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UL07c, UL07d - expansion of Demirhan Empire

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The new area doesn't leave much choice for creativity in terms of physical geography as it is located between current Demirhan Empire and Mardoumakhstan of which both have defined geography. Additionally I want to preserve the existing mapping in the west of the country, only adding more details.

The biggest change I planned is the big island called Asarijazer in the Mediterranean. In the final form there would be some small uninhabited islands/rocks (impossible to show on schematic map) nearby as well. I feel like current Mediterranean Sea lacks something like that.

Inland climate, unlike Mediterranean coast is supposed to be more arid, varying from semi-arid in fertile river valleys (largely inspired by Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan) to hot and cold deserts.

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Most prominent city will be Dağazan, a gate to Mediterranean Sea for the empire with 3.5 million inhabitants (comparable to İzmir), seconded by Künren with a bit more than million. Other marked cities are supposed to have between 100 000 and 500 000 inhabitants. Total population of the acquired area would be around 27 million (population density around 100, a bit less than Türkiye), however regional density would vary between river valleys where most of the population will be placed and sparsely populated mountains (and obviously empty deserts).

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The area had troublesome history of being trapped between various powerful empires such as Aryan, Mazanic (later Castellanese), Surian and Demirhan Empire and various short lasting Turkic khanates. Through time majority of the area became to share Iman faith with their neighbours with the exception of Eyalet of Azan Hills which remained, being for most of it's history a part of Castellan) Orthotic/Catholic.

The eyalet itself is supposed to be an unique melting pot of Spanish, Turkish, Uzbek and Asarijazeri cultures where Turkish serves mostly as universal way of communication rather than the language people speak at home. At the same time purely Kurdish area marks the western borders of historical Aryan Empire.

Asarijazeri people are supposed to be bridge culture between Arabic and Persian. While Persian itself can be seen as such bridge language, in Asarijazeri, which is to some extent based on Avestan/old Persian (there are for example some sounds in Asaricazeri which existed in Avestan but don't exist in modern Persian, there are also few differences in grammar), Arabic influence is even stronger, up to 30% of vocabulary is of Arabic origin.

Historically the island, inhabited by farming society organised in relatively closed clan structures fell under Mazanic Caliphate rule shortly after Castellese inhabited area and gained independence after it, forming an independent emirate which became Mediterranean trade hub thanks to its location between open sea and tribal Turkic lands. The emirate was conquered by Demirhan Empire in early 18th century allowing them to take effective control of trade between Mediterranean and Iviran seas.

In case of Uzbek and Uyghur areas my assumption is that northern part of the area remained under Surian control until the revolution when it fell under Demirhan rule. The rest of the territory existed as independent khanate until they peacefully united with Demirhan Empire through marriage and natural end of original dynasty.

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Rustem Pasha (talk) 19:34, 18 June 2022 (UTC)

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  • Hey Rustem, thanks for the request. A few comments:
  • I personally would not want a single territory to stretch from the Iviran Sea to the Mediterranean, it will leave the area quite inflexible/blocked and will not allow any future mappers or influences to be added to the area. I would keep the three different territories as they are, I'm open for border changes, especially between Demirhan Empire and UL07d.
  • While I've notice and I very much appreciate your improvements in landscape mapping, I believe there still is fundamental problems regarding your urban mapping and coastline shapes. I think I went more into what the problems I see with those are at times before.
  • As a third point, I don't understand why the expansion is needed. You've had a territory expansion quite recently and most of your current territory is quite sparsely mapped. If you want a place to map at the Mediterranean, I can arrange to grant you a part of UL07d.
Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice evening, Stjur (talk) 21:35, 20 June 2022 (UTC)
I understand decision. I will focus on existing territories in current boundaries then, there is still much possible work to do indeed. However I thought annexation of these territories would be actually interesting proposal to the region, that's why I made it. I also tried to address the issue of city planning in Hörezöy but it seems I failed miserably again. Also while I understand the coastline issue, I still did not found a way to fix it without turning whole Lorantis inside out. That's why I'm constantly postponing changes there. In the end as there is no effective possibility of Demirhan Empire expansion as continouous area I will hold any expansion ideas entirely as well because adding fourth territory (no matter if in Mediterranean or other continent) would be more than I can handle at this point. Regards, Rustem Pasha (talk) 23:40, 20 June 2022 (UTC)
Dash.svg Territory application closed