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TA011c - Eden (also know as Principality of Eden)

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The principality of Eden is a lush tropical oasis.

Every year many tourists enjoy pristine waters, rocky creeks, coral reef and preserved rainforests.

The country is settled on volcanic soil.

The southern part along the border is low-mountainous (below 1600m altitude). One of the highest peaks is a dormant volcano located in the Rainforest Reserve in the south-east.

Small hill ranges are scattered around the fertile plains. Agricultural lands are placed in flat valleys (tropical fruits, cane sugar, coconut). Coffee, tea and cocoa plantations are mostly located around and on the hills.

A great coral reef is located along the northern shore. It also features white and black sand beaches, mangrove and wetlands.

See the sketch of the topography and roads network here :

Regions map :

>>> Eden is constituted of 14 regions :

1-  Eden city state : Located on the north east area, surrounded by lush green ridges a creeks along the coast. It welcomes the most density populated area of the country with the capital Eden city. Alejandro Donateli tragically crashed his ship close to shore of North Rocky Point. Which became the first settlement. A citadel was built on a rocky promontory to welcome the regent prince after his arrival. The city then sprawled to the west as the population grew. During the modern times, a new and opulent royal palace was built on another bigger rock promontory overlooking the ocean. In terms of architecture Eden is comparable to Barcelona with the square grid in some neighborhoods. New skyscrapers are being build in the Financial District. Despite being a very large city, the nature is very present within the urban area, lots of parks are placed around the town. It is also very easy to get away from the hustle-bustle thanks to the modern transit system. Full nature is reachable within 35min from the center.

2- Horizon Peninsula : 3rd most populated area of the country. (In comparison to our real world this area would be similar to the Hamptons, NY). Small scattered forests are present at the center of the peninsula. Also famous for some of the greatest surf spots.

3- Sunrise coast : Cultivated plains with small rural villages and hills. Vineyards plantations are experimented there. As Eden wants to produce distinctive wines from a tropical volcanic soil. Allowing two harvests per year. Who knows, maybe another lucrative business for Eden ?

4- Rainforest Reserve : The most mountainous area, with the highest peaks in the country. The tallest mountain is in fact a dormant volcano. (Last eruption probably occurred 350.000 years ago). The crater retained the rainwater and became a lake. An algae is present in the lake and the water may appear red or vivid orange depending the season.  Hence the name : Fire lake.

5- Palm state : A plain between the highlands and the shore. Bananas and mangoes plantations are very common in this area.

6- Reef shire : Sandy beaches, coral reef, mangrove and lagoons. This is one of the most touristic destination. Many resorts are located along the shore.

7- Coconut shire : Cocoa and coconut are the main cultures in this rural area located between the Paradiso ranges and the shore.

8- Greater Paradiso : Paradiso is the second largest city. Surrounded with fertile plains. Its central location allow easy access to every corner of the country. The city is now the hub of the new Eden industry : Technologies and food production. But during the early era of the country it was the main mining city.

9- Opal County : The smallest region. A plain in between the rainforest reserve and the rolling hills of the Coconut shire. The biggest Opal ever found in Eden came from this plain.

10-Maracuja ranges : Mountainous terrain with old mines. The region is now one of the biggest producer of coffee.

11- Tahoë Shire : Mountainous terrain and large valley with a gigantic artificial lake. With an increasing population, energy was a big concern for the country during the 70’s. In order to produce a sustainable and renewable energy, a Dam was built down the valley between the south western mountain ranges. Creating the biggest artificial lake of the country. The hydroelectric power station produces 15% of Eden electricity. The lake attracts many tourists as well. Fishing is also a source of revenue for this region.

12- Great Plains : The flattest plain of the country. Fertile plateau producing mainly cane sugar and fruits.

13- Passion Grove State : Coastal and wild region. Lots of wetlands and remote beaches.

14- West lands : Wild and preserved area with lush forests, and wetlands along the coast.

Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
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The country has an estimated population of 8 236 432 inhabitants.

Official languages : Ingerish, Castellanese and Franquese. The people of Eden also invented their own dialect : a mix of the three languages, but it sounds incomprehensible for many foreigners.

The population is mostly Caucasian (82%), native indigenous ethnies represents around 5%, others nationalities (12%).

The capital : Eden city is a vibrant metropolis. It is also the largest city of the country. The whole Eden City area welcomes over 2.8 millions inhabitants. (Around 1/3 of the country population).

The rest of the population is mainly based in Paradiso, the second largest city;  along the north coast and in the Horizon Peninsula.

The country has been developed from the east to the west.

It had a thriving mining industry in the past, but today’s endeavors are to become a leader in the protection of the natural ressources.

Definitely committed to sustainability, Eden has developed agricultural technics that prevent the use of chemicals. Although the use of pesticides is strictly forbidden. Thanks to the fertile soil, tropical fruits orchards and plants are thriving naturally.

For over 2 centuries Eden has flooded the world with gold, precious stones, rhum, coffee, vanilla and rare spices. With thriving commercial companies the country has accumulated an immensely big wealth during its development over the years.

However because of the past heavy mining, ores are very limited nowadays. There is only 2 trading mines left.

During the 50’s the government had to take a major turn concerning the industrial and economical future. The principality finally bet on luxurious eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture, food industries, research, hi-tech and finance. This occurred to be a winning gamble as the country is even more prosperous. It has also a big presence on the stocks market.

Eden has a powerful currency (Eden Dollar : EDN$) thanks to a huge gold reserve. It is also considered as a tax heaven. Although 38% of the population has a net worth of over EDN$ 1.5M

HDI : 0,953

GDP (per capita) : EDN$ 107,322

GDP (nominal) : EDN$ 883,95 Billions

GDP (sector composition) : Agriculture (20%). Industries (13%). Services and Finance (67%)

In comparison with our world Eden would be somehow a mix of Panama and Singapore. But with a prince at the head of the country it would be ruled as a parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy as in Monaco.

Furthermore Eden no longer possess an army. (Same as in Costa-Rica) The country decided to dissolute it in 1958 as the the country was stable and in peace. (Has always be though, the army presence was only useful in the early era against rare pirates and looters). The former army’s budget is now allocated to Health and Education.

Noun Project languages icon 105908 cc.svgHistory & culture
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An explorer named Alejandro Donateli discovered Eden by accident during the 18th century.

His ship crashed on the coral reef during a violent storm. Thankfully the vessel did not sink entirely as the waters were shallow.

When the rain stopped and the fog lifted, the crew discovered a stunning creek backgrounded with hills and lush forest.

With their ship partially destroyed they had no choice but to stay and try to survive on the new found land.

Luckily this land wasn’t hostile at all and native people welcomed them with open arms.

They rapidly found edibles fruits and plants.

Later, with further exploration in the mountains they eventually discovered precious ores and crystals.

Donateli thought they did not survive the storm and ended up in heaven. Therefore he decided to name the land Eden.

Finally after 3 years spent in this natural paradise, a small ship was built and the crew split. Some men stayed in Eden to continue the exploration and mining. While the others would join Donateli back to his kingdom so they can share their precious discoveries.

It didn’t take long for the kingdom to claim the land.

Thereafter Prince Romeo the First was named to the head of the new colony.

The small indigenous population wasn’t in fa force position and had to accept the new sovereign in exchange of his mercy. (As of today, the native people live normally like every Eden citizen)

Donateli soon became trade and commerce minister and governeror of the Maracuja ranges and Paradiso.

Hearing of all Eden’s treasures, people from all over the world started to flow to the “Heaven land” in the search of precious gems and ores. This period was then called the “Gold fever century”.

People from all nationalities have migrated and language was a big problem at first. So the prince decided to implement 3 official languages : Ingerish, Castellanese and Franquese. These languages also had the benefit to ease the commercial relations with other nations.

This is how Eden has become one of the world’s most prosperous nation.

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After months spent on mapping Eden, the beginner territory does no longer suits my needs and I am about to be evicted ^^’. I feel ready for a new challenge. Therefore I would like to move the current mapping of Eden to the north east of this territory so I can further develop the land towards the west. As the colons did when they discovered the place.

My first ever map when I started on OGF :

I have later claimed my own territory located in AR099, afterwards the map has been transferred to the beginner territories.

So far, I have mostly developed Eden City and close surroundings :

Some details of my work :

-Downtown North Succulent :

-Downtown Rocky point :

-Detailed urban area :

-Eden International Airport :

-Grandview retail and leisure area :

-Rural lands :

I am well aware that everything isn’t perfect, but I will work on fixing the small errors.

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I am hoping that the story of Eden inspired you, and that the country could find its place in this territory. I will do my best and further improve my skills in designing this great nation.

Thank you for your reading ;-)


Tistou26 (talk) 23:26, 26 October 2022 (UTC)

Noun project 579150 Conversation.svgDiscussion
Discussion for clarification & decision

Hi Tistou,

There is no territory with code TA111c - did you perhaps mean TA111b? Taka (talk) 07:44, 27 October 2022 (UTC)

Hello Taka,

Sorry there is a typing error in the territory ID , I meant TA011c. Tistou26 (talk) 09:21, 27 October 2022 (UTC)

Hi Tistou,

First of all, my apologies for my delayed reply.

Next, I do have a few points to remark upon.

  • While I am quite excited about the detailed areas you've linked - you also denote there's areas which need some fixing. What "fixes" would you be needing to do? I ask mostly because I could see some things I'd recommend, and am curious whether we're on the same page here.
    • One error that should absolutely be on your list, is that there are some real world influences (not necessarily limited to those examples) which need to be ironed out.
  • You mention Eden as being "one of the world's most prosperous nations" which is, for a relatively small country, in a not-so prosperous region of the world, a bold claim. Do note that Tarephia intends to be a parallel, albeit a soft one, to South America and North Africa - (TA011c sits roughly in the overlap area between these two influences)... and while generally OGF's prosperity levels are higher than in the real world, I don't quite believe Tarephia is the place.
  • You mention Eden being discovered in the 18th century. While a continental canon is not yet established, in general, territories surrounding your own, and those further from the would already have been settled centuries earlier. For regions which would have been settled much later, it might be more interesting to look toward Antarephian territories; or elsewhere entirely. Simply put, Tarephia would have been full of settlements by the 18th century already. Depending on how rigidly your historic canon might already be integrated in your mapping/headcanon, you'll have issues working that into this territory.

Let me know,

Taka (talk) 13:06, 2 November 2022 (UTC)

Hello there !

No worries for the delay.

•Concerning the fixes that I am planning to make : I agree with the fact that some places may appear too similar with our world. Therefore renaming some places and roads, as well as naming all unnamed roads are on my list.

Fixing overlapped tags and features will also be part of the job. As well as working on some road interchanges that may appear confusing or too "spaghetti-y"

Any other recommendations are welcome. :-)

•I have actually invented Eden when I was a kid. Imagining a sort of perfect utopian nation.

(Can’t expect less from a kiddo ^^’)

As you stated above, this might be a little bit over the top for Tarephia. Though the geography/topography and tropical climate is absolutely perfect for Eden as I intended it.

I would totally agree to to tone down the "country prosperity". Nevertheless assuming that Eden has shown consequent growth over the recent years. Especially with the development of the new tourism industry development and modern agriculture.

Although the country won’t be a first world country, but a well developing country within Tarephia. What do you think ?

Moreover, I don’t mind adapting my mapping to the region and historical specificities. I am fully flexible on that. Indeed, this would be challenging ;-)

The discovery and colonization of Eden is completely possible during earlier centuries. This won’t change much the story background in the end.

Tistou26 (talk) 09:53, 5 November 2022 (UTC)

Hi neighbour,

I am an owner of Demirhan Empire/Demirhan Tarephian Khedivate in the south of TA011c and I watch your application with great interest. I like your geographic sketches, they really fit what I wanted to see on your side of the border. My biggest concern is, however, your plan for economic development, followed by cultural issues. First of all you should probably tone down GDP greatly. Khedivate itself has a GDP (PPP) at $18500 and that's in the middle of values for Southern American countries (comparable to Colombia and Brazil or Iran). If you want a richer territory, that's realistic of course but "richer" in that case still means not a first world nation, probably neither second world as vast majority of countries in South America don't exceed $30000 in terms of GDP (PPP).

Lowering GDP to such values from $107000 implies changes in mapping style. While countries at that stage of development still can have extensive grid of good quality high speed roads (actually most of mentioned countries have it), US style suburb/urban mapping is simply impossible to achieve for them because that actually requires wealth. And here comes cultural concern. The country you have in mind looks culturally too much as an US copy. Because it's located much closer to equator than most of the US, it's very unlikely it would evolve the same way. Removal of most obvious US references (dollar, diminishing population of natives to almost invisible amount) seems to be a good way to start making the territory interesting but it's all up to you of course. Personally I used Quechua (mainland) and Aymara (islands) as natives on my side, you can use them if you want as well.

Additionally remember that in the south the territory borders Muslim (called Iman in OGF), quite militaristic and authoritarian country which should have impact on your lore planning as well, for example not having an army in such environment is quite risky tactics and requires further explanation (either that Eden is under protection of the Demirhan Empire itself or is protected by some third power). This may be of course discussed further after/if the application will be approved but I wanted to inform you about that before you start mapping.

I wish you success in the application and happy mapping. Best regards, Rustem Pasha (talk) 11:47, 5 November 2022 (UTC)

Hello !

I am glad I have catch your interest. Though I was hoping to hear from you, neighbor ;-) Thank you for all your thoughts and remarks. I am happy if we can somehow share ideas on this project together.

Although forming a kind of alliance between our countries could be very interesting.

As I said above, I am totally keen to downgrade the economy of the country. But on the other side, as the country is well developing, I’d like to keep the Capital State as the main touristic, and economical region. Of course I can adapt some features to the territory. But reshaping all the mapping would be too much work.

Let’s say that in the last decades Eden City has grown consequently as the gouvernement invested in the development of new infrastructures to welcome a growing number of tourists (which is now the main revenue of the country), as well as new migrating people appealed by the tropical lifestyle and beautiful surrounding nature.

Whereas the other regions would be less developed : more rural and wilder.

Moreover these parts of the land could also be home for most of the natives. Though, with the close proximity of our countries,  it would make perfect sense to share the same natives origins.

Of course the claim and colonisation of our own territories may have caused some altercations between our two nations during the past. So the presence of an army is indeed possible. Even though today Eden would be in peace.

It is actually great to see the history evolve ;-)

Thank you for your support.


Tistou26 (talk) 16:38, 6 November 2022 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Hi Tistou, thank you for your patience. I'm glad to see you've already connected with Rustem for this territory; and that you are open to evolving old ideas. Taking old stuff and growing it from there to adapt to new environments is exactly how I get some of my brightest mapping ideas. Taka (talk) 10:55, 17 November 2022 (UTC)
If you'd like to have some other pointers for how to improve on Eden City (or at least, how I would improve it..), hit me up through OGF messages.