Kopersia and Alejeverdi

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Flag of Kopersia and Alejeverdi Federal Republic of Kopersia and Alejeverdi
Coat of arms

Rēpublikā Fedȅral dej Kōpers̨iā ā Alējȅverdi (Kopersian, Aleverdan)
Capital: Ȅlikerāvai
Population: 3,011,000 (2019)
Motto: Ai io, ais
Anthem: Ōros̨ d'Aipālāuni

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The Federal Republic of Kopersia and Aleverde, generally known as just Kopersia and Alejeverdi, is a tiny, dense and very young nation on the Kōpere bay in Antarephia. It borders Guai to the south and AN136b to the north and west. The capital of the country is Ȅlikerāvai, also posessing the largest urban area and its own capital district. The country is in many ways such as cuisine, culture and religion very similar to its southern neighbor Guai.

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