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My Territories and Projects
Collaborative projects

Hello there fellow OGF mapper! You have found my user page! Congratulations!

My name is Conor, but I go by Geoc3ladus (pronounced Gee-oh-sell-a-dus), or Geo for short. I enjoy fictional mapping a lot, and it has helped me a lot in understanding geography and human geography a lot!

If you would like to get in contact with me for any OGF or wiki-related reason, you can go to my talk page. If you would like to communicate with me another way, let me know!

Where I map

Color Territory Status
Collaborative Owner
Former Territory

Below is a list of territories of where I have mapped:

Territory Description Status
Alebria A small mediterranean country taking influence from eastern France, Wallonia, and NE Italy. Owner
Gharbiya A collaborative state that takes influence from several north African and southwest

Asian countries. If you are interested, go to Gharbiya's collab page.

Collaborative Co-Owner
Kastichetshan A province in Deodeca that takes influence from British Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand Owner
Nayina A small country in south Tarephia that takes inspiration from several South American countries Former Owner
Plevia A country in West Uletha that takes inspiration from Italy and some other Mediterranean countries.

If you are interested, go to Plevia's collab page.

Riopoderos A state within the Federal States that takes inspiration from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nebraska Owner