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UL12j - West Uletha - Āinamǭ (in IRL Livonian) / Weldoslendo (in Indo-European conlang)

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The climate is Dfb/Dfc with around 500-600 mm of precipitation annually. In the given table, mean temperature of the area is present.

Because of numerous ridges blocking the westerlies, the climate in the area is more harsh than in countries on the same latitude bordering the Hesperic Ocean.


It's not simple to precisely define the geology of the Middle Uletha, but I will suppose UL12j is located near Alpine or Hercynian (Variscan) orogeny. Such orogeny means that coal, copper, [plumbum] and zinc may be found in UL12j.


Around 5 000 square kilometres of land is covered in mountains and hills. However, I estimate highest peaks to be not more than 1500 metres because of "oldness" of a ridge. Arable land is scarce, and hills are used as meadows to feed animals (mostly cows).

I am quite content with the pre-existing rivers (more like streams). Some glaciar lakes should be added here and there.

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Population of UL12j is rather homogenous, with 90% of [title nation name]. Other 10% is shared by Lechians and ethnicities from UL08e.

2/3 of the population will know [Livonian] at least on B1 level, and 90% will know [Indo-European conlang] on B1 level.

Around 400 000 - 500 000 people will live in UL12j, and 25% will live in the capital.


UL12j is a developed country yet it doesn't posess big industry due to its size. Most of the economy is focused on the goods that go between UL08e/Lechia/Ruoguovvas. Around 65% of economic actions happen in the teritiary sector, 20% in secondary and 15% in primary. Some small coal mines still work, though, they serve only local needs.


Most of the land is crown-owned or owned by "crown corporations". Mountains, natural reserves and resorts are all crown property. Private property is common in Agriculture and Light Industry sectors. All vital infrastructure and minor roads are municipal property.


Main roads and railways are made to connect Ruoguovvas, Lechia and UL08e. There is only one regional-class airport which would be located in the capital, and max. 3-5 airports with runways <800 m in lenghts. Heliports are much more common.

Tourism is one of the major income sources in UL12j. 1 or 2 resorts can be located in the area.

Electric energy is produced mostly by small hydroelectric dams and a "backup" coal power plant in the capital.


I have a vision of in-land Scandinavian towns to be there, with some inspirations from highland Switzerland and Austria.

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10 000 BCE / start of holocene - First human presence in the area.

5 000 BCE - Proto-Sillimi reside for settled pastoralism. They are the ancestors for those who speak [Livonian].

3 000 to 2 000 BCE - [Proto-Indo-Europeans] reside in the area.

500 BCE - first description of the area given by [some advanced civilization down south].

1 CE - tribes started to urbanize - steps are being taken for the petty states and kingdoms to form in the area.

50 CE to 100 CE - land is colonized by [Latin] Empire. UL12j gets its first town as a castrum. Common population is vassalized.

200 CE (think Caracalla and Elagabalus times) - The town loses its importance as the lands up north become politically unimporant, they slowly get independent.

400 CE - [Latin] Empire goes away for good, petty tribal kingdom is formed that speaks [Livonian]. [Latin] is used as the international language and a language of trade.

500 CE to 600 CE - Christianization of the West Uletha; UL12j stays pagan, though, some of the kings may be Christians.

800 CE to 1100 CE - Feudal period; UL12j may as well be part of Holy Roman Empire or some other "Christian Union".

1600 CE to 1660 CE - the period of active battle for UL12j between UL08e, Lechia, etc. Independence is lost.

1800 CE - Independence is regained during one of the Ulethan-scale national revolutions.

1920s - UL08e captures/puppets UL12j to maintain control over strategically important bypass.

around 1960s - Independence is regained once again.


UL12j will have two languages used officially. First one will be IRL Livonian (just as Livonian is located in between Sami and Hungarian, UL12j-ish is in between Ruoguovvas and Isztianorszag). Second one is a conlang that will be loosely based on Northern French dialects, [remnants of] Frankish language and some Lower German dialects.


The country is a dukedom (akin to Andorra/Liechtenstein), constitutional (possibly theocratic) monarchy.

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Some of my recent mapping include:


2022-11: Mont Dignitus

2022: northwest of Jeidan


2022-08...2022-10: Franardal

2022-06...2022-08: Bana-Sunpora

2022-01...2022-06: detailing Koltushev

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Sudo91 (talk) 16:46, 21 November 2022 (UTC)

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  • Hey, thanks for the request. Can you propose a new shape for the territory, that would also fit more to the geography you propose for it, by changing the borders with/extending it into Lechia and UL08e? as of now the territory looks like a corner of land that could belong to any of its neighboring countries, rather than a state of its own. I would personally prefer it to be slightly bigger as well. Thanks --Stjur (talk) 10:02, 27 November 2022 (UTC)
  • Hello, I believe such "corner" disposition has reasons to stay, because this territory was a part of UL08e and Lechia for some amount of time. Though, the wedge in the south is quite unrealistic, so, I would propose new borders to be like so: Sudo91 (talk) 12:32, 27 November 2022 (UTC)
Looks good. Feel free to make the border changes yourself; the territory is yours. Thanks --Stjur (talk) 14:55, 27 November 2022 (UTC)
Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
approved --Stjur (talk) 14:55, 27 November 2022 (UTC)