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UL08g - Alebria

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The geography of Alebria is mainly inspired by the northern provinces of France, Wallonia in the Netherlands, and parts of the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia regions in Italy.


The climate primarily lies within the Cfa/Csa/Csb climates across a majority of the territory(mainly the climates of the surrounding territories), with seldom scattered regions of Cfb in the higher elevations in the east along the border with Plevia.


The landscape of Alebria, in lieu of the inspired regions, will mainly include flatlands nearing the coastline, with rolling hills/small mountains further inland, especially along the border with Plevia, where some lower mountainous mapping currently exists. The highest elevations are planned to be around 300-500m.  I mainly plan to expand the geographies of the surrounding territories.


Considering the scope of the territory and the hydrology in the surrounding territories, this territory will mainly feature smaller rivers and tributaries. There may be a few lakes/reservoirs established along these rivers to help supply water to rural communities and provide hydroelectric power.

Territory Sketch:

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Demographics & Language

Alebria is primarily a Franquese (French) speaking territory, with more Plevian speakers/influence in the east. For example, the far east of Alebria has a Plevian-speaking majority (although this may depend on the existing history/demographics of this region of Uletha), with influences of Franquese mixed in.


The economy of Alebria is relatively stable, having secured several imports/exports. Alebria features two significant coastal cities, which could house relatively large maritime and air hubs.  In fewer words, the economy is relatively good, with total wealth of around 3-5 trillion USD, which is roughly equivalent to that of the Netherlands and/or Switzerland. The territory also is planned to have significant maritime and air trade.


With the economy in mind, transportation infrastructure is planned to be decent, but not on par with surrounding states, with urban areas providing well-accessible public transit methods. Public transportation in rural areas is expected to be subpar. Roads,especially those in urban areas, are more maintained than that of rural roads; roads with higher volumes of traffic are expected to be maintained regularly. Alebria also expects more focus on its intranational high-speed rail network, connecting large towns and cities.

Current Government

The government of Alebria is a constitutional democratic republic; one political party (which is planned to be more center-right) is planned to hold a majority.

Mapping Style(s)

Mapping style is inspired by France, northern Italy, as well as some parts of Wallonia.

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Brief Synopsis

Considering the regional history, this territory is to expect a time period of Romantish control.

Similar to the Netherlands (Dutch Republic in this context), perhaps Alebria could have been annexed by Franqueterre and Plevia until somewhere within the 16-18 c., which hopefully justifies the lingual patterns throughout the territory

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Past Mapping


The Plevian towns of OGFmapicon.png Ezia and OGFmapicon.png Rivasorda.

The city of OGFmapicon.png Fourchieres, which does have colonial influence, but should hopefully be sufficient for the intended style of mapping.


The department of OGFmapicon.png Ataguriay-Marajuan. One obvious drawback I currently see is that this is mapped in a more colonial style, which doesn't fit in this region.

OGFmapicon.png Yalou-Chognesseux This was to practice working with the layout of rural roads/highways in a French mapping style.

Coastlines/Natural Cover

OGFmapicon.png Cantersbury and Elye

OGFmapicon.png Fishhook Bay

OGFmapicon.png Hawkin Shoals 

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Geoc3ladus (talk) 00:11, 1 March 2024 (UTC)

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If necessary, I will trade my current territory of TA304 - Nayina for this territory.

  • Hello, Geoc3ladus. Your provided mapping is excellent, especially the rural and coastal examples. There could be more European urban mapping, but I trust that you will do fine in that aspect. Certain details are good to be discussed with your fellow potential neighbors (Plevia and Selonia-Flamain) for better regional coherency. Your proposal is fine, however the population of the two cities you've mentioned should be lowered. The capital should be in the range between 600k - 1.4m people (nearby Soulainbourg has 600k), while the second city should not exceed 400-500k. Likewise, the GDP of the nation is way to high, although that is not a deciding factor. If you want to combine Italian and French, I can recommend experimenting with Aostan French, however that is just a suggestion. In my opinion, I'd say that it'd be better if you exchanged TA304 for this territory, and you are free to move any mapping you deem fitting in your new territory. Please respond back with your thoughts on these remarks. ⸺ Bixelkoven (talk) (West Uletha Admin) 02:11, 1 March 2024 (UTC)

As the former mapper of part of this territory I thought I'd chime in with some thoughts: mainly that this is an excellent application! One note: I had intended the area around Saint-Ranier to be similar to the ponds and marshes along the south coast of France, but never fully completed it so the bay is a bit incomplete; that could some inspiration to consider for that area, as its original intent. I also made a history proposal for the area on the forum - if you want some inspiration perhaps you could consider what I have their, though there was never much consensus either way on it. Best wishes! --Lithium-Ion | [1] (talk) 06:15, 1 March 2024 (UTC)

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I fully agree with the comments on the GDP and population; they are too high for this territory. I will take your suggestion on pouplation, and lower these cities' populations to your suggested numbers. On GDP, I did make a naive comparison between real world countries of similar size. I omitted the fact that the GDP of Alebria was supposed to be proportional to that of the aforementioned countries of comparison. Thank you for bringing that up to discussion. I'll also look into your recommendation for references for this territory. On Lithium's note, I will definitely look into this, as this sounds like a very cool idea. Please leave a link to your proposal, as I would love to take a look at it! Thank you! | Geoc3ladus (talk) 20:22, 1 March 2024 (UTC)

Congratulations for the approvation, on behalf of Plevia!

At the time, Alexmar and I had already mapped some elements that were reminiscent of Arquitenie, the former name of this area, including references to Remy Valmont, an Arquitenian character (found in some places and street names). Also, feel free to cross the borders and even map something inside the Plevian territory to maintain some realism, as Plevians and Franquese will intermingle. I look forward to working with you! --Izaland Terramorphing Committee (talk) 11:39, 2 March 2024 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Approved. Please discuss the release of your Tarephian territory with the regional admin. ⸺ Bixelkoven (talk) (West Uletha Admin) 10:18, 2 March 2024 (UTC)
Another thing I forgot to mention in my comment above is that, although your rural mapping is pretty good, French rural mapping is a bit different in style, so take that into account alongside the other comments. Happy mapping!