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BG19 - Legarda seasvnz

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The territory is located near the beginning of a peninsula, and it is mostly a flat land with some hills scattered around the territory. As the neighboring countries have a plenty amount of lakes and rivers, Legarda will also have some in its territory. Its climate will be similar to Italy's: Mediterranean-like characterized by mild winters and hot summers.

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As it is a prevalently flat land, a lot of cities will be found across it territory. Despite this, aforementioned cities will mostly be located near the coastlines, rivers and lakes for that Tourism is an essential factor on the success of this country and it has been ever since its occupation with its welcoming climate and flat landscape. Infrastructures of Legarda are built and focused towards tourism and entertainment with a modern touch to them in order to attract more tourists.

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Legarda is a relatively flat land which makes it easy for tribes to conquer the entire territory. This is what happened when Italian tribes first discovered Legarda, and with its enormous amount of resources and the high amount of lakes and rivers they decided to settle here in order to grow their communities. It was later invaded by the British Empire around the 1700s, as they were conquering many territories around the world, and Legarda became a British Colony. Forward to 1859, Legarda was able to declare independence and finally became a country on that same year. Nowadays, inhabitants of Legarda mainly speak English although it is worth noting that there are some localities with people that are also able to speak Italian.

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May 22, 2022

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Approved. Reminder that beginner territories are for building up skills and are not a location for long term mapping /wangi (talk) 09:59, 23 May 2022 (UTC)
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