poverty, great healthcare, etc.

- 10% identify as LGBT, with 3% married to someone of the same sex.

- 41% of the population are Caucasian, 22% are Asian, 7% are African, 27% are European, and 3% are Middle Eastern.

- Religion is varied; 54% are non-religious, 9% are Christian, 5% are Catholic, 3% are Muslim, 3% are Jewish, 2% are Buddhist, 33% are Other.

- 54% of the population are women

- Poverty is very low in Esmor; 0.92% of the population are living in poverty. Additionally, 24.3% are low income, 33.5% are of low-middle income, 25% are of middle income, 15.28% are middle-high income, and 1% are high income.

The land occupation is mixed; city centre's range from apartments to parks, museums, theatres and offices. The infrastructure is broad - an orbital freeway and an orbital train loop runs around the capital city, Carrenham. The mapping style is the default style, no fancy visuals.

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Esmor has a rich and vibrant culture. Carrenham is the capital of food, culture and art.

The primary language is English. There is not one culture of Esmor, as it is a collection of several cultures melted together. Civilians value their history through the enjoyment of history, sport, art, food and politics.

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Please note that I have mapped a wide area. Gilwell is an urban/slightly rural area, while Glenbridge is more metropolitan/city area.

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Lmills29 18th December 2022

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  • Because a BG territory is for building up experience only, not long-term mapping, you do not have to go into this level of detail. Just complete the username and date section and I can process. Thanks/wangi (talk) 09:16, 7 December 2022 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved, but as stated above - without reply - a BG territory is for building up experience only, not long term mapping. /wangi (talk) 15:26, 18 December 2022 (UTC)
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