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UL28e - Blönland

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A miniature Germany that has part of the mountains transversing the continent in the southeast and quickly transitions to plains in the north. Glacial moraines have formed the landscape, and patches of sandy, poor land alternate with lush areas. The transition from mountains to plains is abrupt in the west and gradual in the east, where forested foothills form the border with the eastern neighbor. The alpine mountains form multiple parallel ridges and valleys in the southeast, and are more irregular in the west. A long, Austrian-style valley forms the border between these two parts of the mountains, it also hosts the river that flows through the capital, which is located at the entrance of the valley. The valley is supposed to continue behind the southern border, I'll ask my neighbor to start the river in his country.

See sketch with pictures denoting landscape style:

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A normal boring Central European style German-speaking country with a lot of agriculture, medium population density and touristic landmarks. There are two major cities, the capital in the south and the seaport at the mouth of the river (see sketch), and some urbanization in the northwestern corner that is part of the greater Freiburg agglomeration of my western neighbor, as well as on the central axis between the two major cities. The agriculture in the north consists mainly of farmland, in the western prealpine zone mostly pastures, just like in the mountains themselves, with some mining also going on. Wine, apples and hops are grown in the rolling hills that separate the southwestern plains from the northern ones. Industries are strong on the river between the two major cities and along the northwestern border, with usual German products like cars. There is a motorway and high speed rail network between the major urban areas.

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Low german dialects are spoken in the northwest, they transition to Austro-Bavarian dialects in the southeast. There should be a Protestant-Catholic divide as well, mostly coinciding with the dialect border. Blönland is the product of the unification of two different countries through dynastic marriage, just like Spain. The two regions have since grown together fairly well but still have a lot of rivalry going on. Since the capital and thus the dominant region is the south, there are moderate separatist sentiments in the north, but the government will probably have implemented devolution just like in Belgium to satisfy the northerners. The country is a monarchy, and both parts are fairly conservative, with landowners still having the say in the countryside.

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CaribbeanIslandMapper (talk) 14:21, 19 April 2022 (UTC)

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Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
Great concept, fitting to the region both culturally and geographically, very adequate past mapping. Application granted. Leowezy (talk) 22:04, 29 April 2022 (UTC)
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