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Please fill in the information below to make a territory request.

This would be in exchange for Arquitenie, which has not been a successful territory for me. (If the request is approved, I will handle moving my mapping out of Arquitenie and clearing the territory).

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Proposed Name: Malacos, deriving from the mineral Malachite, which has some surface and underground deposits on the island.

Noun Project Map icon 1463108.svgPhysical geography
An overview of climate, topography and landscape of the country. It is advised to also create a sketch, you can add a link to this (hosted on imgur or similar) is the topomap that I've created for the largest island in the territory. The large island in the south ( will be deleted, but all others will be kept)

The climate is tropical (I would imagine Am classification, with more wind on the eastern coast). Rainforests abound, and there's quite diverse natural life. There are quite a few different geographical areas:

  • The tall central mountains.
  • The eastern hills.
  • The large and flat southern valley.
  • The western hills.
  • The northwest mangrove area.
  • The various large beaches (some may become lagoons).
  • The southern islands (will be mostly uninhabited).

The landscape is similar to Indonesia's smaller islands, and will take inspiration from islands in the Indian ocean (Andaman and Nicobar, for example) as well.

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A brief description of the territory demographics, economic development, land occupation, infrastructure and mapping style

Not the richest country, solidly in the developing class. Pretty diverse. However, it was at one point an important port, and retains some economic activity relating to that status, kind of like a less important or rich Singapore or Hong Kong, with much less density or buildup (for instance, no motorways, but a small international airport). Lots of farms of differing sizes, many smaller villages but nevertheless a fair bit of nature remaining. Mapping style will be a blend of Malaysia and Indonesia, but also take inspiration from pacific islands and possibly some from French Guinea.

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Known to Hellanesians/Romantians and the Mazanic since the 400s, but had no permanent settlement until the Ingerish used it as a port on the way to the Lyc/South Archanta in the 1600s. Slaves (later, indentured workers) and Ingerish populated the island, centering around the populous port town in the south. As ships were able to travel longer distances and other ports that were more connected to trade opened up, the importance of Malacos declined, and so although it never degraded into total obscurity, it never achieved a level of economic success like Khaiwoon. This has resulted in the island retaining a colonial feel, instead of a modern one. It remained a colony until the early 1900s, and is now a quiet democracy. Because of the diversity introduced to it by the indentured workers and slaves, there is a wide diversity of religions and cultures. However, the main language of the island is Ingerish.

Overall, its modern reputation is a semi-obscure island country with a port of some importance and some mineral mining.

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Most Relevant: Main Islands, Iscu:

Kadra, Iscu:

Ghaandro-ran and Ghaandro-le, Maka:

Mangroves, Teotiyolcan:

Canals, Teotiyolcan:

Some Other Mapping:

Orlioni, Arion:

Gemera, Arion:

Heaksy Islands, FSA:

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--Lithium-Ion (talk) 02:54, 18 December 2022 (UTC)

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Thank you! I've transferred as much mapping from Arquitenie as I could, and cleared most of the rest - sorry for my own delay in getting to that.--Lithium-Ion (talk) 20:44, 6 January 2023 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
My apologies for the delay; there was some "unresolved business" which delayed my reviewing. Taka (talk) 10:09, 2 January 2023 (UTC)
I've marked Arquitenie as reserved while you transition between the territories; when you're finished with that, just leave an update here and I'll flag Stjur to handle the offboarding.