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UL29e Westway

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Topographically, the area would consist of a central plains area, which would be relatively flat and dominateted by farmland,  bordered by hills to the north (with pastureland and little forest) , a low mountain range to the (north)-east (with a rocky region with many lakes on the north-east coast, expanding on existing mapping there), and moorland to the south (see sketch). The climate would be oceanic/temperate (Cfb to the south and west, Dfa/Dfb to the north and east).

Basic overview map:

A more detailed map: its a sketch I hope thats ok:

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Westway would have a population of ~16 million inhabitants. The country would have a relatively homogenous population, with >95% being Westwayans. The majority of the population would be central plains, where most of the cities and most of the farmland would be located. The capital city on the west coast would also be the economic capital of Westway, and would be the largest and most important city. The nation would be a highly developed industrial nation (on the level of Europe/North America) but it wouldn't have been able to transition well from an industrial to a service economy and would therefore still be reliant on manufacturing and heavy industry as the main economic sector. Agriculture would also be an important sector, as the country will basically be split between industrial conurbations and rural agricultural regions. The northern hills will be relatively rural, with mainly small towns and pastures/dairy farming. The mountains would be relatively uninhabited, serving as a recreational area for the cities. The moorlands in the south would also be quite empty of population in most parts, but with some mining activities. The country would be connected by a functional network of highways (see sketch) and a dense railway network concentrated on the central areas.

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The official and main language would be English (which would I think fit in with the territories around it) (but I might also consider adding a small German-speaking minority??). The culture would loosely be based on real world European (esp. British (+German)) culture with North American (esp. Canadian) influences. I envision that the culture would also have conservative/traditionalist characteristics, with strong Christian/religious institutions and influences permeating both culture and politics, especially in the rural, agrarian areas.  Politically Westway would be a unitary state with a liberal parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster-model. I’m not sure yet whether the nation would be a constitutional monarchy or a republic. As to the history the nation would optimally be a long-established nation (or maybe an early colony), but as to the rest I’ll still have to see as I don't know much about the historical events of the OGF universe (I'll have to add that as I find out more about that). I hope that’s alright for now.

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So far I've mapped in BG04: There are basically four areas mapped there, Royal Bridgeport, the mountain valley (Gramsby) and the farmlands around Harkhaven are the better parts.

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acv, 8 June 2022

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  • Thank you for your application. The proposed climate and human geography are excellent, your past mapping qualifies you for a territory. Two thoughts:
    • The territory is part of a fault line that creates this tongue of land. Yould you imagine prolonging the mountain chain that is currently ending abruptly on the south eastern shore of the territory in your sketch further along the coast, perhaps calming down into a hill range like which would replace the eastern half of the moor?
    • I am currently reworking the East Uletha concept. Right now, the sectors 29 and 32 are indeed dominated by English-speaking countries. The isue we have to somehow resolve is that the Ingerish homeland is on the western end of Uletha, making any kind of national language spread impossile. The only justification would be, as you mention, a colonialisation. On the other hand, most territories in the area practive an "old-world"-mapping style, i.e. pre-industrial old towns instead of the Canadian, Australian or American model. The only way this could be justified is colonialisation and growth of the colonies in this area taking place earlier than in the real world. My goal is to start a community discussion on this in a while, once I cleaned up East Uletha and updated the East Uletha concept to reflect the current stand of the map. What does that mean for your application?: basically, please think about and elaborate a little on how you envision the Euopean/North American cultural mix you mentioned, especially with regards to your countries history. If you are interested in mapping a "new-world country" there are other territories on other continents that might be more suitable.

Leowezy (talk) 17:08, 12 June 2022 (UTC)

  • Hello, thanks for your response:
    • Yes I can definately prolong the mountain range. I would then lower it into hills in the south (as you suggested). Probably I would just widen the hill range there to take up most of the moor, and then replace most of the hills in the north with moor.
    • As to the mix between European and North American, the territory's culture might have some aspects based off of North America, but it and the mapping style would be mainly old-world (as in with a pre-industrial history, with towns, cities, roads, etc. having organically grown over time, as in Europe). Optimally the culture would have a history of >500 years. Therefore yes, the country would have to be started either by very early colonisation, or maybe some kind of migration period (such as in Europe around 500 AD) could have spread English over to this area. (Alternatively, this is a bit unrealistic, but could the languague just have developed twice independently?) Anyway, if I understand correctly that will be decided at a later point, and I just need to clarify that I would like to map the territory in an old-world style (thats why I chose this territory in the first place).

Acv (talk) 08:47, 13 June 2022 (UTC)

Feather-core-check-square.svg Territory application approved
The territory application is approved under the provisions discussed in the application. Leowezy (talk) 16:26, 15 June 2022 (UTC)
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