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Please fill in the information below to make a territory request.
Noun Project Signature icon 619326 cc.svgTerritory ID and proposed name
The Territory ID (from OpenGeofiction:Territories, e.g. AR123a) and proposed name of the country

UL26d - Májar, officially the Májaran Republic

Noun Project Map icon 1463108.svgPhysical geography
An overview of climate, topography and landscape of the country. It is advised to also create a sketch, you can add a link to this (hosted on imgur or similar)

The territory will be a large valley, flanked by mountain ranges in the northwest, its entire eastern border, and in the west. The valley is shaped by a major river flowing towards the southern coast.

The territory's climate will be divided into four categories;

  • A wetter and warmer climate on the southern coast.
  • A wet but cold climate in the mountainous areas.
  • A drier and milder climate on the northern coast compared to the south.
  • A dry and hot climate in the central north.
Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
A brief description of the territory demographics, economic development, land occupation, infrastructure and mapping style

The overall population would be around 20 to 30 million, around two-thirds of them would be settled in urban areas.

Around half of the land is arable, agriculture is a major economic sector. Tourism would also be important.

Noun Project languages icon 105908 cc.svgHistory & culture
A brief description of the intended culture and language

I have read a page where it says that the region's cultural target-theme would be Indian and/or Austronesian.

i would go for an Austronesian cultural theme like that of Taiwan or Northern Philippines.

Noun Project drawing icon 2123401.svgPast mapping
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Ecchi Kei, 18/11/2022

Noun project 579150 Conversation.svgDiscussion
Discussion for clarification & decision

Dear Ecchi Kei, thank you for your territory application. Your concept for the territory (climate, geography, culture) is very convincing and appropiate for the region. Your past mapping qualifies you for owning a territory. Before accepting your reuquest, I only have a few details to elaborate on and think about:

  • please provide a rough sketch of your plans for the territory, most notably natural and human geography. Those plans are in no way binding for future mapping, but help to evaluate the concept for the territory. See also Help:Making_realistic_countries.
  • please write a few sentences about the history, culture and envisioned economic status of Májar. What language(s) is/are spoken (conlangs or real-world languages)? Will there likely be a history of colonialisation, was the country always self-ruling, or could have been part of a larger empire? You mention agriculture is an important industry; does that mean Májar is a developing country, is it medium-income, or perhaps even a relatively rich nation?

After adressing those small questions, I am very confident your territory request will be approved. Cheers, Leowezy (talk) 09:13, 18 November 2022 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for reading my application.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload a rough sketch of my plans for the territory as it states that 'I do not have permission to edit page in the file namespace', as for the language though,

I'm gonna be basing on real-world languages but I would also like to change it a bit for it to look and/or sound like a constructed language.

Májar would probably be self-ruling for centuries and would be colonized and influenced by maritime colonial empires as its southern coast might have served as a major port linking

West Uletha to East Uletha, and West Uletha to North Archanta.

A rough history of Májar would be of a collection of tribes that developed into an empire after repelling an invasion from the north, at that time, the populace was concentrated on central west of the territory

where the empire's capital is located. The age of maritime trade was opened in Májar, making the southern coast more populated and self-governing.

A civil war broke and Májar was split into two states. An attempt to unify the two was successful for the northern state, creating a new capital between Májar's largest port city in the south

and the former capital city in the north. The empire started to decline when it was colonized by a maritime colonial power (probably of Ingerland or Castellán), taking control on most of the former southern state,

leading to the displacement of the capital back to the north. When the colonizers gave independence to the southern state, Májar was once again unified but now as a republic.

Májar would still be developing on its northern parts while the south enjoys a medium to high income economy.

Again, Ecchi Kei

  • See the instructions under the Physical geography section regarding the map (as in, host it externally on imgur or similar) /wangi (talk) 18:46, 18 November 2022 (UTC)

Thanks for your help! This is what I had in mind.

Ecchi Kei

Hi, I would like to withdraw my territory, UL26d, Májar.

Ecchi Kei

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Territory granted, Leowezy (talk) 10:41, 19 November 2022 (UTC)
See the Help and Tutorials section on the Dashboard for some more guides for realistic mapping.