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UL28a - Kingdom of Riedenberg / Königreich Riedenberg

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Climate and Topography

Map of the country:

Map of the climate:

On the north coast and northeasternmost river valley, the climate is classified as Cfb, (similar to the western part of Germany in the rw) with summer months having temperatures with the average of 22ºc, and between -5ºc and 5ºc for the coldest months. In this region, land is more suitable for agriculture, which is relatively flat, excluding the rolling hills separating them.

The middle plain is a little colder than the north one, having a temperature of Dfb (similar to the swiss plateau in the rw). This region has summer months averaging 22ºc, and winter months averaging at -5ºc. The southern area around the lake has the same climate, Dfb, however, this region has summer months of 20ºc on average and the coldest month averages at -7ºc due to the mountain influence

The alpine mountain range is the coldest region of the country, having temperatures averaging -6cº on the coldest month and 15ºc on the hottest. (hotter than the swiss alps as that mountain range has a shorter altitude when compared to the swiss ones)



South Alps:

Riedel Valley:

North Coast: (this is also for the Riedel Valley)

South overall:

(sorry for the low resolution in some images)

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Border Changes

Considering the southern border is in the middle of the continent, it would make sense for the region to have mountains or alps, and because the winding river marking the border is a plains river, it would make no sense for the river to even be there or winding so much.

For the western border there are two possible solutions to this:

1- Make the border mark the top of the Mountains

2- Straighten the river and add an alpine valley

For the southern borders there is also the issue of the region being mountainous and having straight borders, so here is a fix for it:

Human Geography

Here is the link again: Map of the country:

This country will have Kalmish as their official language, and there are going to be four dialects in total, being Ripuarian for the coastal region, Franconian for the North Valley (Riedel Valley) Region, Swabian for the middle plains and Swiss German for the Southern lake plains and overall southern region (Eisenland).

Each region will have their own mapping style similar to their rw location, being the Köln Region for the coast, Rheinland-Pfalz for the Riedel valley, Swabia for the middle plains and the Swiss plateau for the southernmost region.

As for the demographics, most of the population will be crammed in the north region as that area is flatter and hotter than the southern regions, being also the region where the capital (largest city) is present.

The economy of this country will be relatively large and industrialized, being famous for their glassware, crystal items and a bit for their car companies, exporting those goods through the ports in the Darcodian Sea, which made the cities in the region large. In the southern region, where crystals and iron deposits are present, there is a big extraction of those raw materials so that the industrialized north can process them.

Because of the alps in the south, many tourists from the country itself and neighboring countries visit the south, which has very expensive tourist cities (inspired by Switzerland). This makes the south economy very dependent on tourism and the demand for raw materials of the industrialized north, which was the main reason why the country is united.

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The Kingdom of Riedenberg is a kalmish country in the East Ulethan kalmish region, that got a kalmish migration during the middle ages*. Before 1345, the region was mainly split into smaller kingdoms sharing the same cultural identity, however, this year is considered very important to the country, as it was when the Riedenberg empire united most of the modern day country under a single government, however this empire collapsed in the 1500s.

The HRE equivalent empire used to control the region until  1790*, which was when the empire was weak and independence was achieved after many revolts in the region. The name Kingdom of Riedenberg was adopted as that name was the most common way to refer to the region. (Legacy of the Riedenberg empire).

The country is split into two regions, with those being the Alemannic speaking south and the Franconian speaking north, this separation happened mostly because of the large Mittelgebirge splitting the country in half, with historically, not many people changing regions, with the excession of the Riedenberg empire, until the industrial boom.

Industrial Boom

The Riedish industrial revolution took place around 1860/70 and was a consequence of the increasing nationalism and wealthy higher classes controlling multiple lands both in the trading developed north and in the resource rich south, which led to the king investing in railways connecting the two regions, and the general higher classes making more factories.

The most common type of factory before the revolution were few glassware factories, and that increased a lot in numbers after the revolution, however, the government later in the 1920s invested in the automobilistic industry because of its high value and other factories that would be created.

Civil war + war of Westederland

Around 1910, the lower classes weren't accepting their harsh industrial work conditions, so a communist movement started emerging in the big cities of the north. To deal with that, the king started investing in anti-comunism propaganda and nationalism, and it successfully halted the communist movement and started converting the communists.

Because the workers were in such a miserable condition, they were easily influenced, and that helped radicalize nationalism. In 1911, many militias were starting to gain power, supported by the extremist working class population, because of that, the first civil war the country ever faced started, which ended in 1913 with the extreme nationalists gaining control of the country.

Westederland was a Riedish identifying region of Reelant, and therefore, there was always a will to incorporate it in the Riedish state. When the nationalist government took control, their main goal was to annex this region and it was largely supported by the general population.

On May 25th, 1923, at the peak of the nationalist regime, war was declared against Reelant, starting the war of Westederland, which lasted 9 months, ending in a Riedish win. However, because of the heavy losses and war exhaustion of the nation, after the war, in 1929, the population rebelled against the government, which wanted to annex Luthesien next. A constitution known as "Constitution of 1929" made the country turn into a constitutional monarchy, exiling the former king in Blönland, who was the father of the current Bloennish King's mother, and appointing as king his son.**²

*This is agreed by caribbean mapper (owner of Bloenland)

*² This is also agreed with Reelant’s mapper

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What3089 (talk) 19:08, 11 November 2023 (UTC) (posted November 6th)

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  • Hello What3089. Please clarify: you were just granted a territory half a month ago; are you looking to exchange that territory already? For an additional territory, please understand that two weeks is not enough time. Best, Leowezy (talk) 15:37, 6 November 2023 (UTC)
    • Hello Leo, so I'd rather exchange the territory, I thought it would be more interesting mapping in an archipelago but it turned out differently than I was expecting it to be. I did make some progress on it though, so should I delete the cities and just leave natural features behind? What3089 / Jake on the discord server (talk) 23:31, 7th November 2023 (UTC)
    • In that case, please be aware that it's highly unusual to swap territories after only a few weeks, and that for the foreseeable future you will then have to stick with the freshly exchanged territory - so please be sure that this is what you want. Some other comments before accepting the application:
      • changing the border in general as proposed by your application is approved, however please coordinate with Samane and Reelant regarding changes to the river system, as this would impact their countries' respective bathymetry.
      • Please provide a rough and preliminary population estimate.

Best, Leowezy (talk) 16:39, 7 November 2023 (UTC)

  • A rough population estimate would be around 25 million people, having about 80% of the population living in the Riedel Valley, North Coast and Middle Plains;
  • I am currently waiting for replies, however I have contacted both owners, I will update this when I get a reply;

Cheers, What3089 / Jake on the discord server (talk) 0:18, 9th November 2023 (UTC)

  • Both owners did agree to the border changes and geography of the proposed country

Cheers, What3089 / Jake on the discord server (talk) 17:22, 10th November 2023 (UTC)

Please sign your posts with the correct markup, and not by manually typing in something approximating that. If using the manual editor you can simply type the ~ tilde symbol four times: ~~~~. With the visual editor under the "Insert" drop down menu there is an option to insert the signature. Thanks/wangi (talk) 17:02, 11 November 2023 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Ownership over UL28a transferred, AN177 withdrawn in exchange.
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